The Predator is Coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands Tomorrow

first_img The Most Anticipated Games of 2017 Stay on target Ubisoft has announced a most unusual and unexpected crossover. The Predator is making its way into Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Starting tomorrow, players can hunt and be hunted by the legendary movie monster during a special event. The free update will also add a number of items inspired by the first Predator movie.The Predator is very much like the creature from the films. It has powerful weapons like shoulder lasers and arm blades. To make matters worse for players, the alien can also cloak itself and become nearly invisible. As you would expect, taking down the Predator isn’t easy even for a party of four. However, defeating the being rewards players with exclusive items, including the Predator’s mask which allows users to see in “Predator vision.”Wildlands‘ in-game store offers the Predator Pack which has 15 new customizable items inspired by the first Predator film. This includes weapons and even a new close combat move. Wildlands‘ PVP mode, Ghost War, is even getting some Predator-inspired goodies. The best being a class of soldier inspired by Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character) who can go into a “battle rage mode.” This ability is useful when fighting the powerful Predator.The folks over at Ubisoft are being fans of Predator and wanted to honor the first film as best as they could. “The mission is built to recreate some of the tension felt by Dutch and his crew in the original Predator movie,” said Nouredine Abboud, senior producer at Ubisoft. “You first discover hints about the Predator’s presence before actually getting to meet and fight him. Getting that feeling of being swallowed by the surrounding jungle was something we really wanted to convey. And of course, the music takes a big part in creating the tension.”Expect the Predator Special Event to run from December 14 through early January. If you own Ghost Recon: Wildlands or are thinking about buying it, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this. For more information about the event and how the Predator works within the framework of Wildlands, make sure to follow this link.last_img read more