North Korean workers given crystal meth to speed construction

first_img Cocaine1/11Cocaine quickly delivers an intense high, one that gives users feelings of euphoria. The big problem, however, is that the high dissipates as quickly as it comes on, leading the user to, you guessed it, use more cocaine. This even effects users on a neurological level, as the chemical that causes the high, dopamine, gets depleted, which, after continued use, makes it harder and harder for users to reach the initial high that they keep chasing.<><> When you’re feeling a little sluggish at work, you probably grab a quick cup of coffee or tea. Maybe you pound a Red Bull. In North Korea, they’re passing out crystal meth.According to a report from Radio Free Asia, construction crews in the capital city of Pyongyang are being worked almost  24-7 to complete their projects before the seasons change. How many projects, exactly? More than 60 in total, including a 70-story apartment building.To get them finished on time, thousands of local residents have been pressed into service on the construction sites. Apparently their overseers are learning that forcing people to working long hours for days on end makes people tired, so they’re trying to keep productivity levels high by openly distributing speed.And why not? Among the many side effects meth has, it can make people lose their appetite (which cuts down on annoying meal breaks) and lead to increased movement and hyperactivity. Sounds like just the thing for a construction site on a tight deadline, as long as you’re not worried about workers dealing with the blurred vision, dizziness, twitching, tremors, paranoia, and crippling diarrhea that can also accompany meth use.But hey, when you’re trying to show the outside world that their sanctions aren’t about to put a damper on things down in your capital city you can’t let the intestinal tracts and nervous systems of a few thousands citizens get in the way. And really… what would you expect from a government that’s probably running a widespread heroin trafficking operation for the past 30-odd years?Pyongyang downtown by Dan Sloan/Flickrlast_img read more