Crowdfunded VR game Ant Simulator canceled after money spent on booze an

first_imgIf you’re a person who is wary of crowdfunding video games, then this story will give you yet another excuse to not invest in these sort of campaigns.The canceled game in this case is a quirky virtual reality title called Ant Simulator. In the game, players manage an ant colony from the insects’ perspective. The title had success with crowfunding campaigns, had a beta version available, and was trying to get into Steam early access. Things seemed to be going well for the project until, that is, it was canceled.While it’s not unusual for a crowdfunded game to be canceled due to financial troubles, in the case of this game, the situation is entirely unique. Mismanaging funds or not properly understanding how much money a project needed is one thing, but finding out that the project has gone broke due to the developers blowing all their cash on booze, restaurants, and strippers is something else entirely.The game’s sole developer and founder of ETeeski LLC, Eric Tereshinski, announced that the project is no more and has officially resigned from the company. The two men he partnered with, Tyler Monce and Devon Staley, were the ones responsible for spending all of the project’s funds, including those from the crowdfunding campaign.Right now, Tereshinki wants to try to give backers a refund, though that may take some time. As for his partners and any legal action he could take, Tereshinki explains that there isn’t much he can do about it, as technically speaking, the two men didn’t do anything illegal. Unfortunately, the only option available to Tereshinki was to resign since his ex-partners threatened to sue him if he releases Ant Simulator on his own.Tereshinki plans to continue developing games and will rebrand his YouTube channel, which had been in existence long before he signed the LLC agreement with his ex-partners.last_img read more