Vintage gadgets disassembled and photographed

first_imgEven as a young geek I loved to take things apart and see if I could get them back together again. I would disassemble gadgets and lay the parts out on a workbench in a specific order so I knew how it could be reassembled. But you know, I always thought there was just something artistic and amazing about seeing all those parts laying on the table that came together to form a working object. Canadian photographer Todd McLellan must also have the same fascination that I had as a youth, because he too appreciates the beauty of disassembled items and enjoys snapping photos of them.Take, for example, his recent work where he took some vintage items you don’t see around much anymore like rotary telephones, typewriters, and flip-style clock radios, and had them all taken apart. Then he placed the parts in an aesthetic order to his liking before taking pictures of them.Now while some of you may appreciate the simplicity of the images for what they are, I also challenge you to see if you can figure out what each part does for a whole new appreciation of these retro gadgets.Read more at core77disassembly8 (550 x 738)disassembly8 (550 x 738)disassembly1disassembly2disassembly3disassembly4disassembly5disassembly6disassembly7last_img read more