Apocalyptic Fallout 76 Beta Bug Raises Our Morbid Curiosity

first_img The Fallout franchise is about things being broken. A post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland is a broken world. A constant social clash between mutants, neo-minutemen militia, synthetic people, amoral science groups, and dudes in powered armored is a broken system. You pay for scrap metal in bottle caps.But even outside the in-game lore Fallout is about being broken, especially since Bethesda took over in 2008. Realizing these huge, intricate clockwork worlds requires technology that’s equally impressive and unstable. Modern Fallout has always featured glitches and bugs ranging from gamebreaking crashes to hilarious mashups of fierce combat behind casual dialogue sequences. And the upcoming Fallout 76 looks to continue this broken legacy as a particularly nasty bug in the ongoing PC beta has us morbidly curious for the final November 14 release. Play ‘Fallout 76’ Nuclear Winter Battle Royale as Long as Yo…Fallout 76’s Bags Are Broken, Too Stay on targetcenter_img The Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. (Break-it Early Test Application) has been recently rolling out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s coming to PC, too. But hours before launch Bethesda gave players a seasonally appropriate spooky warning not to press any buttons at all while the client downloaded. The help forums were down but over on the Fallout 76 Reddit you can learn that a clicking a button while downloading could accidentally delete the entire 50GB file before even playing. This bug could break the game literally before you even start it. The upside is, Bethesda is extending the length of the beta so tech issues don’t cheat players out of their hands-on time.I guess we should have seen this coming. Fallout games were broken enough when they were strictly single-player affairs. But Fallout 76’s main hook is giving players a connected online multiplayer wasteland world to survive in. Testing that is much more complex, which was why this beta was even needed in the first place. And before the beta began Bethesda practically begged fans not to get too upset about the “spectacular” bugs and performance issues they would surely encounter.But man, Fallout 76 is only two weeks away. If we’re seeing bugs like this now, the most entertaining part about this game might not be playing it while it works but witnessing just what could happen when it doesn’t. For more on Fallout check out the Vault Dweller’s cookbook and the best Fallout Funko Pops.last_img read more