We speak to Neil Waller cofounder and CEO of MyD

first_imgWe speak to Neil Waller, co-founder and CEO of MyDestination.com about Air Force One, how Sharm el Sheikh is overrated, and why Brazil is going to be the next big thing. 5. Where is the ‘next big thing’ in travel and what are the next trends in tourism?I think Brazil seems to be getting ever more popular and is certainly moving into the spotlight with the World Cup and the Olympics. I love the country and spent six months as part of my university course. Other places like Slovenia look beautiful and are certainly on my to-do list and Croatia seems to be very on-trend at the moment.6. What is the one place you keep going back to?Cape Town is my personal favourite as it very much combines a city with an outdoor lifestyle and the food and wine, especially in the surrounding vineyards are amazing and such good value. I also find myself in Dubai quite often and whilst it gets a bad rep and a lot of people ask what’s there to do, I always have a great time there. Just be aware that it can actually be too hot in Dubai which isn’t a concept an Englishman can often understand.7. Train, plane or road trip?The A380 is a pretty incredible plane to travel on and I love just being able to travel so far to another part of the world in a short space of time. RelatedEverything you need to know about travelling to EgyptIn light of recent safety scares in Egypt, we asked travel expert Simon Calder to tackle the big questions for Skyscanner readers: – Are major Egypt destinations like Sharm El Sheikh and the Pyramids at Giza safe to visit? – What if I want to cancel my Egypt holiday? -…Wind & Water: 6 best places to windsurf and kitesurfWind & Water: 6 best places to windsurf and kitesurfWhy Luxor is the new Sharm el SheikhA holiday in Egypt is perfect if you’re looking for a cheap package deal, usually to Sharm el Sheikh. But this year, why not try something different but still stay within your budget? Give Luxor a look and discover the ancient Egyptian capital, the sun-soaked banks of the River Nile… 1. What three items do you never travel without?A really great pair of headphones to help block out the noise of travelling. A hoodie so that you can easily rest your head against the window or just try and hide away. My ipad so I can watch a movie. Basically, my essential travel items are all about comfort and entertainment when travelling to make the journey as easy as possible.2. What was your worst travel experience?I’ve missed two connecting flights before and had really long delays because of Air Force One flying the president into the airports…when that happens they don’t let anyone land for 20 minutes and keep you up in the air….he’s got to stop following me around!3. What’s the most overrated place you’ve been?Sharm el Sheikh was perhaps the most overrated place I have been. On paper it sounds amazing but I think you get what you pay for in life and you can get some very cheap rates for a holiday in Sharm. Having said that there are some great diving spots and the sun is shining!4. What is the place you’ve been most pleasantly surprised by?Malta.center_img Want to win an all expenses paid trip for a six-month, six-continent trip? Enter MyDestination.com’s Biggest, Baddest, Bucklist competition!ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map 8. What is the biggest benefit of travelling?Meeting people and experiencing other cultures has to be one of the best educations you can have.9. Does virtual travel encourage travel or reduce to need to travel?Encourage, it helps people feel more confident and safer about travelling to lesser well known places and experience new things.10. Wheelie bag or rucksack?Wheelie bag, but so long as it’s hand luggage size.last_img read more