Arsenal, Man United get their Europa League campaign underway

first_imgArsenal drew with Watford in their last competitive fixture. (PHOTOS/Courtesy)Eintracht Frankfurt vs ArsenalCommerzbank Arena, Frankfurt am mainThursday, 19-09-2019 @7:55pmReferee: Davide Massa (Ita)Arsenal have had a shaky start to the season and will be hoping to return to winning ways when they take on Eintracht Frankfurt in their Europa League opener on Thursday evening.The home side will be without Mijat Gacinovic , who picked up an injury in training last week, while former Swansea City player Jonathan de Guzman misses out due to a muscular problem. Veteran defender Marco Russ is ruled out due to a ruptured Achilles tendon. Sebastian Rode and Goncalo Paciencia are both doubts for the game.For Arsenal, Alexandre Lacazette is out until October with an ankle problem, and the chances ofKieran Tierney featuring are close to zero as the new signing continues to recover from a hernia operation. Hector Bellerin , Rob Holding and Konstantinos Mavropanos are Arsenal’s trio of long-term absentees, although they are all expected to return to training over the next month.This will be the first competitive meeting between Eintracht Frankfurt and Arsenal. Eintracht’s last three meetings with English opponents have all finished level, with the German side drawing 1-1 with Chelsea in both legs of last season’s Europa League semi-final, before being eliminated on penalties. Arsenal have lost their last four away European games against German opponents, scoring twice and conceding 13 in the process. In Champions League and Europa League combined, Arsenal have not been eliminated at the first group stage since the 1999-00 Champions League. Including qualifiers, Eintracht Frankfurt are unbeaten in their last 16 home games in European competition (W12 D4), since a 1-2 defeat against Palermo in the 2006-07 UEFA Cup.Man United vs AstanaOld Trafford, ManchesterThursday, 19-09-2019 @10pmReferee: Francios Letexier (Fra)Just like Arsenal, United have endured a none convincing start to the season. However, the Red Devils beat Leicester City 1-0 this past weekend and will be hoping to make it two victories in as many games when Astana comes to town on Thursday night.United beat Leicester in their weekend’s league fixture.The visitors have no injury concerns ahead of game, and will be able to accommodate defender Zarko Tomasevic, who is facing a lengthy domestic ban.For United, Ole Gunner Solskjaer suggested ahead of last weekend’s 1-0 win over Leicester City that the players not fit for that game might return for the trip to West Ham United, meaning that Pogba,Anthony Martial , Jesse Lingard and Diogo Dalot will not come back for this game. Luke Shaw and Eric Bailly remain the club’s only long-term absentees, with the latter set for a return by November.This will be the first ever competitive meeting between an English side and a Kazakhstan side. Manchester United are unbeaten in their last 11 Europa League games (W8 D3), winning the tournament the last time they competed in it (2016-17). In last season’s Europa League, FC Astana became the third side to have as many as eight points from their opening four group games but fail to qualify for the knockout stages. Manchester United have lost their last two home games in European competition. They’ve never lost three in a row at Old Trafford before. After losing six of their first seven away games in major European competition (D1), Astana have lost just one of their last six on the road (W2 D3).The other Europa League fixturesThursday, 19-09-2019 @7:55-APOEL vs E91 Dedelange-Qarabag vs Sevilla-Dynamo Kiev vs Malmo FF-Copenhagen vs Lugano-Basel vs Krasnodar-Getafe vs Trabzonspor-PSV vs Sporting Lisbon-LASK vs Rosenborg-Rennes vs Celtic-CFR Cluj vs Lazio-Standard Liege vs Vitoria GuimaraesThursday, 19-09-2019 @10pm-Wolfsburg vs Oleksandria-Gent vs Saint Etienne-Roma vs Istanbul BB-Monchengladbach vs Wolfsberger AC-Wolves vs Sporting Braga-Slovan Bratsilava vs Besiktas-Partizan vs AZ-Porto vs Young Boys-Rangers vs Feyenoord-Ludogorets vs CSKA Moscow-Espanyol vs FerencvarosComments Tags: arsenalAstanaEintracht Frankfurtman Unitedtoplast_img read more

Slimy Evolution Reporting Continues

first_img(Visited 437 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Darwin gets credit for more things than his theory deserves, which is very little to begin with.The name “Darwin” and the phrase “natural selection” appear frequently in the science news, even when the observations reported either have nothing to do with them, or even contradict them. The media seem utterly incapable of thinking critically about the mismatch. It points to a strong bias to maintain the reputation of a man who kicked intelligent design out of biology.Biologists shed new light on the diversity of natural selection ( This article begins with evidence seemingly contrary to natural selection, only to wind up rescuing it.For nearly 100 years, biologists have argued about how exactly natural selection can possibly work. If nature selects the individuals with the best genes, then why aren’t all organisms the same? What maintains the genetic variation that natural selection acts upon, the genetic variation that has ultimately led to the spectacular diversity of life on Earth today? Recent findings made at Uppsala University suggest that the answer could be sex.It “could” be sex, which implies it might not be. Frequently we have criticized the notion of natural selection for this very reason: if it were a law of nature, everyone would end up the same. Do these Uppsala scientists have a theory rescue device? They do; readers can get into the weeds of “sex-specific dominance reversal for fitness” in the article, but should note that the idea “met with early skepticism” from other evolutionists, and is being promoted by two Darwinians claiming to have “the first evidence” for it – this, mind you, 159 years after Darwin wrote his book. Even if their idea has merit, it doesn’t account for variability in asexual species. And it doesn’t account for why some sexes display strong dimorphism (e.g., peacocks), and others have very little (e.g., “all ravens are black”).Fossils key to fulfilling Darwin’s 160-year-old prediction ( Darwin be praised! Big Science and Big Media love to say that. What was this prediction? “The time will come I believe when we shall have very fairly true genealogical trees of each great kingdom of nature,” Darwin wrote in a letter to Huxley. Again, this article begins with a contradiction in Darwinism:Lead author Dr. Robin Beck, said: “For mammals, there are some quite major disagreements about how they are related to each other, depending on whether you use anatomical or genomic data. This has led some people to suggest that anatomy is fundamentally unreliable for working out the evolutionary relationships of mammals, and perhaps of other groups as well.”For example, molecular data indicates that rhinos are more closely related to hedgehogs than they are to elephants. The anatomical similarities between rhinos and elephants are the result of convergent evolution.Convergent evolution, we know, results from use of Darwin Flubber in the explanation. So who are you going to believe, Darwin or your elephant eyes? Beck and Baillie, to solve the problem and rescue Darwin, use their own lyin’ eyes to lionize Darwin. They imagine the ancestors that should have been there, but aren’t! This is an amazing trick. Watch the high perhapsimaybecouldness index, and the reliance on futureware, in this Darwin-of-the-gaps explanation:Beck and Baillie’s study shows that new fossil discoveries might be able to bridge the large anatomical “gap” between rhinos and hedgehogs and so help correctly determine their evolutionary relationships.”To test this, Beck and his co-author, Ph.D. student Charles Baillie, invented a new method where they first predicted the anatomical features of fossil ancestors that should have existed if the genome-based phylogeny is correct, and then investigated the effect of adding these predicted ancestors into anatomy-based analyses.Beck added: “We were quite surprised to find that predicted ancestors led to the anatomical analyses matching the genomic phylogeny almost exactly. So, it doesn’t look like there’s anything inherently unreliable about anatomical data – in principle at least.“It may just be a case of going out and finding enough fossils!”This is exactly the trick Darwin himself used when confronted with gaps in the fossil record, especially the Cambrian explosion (hear Stephen Meyer talk about that on ID the Future). Darwin thought that further discoveries would fill in the gaps, but millions of fossil finds later, the gaps are still there – some of them even wider now. Beck and Baillie’s trick is even worse, because they are only finding the missing ancestors in their imaginations, knowing that they are still missing long after Darwin played his futureware card (a favorite in his house of cards). The futureware card is a credit card, because Darwinists hope you will trust them to come up with the missing fossils in another 160 years or more. By then we will be dead and won’t be able to sue them for not paying up.Transformed: The plant whose sex life fascinated Charles Darwin (Science Daily). Lots of people like primulas, so why does Darwin get trucked into this story? The press release from the John Innes Centre brings up a fancy word for a characteristic of some flowering plants: “Heteromorphy (or heterostyly) is a phenomenon in which plants exhibit two or three distinct forms of flowers based on the position of the male and female sex organs.” The phenomenon “enthralled Darwin,” we are told, but it worried him, too, because it left secrets that eluded him. It also worried famous evolutionists William Bateson and JBS Haldane. To the rescue! Now, with the gene editing tool CRISPR/Cas9, his current priesthood can hold up a divination tool in order to look authoritative.Now, some of the secrets that eluded Darwin could be revealed following the biotechnological success announced by researchers from the John Innes Centre, the University of East Anglia (UEA) and the Earlham Institute….Co-author Mark Smedley, of the John Innes Centre says: “It is not every day you get to work on a paper that references Darwin. This is a fundamental story that scientists have been trying to unravel for 200 years.”…It’s a piece of research that would have excited Darwin….Let’s try to understand this Darwin worship service. Heteromorphy has nothing to do with Darwinism. It’s an observation, not an explanation. If Darwinism explained it, it would not have eluded Darwin, nor would it have taken 200 years for his disciples to figure it out. The article attempts this explanation:Darwin, in a landmark paper of 1862, worked out the functional significance of the different anatomical formations: they made the plants self-incompatible. This is Nature’s way of promoting cross-pollination to maintain genetic variation in the population, driving natural selection.Heteromorphy is thus an intelligent design. It has functional significance. It promotes cross-pollination (which would cause extinction, not innovation). Saying that Darwinism has something to do with it is false: it’s basically saying, “It exists; therefore it evolved.” There is no origin of species here. There is no random mutation leading to the functional design. Capitalizing “Nature” makes the embedded wisdom in the flower seem like a kind of god or intelligently-directing agent. And there is no connection between said “Nature” and natural selection, Darwin’s baby: if this were a law of nature, there would not be so many exceptions to it. Many plants do not have heteromorphy; are they “fit” in the battle for survival? The only thing these scientists have explained is their own inebriation with Darwine.These ‘useless’ quirks of evolution are actually evidence for the theory (The Conversation). Here’s another Darwin-only disciple, Ben Garrod, out to do a magic show to top David Copperfield. He sets up the impossibility that should kill Darwinism, before standing up to do a miracle and raise it from the dead:Evolution is a fascinating field but can be rife with misunderstanding. One misconception is that evolution has some innate sense of direction or purpose. In reality, evolution is a mindless, plan-free phenomenon, driven into endless possibilities by random mutations, the most successful of which win out.People also often think that every aspect of every living creature has a function, that it helps the organism survive in some small way. But there are some areas of evolutionary biology where benefits are murkier and, in some instances, where traits seem to make no sense at all. This is the realm of sexual selection, vestigial traits and evolutionary spandrels.As important as the concept of survival of the fittest is to evolution, there are many examples that seem to undermine this idea. In fact, various aspects of evolutionary biology may seem counterintuitive and could even be seen as a reason to reject evolution as a whole. In fact, they strengthen our understanding rather than diminish it. Here’s how.With this opening flourish, admitting as he does that evolution amounts to chance and is mindless and plan-free, he’s going to pre-empt anyone in the audience from becoming a creationist. But his answers are all tired, worn-out Darwin-only talking points, never subjected to critical analysis: Sexual selection supports Darwinism (except when it doesn’t). Vestigial organs are leftovers of evolution (except when we discover they had a function after all). Your chin is a spandrel, a byproduct of evolutionary forces for diet that had nothing to do with evolving a chin (except for every other animal that had to eat).You should ask for your money back.Christmas Shoppers, beware! Do not buy Darwin Flubber for your children. It’s toxic!last_img read more

Former head of Google car project to launch his own self-driving rival

first_img5 Ways IoT can Help to Reduce Automatic Vehicle… Tags:#autonomous cars#Chris Urmson#Google#Internet of Things#IoT#Self-Driving#startups Related Posts Break the Mold with Real-World Logistics AI and… IT Trends of the Future That Are Worth Paying A…center_img David Curry For Self-Driving Systems, Infrastructure and In… Chris Urmson, the former chief technology officer in charge of Google’s self-driving project, is reportedly preparing to launch a new company that will compete with Mountain View and others building autonomous transport systems.The self-driving guru, regarded as one of the three key people in the early stages of Google’s car project, left the company in August. In a Medium post, he said: “If I can find another project that turns into an obsession and becomes something more, I will consider myself twice lucky.”See Also: The fight is on to win the $560 billion self-driving car marketShortly after leaving, Urmson was approached by self-driving startups and other Silicon Valley companies, but according to ReCode he has decided to launch his own self-funded venture next year. He has been in talks with engineers from Uber, Tesla, and Apple about joining the project for the past month.Urmson wants to provide the full self-driving package, which will include software, data, and hardware. This full package may be licensed and altered by automakers, similar to Microsoft licensing Windows to OEM manufacturers.Urmson may not be able to take colleagues with himTerms of his departure from Google are not public knowledge, but ReCode speculates that Urmson will not be able to use any of code from the search giant’s self-driving project and may not be able to coax ex-colleagues to work at his new startup.The self-driving market is stacked with talented startups and large automakers are starting to spend billions on research and development. While Urmson is a well-known figure in the industry, starting from scratch may be difficult if he cannot find a defect in the current crop of self-driving projects.At the same time, Google is starting to ramp up its efforts in the self-driving space. A report last week said the company is looking to purchase more real-estate and hire more executives, before the project graduates from X Labs.last_img read more

Barry Gibb To Be Honored By Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy

first_imgNordoff Robbins is tremendously excited to announce that the phenomenal Barry Gibb is to receive the Sony Mobile Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s O2 Silver Clef Awards.
Barry says, “I am honoured to be given the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the O2 Silver Clef Awards. Having had music play such an important role in my own life for over 50 years I can truly appreciate the work Nordoff Robbins do, using music to transform other people’s lives.“I first got to know of Nordoff Robbins work in 1993, when the Bee Gees were awarded the Special Achievement Award at the Silver Clefs and it has been amazing to see how the charity has grown and developed and continues to support so many people with music therapy.”

Famed for being one third of the incredibly successful Bee Gees, Barry Gibb has had an exceptional career, selling over 220 million records since the Bee Gees were founded in 1958.Known for his instantly recognisable falsetto singing voice, particularly on the cult Saturday Night Fever soundtrack album, which went 15 times platinum and stayed on Billboard’s album charts for 120 weeks, it epitomized the disco phenomenon on both sides of the Atlantic in the late 1970s.Gibb shares the record with Lennon and McCartney for six consecutive Billboard Hot 100 Number Ones as a writer and is in the book of Guinness World Records as the second most successful songwriter in history behind Paul McCartney. In the 1990s Barry was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has achieved the astonishing feat of having No. 1 hits across each of the past five decades and his music continues to delight fans the world over.
Aside from his accomplishments as an artist Barry has also had great success as a record producer with the likes of Andy Gibb, Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Kenny and Dolly and famously wrote and produced the track, ‘Grease’, for the hit movie, which featured vocals by Frankie Vali and sold over half a million copies. It is exactly 20 years since The Bee Gees won their well-deserved Special Achievement Award at the Silver Clefs in 1993.
David Munns, Nordoff Robbins Chairman, said,“I can think of no better artist to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award than Barry Gibb. With a career spanning over 50 years, he has released, written and produced some of the most influential music the world has ever heard. It is exactly 20 years since The Bee Gees won their well-deserved Special Achievement Award at the Silver Clefs in 1993, so what better way to pay tribute to Barry’s fantastic career than by honouring him in 2013 with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.”Nordoff Robbins uses music to reach children and adults whose lives are constrained by illness, disability, trauma or exclusion. This year’s Silver Clef Awards takes place on June 28 at the London Hilton on Park Lane. Also being honored on the night are Coldplay and Alison Balsom. Find out more here.last_img read more

Whats It Going To Take For You To Believe In The Raptors

From ABC News: Check out our latest NBA predictions. neil (Neil Paine, senior sportswriter): Much to the surprise of the casual basketball-watching world, we’re three games into the NBA Finals and the Warriors are … DOWN 2-1. (Who could have seen a competitive series like this coming? 🤔) But in all seriousness, this was also a game the Raptors absolutely needed to win if they wanted a chance to win the series, right? With not only Kevin Durant but also Klay Thompson scratched from the lineup, they were never going to get a better shot at a depleted version of the Warriors than this.tchow (Tony Chow, video producer): Don’t forget Kevon Looney, Neil. But for sure, this was a must-win for Toronto.chris.herring (Chris Herring, senior sportswriter): Yeah, there was definitely a must-win feel to this game. To their credit, the Raptors were really solid from start to finish. Steph Curry ate them for lunch, with 47 points, but he also pretty much had to do that, since no one else on his team could create any offense. I was really impressed by Toronto’s Kyle Lowry and Danny Green.natesilver (Nate Silver, editor in chief): It was a VERY high-leverage game for a Game 3 because it really cuts both ways: Toronto needed the win, but also, with the loss, Golden State is in quite a bit of trouble now.Having to win three out of four against a team that’s pretty thoroughly outplayed you so far is not terribly easy, even if you wave a wand and everyone is magically healthy.tchow: Well, the FiveThirtyEight model still gives the Warriors 33 percent chance of winning the title. And 30-something-percent-chance things happen quite often, or so I’ve been told.neil: Ooooh, Tony.sara.ziegler (Sara Ziegler, assistant sports editor): If Toronto can’t beat a lineup that includes Quinn Cook, Jonas Jerebko and Andrew Bogut, that’s a problem.neil: Right, the Warriors would be more panicked if they had rolled out Klay and KD and still lost. At least now they can still tell themselves that the “injured guys returning” trump card exists.natesilver: Handicappers still have the Warriors as ever-so-slight favorites, though pretty close to 50/50. So our model is still a little out of line with the consensus.tchow: Handicappers are really not appreciating what Toronto has done this series.sara.ziegler: No one believes in the Raptors!neil: (Still.)sara.ziegler: (Except us, obviously.)natesilver: Yeah, it’s a bit nuts. Like, this could easily be a 3-0 series. Toronto clearly played better in the two wins, and Game 2 could have gone differently if they’d hit more shots.chris.herring: I do think there’s something to be said for how much the matchups differ with GSW’s main guys healthy.neil: For sure.natesilver: To me, the Warriors with KD and Klay back (but without Looney, although he has a shot to return) feel like about a 50/50 proposition to win three out of four games (one of which would probably have to be a Game 7 on the road).chris.herring: With a healthy Durant, Kawhi Leonard presumably has far less energy for offense — regardless of whether Durant is rusty. Wednesday was Golden State’s worst-case scenario, basically.natesilver: Yeah, Golden State’s problem has really been on defense so far.chris.herring: Yes, 100 percent.I used to think the worst-case was, “What if Durant throws off their rhythm?” But it’s clear that just having him there, rhythm or not, would help them a great deal. Even more so with Klay being back, too.neil: The Warriors put Draymond Green on Kawhi, and it didn’t really work. Leonard scored 15 on Green with 5-of-8 shooting. But they needed Andre Iguodala on Pascal Siakam for a good chunk of the game (which worked well in Game 2). Klay being out really messed with their ability to match up defensively.chris.herring: Their defense was horrendous at times on Wednesday. DeMarcus Cousins was really problematic defensively and just looked a mess.natesilver: But, also, Toronto is goooooooooood, we certainly don’t know that KD is healthy, and even if GSW is slightly better at full strength, Toronto has a game in hand.And in some ways, our model is being generous to the Warriors. Like, it’s treating Cousins as fully effective, which he obviously isn’t.neil: Yes, the Warriors really needed Cousins to provide extra scoring punch. But he struggled a lot — he only scored 4 points on 1-for-7 shooting. Steph scored 47 points, but the rest of the team only scored 62 total. Only three Warriors scored in double figures. Even Curry can’t do it alone.sara.ziegler: ^^^ that point share is just amazingneil: Curry also led the Warriors in assists AND rebounds!natesilver: In my series preview, I talked about how Klay and KD aren’t super compatible with one another. But being without BOTH is really tough. The Warriors constructed a team around not really needing a lot of usage or shot creation because you have so much of it with those three guys. But it means some of the lineups you put out there when two of them are hurt are pretty terrible.chris.herring: I saw a pretty wild stat: A handful of guys1LeBron James three times, Kobe Bryant and Russell Westbrook, along with Curry. have scored 43 percent or more of their team’s points in a finals game the past 10 years. Every single one of those showings was in a losing effort.natesilver: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Warriors could really use like a … Michael Beasley type to score points off the bench.sara.ziegler: 😲chris.herring: I can’t believe you’re saying that, either! He would make the defensive issues worse! But I totally know what you mean, and there’s probably some merit to thatNick Young served that purpose once upon a time, though they used him as more of an off-ball sort of guy. The truth is, Klay’s absence hurts them there, too, because they always use him with the second unit.natesilver: I’m just saying that a guy who can rule the garbage-time minutes is worth something.chris.herring: Absolutely.natesilver: Especially if the Raptors were tending to sub out Kawhi at the same time the Warriors had some of their weaker lineups on the floor, which IIRC was mostly true on Wednesday.chris.herring: The truth is, there wasn’t enough shooting. And not enough shot creation, as Nate is saying. They Warriors made a grand total of two shots off the dribble that weren’t from Steph himself, according to ESPN Stats & Information Group. That’s just not enough.neil: Toronto was better (+8) with Kawhi off the court than on (+6), which speaks to those sub patterns, Nate. I’d think that can’t be true if you’re going to beat Toronto.natesilver: I almost wonder if that was a mistake on Nick Nurse’s part — having Leonard out there during those non-Curry lineups. The Warriors’ lineups without Steph were so bad — basically a lottery/G League team — that maybe you want to maximize those opportunities.sara.ziegler: No Golden State player had a positive plus-minus on Wednesday, but the bench actually had higher numbers than any of the starters — even Curry.chris.herring: I was pretty surprised by just how bad Cousins looked. Especially after a really, really good Game 2 from him.neil: Yeah, after that double-double, I think people were ready to declare, “He’s back!”tchow: I think everyone was expecting a repeat of his Game 2 performance or something better.chris.herring: But he also wasn’t being relied on to play like a star for most of Game 2. Without Klay, the role became bigger. And he just didn’t look himself.natesilver: I’ll make the obligatory video game analogy, but with Cousins, it’s a bit like if you took the same shell of a player and tuned all his attributes down by 10 points. He looks sorta like himself, but just a much worse version of himself.chris.herring: A MUCH worse version. Sliders all the way down.A couple of really costly plays, including one where he fell down, appeared to want a foul call, and as he sat on the ground, Kawhi hit a backbreaking three in transition.natesilver: And again, I wonder if our model is not being too optimistic about how well, say, KD will play upon his return.He’s not even really practicing yet. You’d have to imagine that if it were the regular season, they’d take another week to figure it out before even considering giving him playing time in a game.neil: I wonder how much of the “Warriors are hopeful KD might return for Game 4” talk is situational. They wouldn’t be saying that if they were up 2-1.sara.ziegler: I’ll believe he’s healthy when I see him on the court.natesilver: Mayyyyybe it’s a good sign for KD’s return that the Warriors didn’t feel the need to rush Klay out there on Wednesday?Because 2-1 is a pretty devastating disadvantage if you don’t think you’re getting Durant back. With him, not quite as scary.neil: Did they need Klay dressed and on the bench just to literally meet the minimum requirement for warm bodies necessary for a game?sara.ziegler: LOLnatesilver: I wonder if there’s a part of the Raptors that almost wants all those guys to get healthy. Because if the Raptors win, the narrative about the series will probably be, “Oh yeah, that was the year everyone got hurt.”neil: Well, I definitely wanted to talk about that, Nate. Will this series carry questions of whether they really beat THE Warriors?tchow: I definitely think so. They don’t want any asterisk next to their win if they do win the whole thing.neil: It’s like the Ship of Theseus. How many All-Stars can the Warriors lose before they’re not really THE Warriors anymore?natesilver: At some point on Wednesday — I think the Vegas closing line had the Warriors by 4 or something? — people were just believing in the laundry, as Jerry Seinfeld might say.neil: tchow: Let’s say the Warriors never come back fully 100 percent at all during these finals and the Raptors win their first ring. I think it’ll be really unfair to diminish what Toronto has done to get that banner to say it’s only because the Warriors aren’t healthy. You play the team in front of you.natesilver: It was a lot like some of the LeBron James series where the Cavs were depleted (i.e. pretty much all of the Cavs’ finals except 2016) where it’s just like — even if the guy’s the best player in the world, there’s only so much he can do by himself.tchow: There was a similar narrative when Kawhi got hurt when the Spurs played the Warriors, and I wasn’t a fan of it then either.natesilver: Michael Jordan isn’t winning the finals if he had Shaun Livingston and injured-ass DeMarcus Cousins in your starting lineupchris.herring: Steve Kerr is talking right now here at practice. Klay will play tomorrow, barring a setback. He said Durant won’t, though.natesilver: 😬chris.herring: Said Durant won’t be scrimmaging today like he initially hoped, and that they’ll play it out over the next couple of days.natesilver: Gotta go update the model.tchow: Do you believe him, Chris?chris.herring: I do believe him.It still sounds like it’s fair to ask whether Durant will be able to make it back at all.sara.ziegler: ding ding dingnatesilver: Speaking of LeBron, it feels a little bit like with the Lakers this year how LeBron’s timetable kept slipping back.chris.herring: I honestly thought Klay would play in Game 3, so I definitely feel like he will for Game 4. But the Durant news is concerning, for sure.neil: Sounds like Klay honestly thought he would play too.chris.herring: Klay was going to make an argument to be out there regardless.sara.ziegler: Klay wanted to play SO BAD.neil: He probably would have played better than Shaun Livingston anyway.chris.herring: Kerr took a really good question from The Athletic’s Joe Vardon on Wednesday: If there’s any concern that he could make things worse, will he play tonight? And Kerr essentially said, that’s the whole issue. If he was still at a place where he could potentially injure himself worse, they didn’t want to risk it. Which makes sense, but they are running out of time — concerning the Durant injury, too.natesilver: I mean … if they throw Durant out there down 3-1 in the series, he has a chance to be a hero, I guess!tchow: Oh, man, can you imagine if they come back from 3-1 down to win it?neil: Imagine the memes.sara.ziegler: Cavs fans would be MAD.chris.herring: I think maybe Knick fans would be mad if Durant led them back from 3-1.Kerr is trying to clarify that there wasn’t a setback with Durant, by the way. For whatever it’s worth.natesilver: I mean, it sounds like there was a setback if he was supposed to scrimmage and then didn’t?neil: They’re going to be “optimistic” that he’s on a timetable to return by Game 8. Maybe Game 9.natesilver: Not that I want to put too much weight on this, but KD didn’t look particularly limber in those images of him in the tunnel and what not.neil: You’ve been spending a lot of time updating our injury spreadsheet, Nate. Were you breaking down that footage like the Zapruder tape?sara.ziegler: 🤣tchow: I feel like every NBA fan has become a body language doctor, especially after watching this series.chris.herring: May be double talk, I guess. Kerr basically said that he hoped KD might be able to scrimmage. But that was merely a hope, not an expectation that he would for sure. I think it’s fair to parse it, though.natesilver: It’s hard to know what to do with some of this, Neil! Since we literally do have to quantify injuries in our spreadsheet, there’s a fair amount of guesswork involved. And to some extent, sure, I’ll pay attention to fairly subtle signs.chris.herring: It is interesting that the Warriors may get Looney back at some point. But that and Klay, without Durant, will feel like getting a $10 refund when you’re still owed $20.natesilver: I guess “KD saves the Warriors” pretty much is the nightmare scenario for the Knicks, though. Although at this point, maybe even if that happens, KD would just be like, “I saved your asses and now you can go eff off anyway because I’m going to New York.”chris.herring: This whole series has been so weird. I really would like to see both teams at full strength. I’m convinced it would be a great series that way. Maybe it still will be.neil: Have there been any other finals in recent memory that was so ruled by injury reports? Maybe that Cavs-Warriors series with Love and Kyrie both out?sara.ziegler: Ban injuries, Chris!neil: Speaking of NBA2K, gotta toggle the injuries off for your franchise next time, Adam Silver.natesilver: Let’s remember that the Raptors’ two wins have come by 9 points and 14 points, respectively. Those are pretty solid margins. I know you can’t be quite this linear because of gameflow and all that, but our model figures that a healthy Warriors team is maybe 6-ish points per game better than the version they’ve been putting out there, so maybe Games 1 and 3 are still narrow wins for the Raptors.neil: And yet, didn’t it feel at times down the stretch of Game 3 that maybe — mayyyyyyybe — the Warriors would make a push?tchow: Yes! Everytime they cut it to 8 or 9, I was like, “here we go.”neil: That was the least safe-feeling 10-point lead ever.natesilver: They were on the verge of being on the verge, but never on the verge.I think the 14-point scoreline pretty accurately reflected how competitive the game was.tchow: Credit to Toronto for making shot after shot to not allow the comeback to really have momentum.natesilver: They did sink a lot of shots, yeah. Except in that stretch in the second quarter. But they don’t squander very many possessions on EITHER end, and that counts for a LOT.tchow: I can replay four or five possessions in my head right now of a Toronto shot that I was positive was not going to go in and would allow the Warriors to cut it to a two-possession game, but either Lowry with a ridiculous three or Danny Green with a shot-clock-beating three or Fred VanVleet with a rainbow, they all seemed to go in at the right time.chris.herring: It’s weird. I actually didn’t ever feel like the Warriors were RIGHT there. Partly because you knew they weren’t capable of the same sorts of runs we’ve grown accustomed to without the same sort of firepower on the court.Steph can’t do all that by himself.But yeah: The Raptors never let it get any closer than 7 down the stretch. They hit a big shot every time they needed one.sara.ziegler: Is it all about who you’re rooting for? Cuz I was sure the Warriors were coming back.neil: (Sara is pro-FiveThirtyEight model pre-series projection, and therefore staunchly pro-Raptors.)sara.ziegler: (Obviously.)natesilver: The Warriors’ third-quarter comebacks are also not something magical, though. It’s about having so much weaponry that they’re almost impossible to beat when they’re locked in and maybe the other team is worn down a bit.But you take away that weaponry, and you can’t have the shock-and-awe type comeback.chris.herring: Exactly.sara.ziegler: Nate, IT IS MAGIC.Stop using your fancy analytics talk.natesilver: It FEELS like magic in part because KD, Curry and Klay all have such nice shooting form and such uncanny ability to drain shots from anywhere on the floor. So it LOOKS like they aren’t even working for it.But you take two of those guys off the floor, and even with Curry scoring 47, it’s pretty hard to overcome a 10-ish-point deficit against a good opponent, even at home.chris.herring: Especially when you’re defending the way they were. The Raptors scored on five possessions in a row between the eight- and five-minute mark in the fourth quarter. That was essentially all she wrote at that point.neil: It is worth pointing out that they did have two recent All-Stars in that game in Curry and Draymond. (Plus another one in Cousins, which perhaps shouldn’t count.) How many other teams would love “only” that many stars?natesilver: The thing about Draymond is that he’s maybe one of the 10 best guys in the league to be in your lineup if you already have Curry/KD/Klay. But if you were starting a team from scratch, he might be, like, 40th? Because he doesn’t provide enough scoring punch.neil: Right, they are the wrong kind of All-Stars.But it kind of speaks to how insanely stacked the Warriors are at full strength that it feels like they are now, idk, the Atlanta Hawks or something.tchow: Orlando Magic.natesilver: FYI, the Warriors’ odds just fell from 33 percent to 29 percent (exactly what Trump’s were on ELECTION DAY!!!!) when I updated the model with Klay being healthy for Game 4 but KD’s timetable being a little pushed back.chris.herring: Nate is setting himself up for attacks from all sorts of people who don’t understand probability in case the Warriors win.tchow: That’s what I’m saying!natesilver: Oh, those will happen anyway, Chris.tchow: Déjà vu!chris.herring: 😂 read more

Turks and Caicos remembers the fallen in two ceremonies two islands

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTURKS AND CAICOS Islands, November 13, 2017 – Remembrance Day was commemorated in the Turks and Caicos on Sunday, despite the rain, with the two traditional ceremonies held at the St. Mary’s Pro Cathedral in Grand Turk and the St Monica’s Anglican Church in Providenciales. Wreaths were laid at the Cenotaphs in both islands in memory of fallen soldiers and servicemen still with us.Premier Hon Sharlene Robinson attended the service in Grand Turk, while the Governor and Education Minister, Hon Karen Malcolm were at the Providenciales memorial.    Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppcenter_img Earlier in the week, Governor His Excellency Dr John Freeman met with the last surviving member of the ex-service men’s legion, James Fulford.  Fulford served in the Turks and Caicos home guard from 1943 to 1945.Mr. Fulford or Bobby as he is more affectionately called is among the 2017 TCI National Honours.last_img read more