Celebrate Super Pi Day With The Disco Biscuits’ Nerdy ‘Pi Jam’ From 2008

first_imgToday marks a very special holiday, Super Pi Day. We all know that Pi is 3.14, the same as today’s date (3/14), but interestingly, the first digits of Pi are 3.14159, which rounds to 3.1416. As today is 3/14/16, we couldn’t let this milestone go uncelebrated.Thus, we decided to take a trip down memory lane to when The Disco Biscuits brought their infamous “Pi Jam” to Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. The date may have been 3/1/08, but that didn’t stop the group from having a little fun with the transcendental number. As the group was in the midst of an “Astronaut” sandwich, coming out of a “Run Like Hell” segment, the Biscuits started playing an interesting and unusual chord progression. It was difficult to discern what exactly the band was playing, but around the 2-minute mark, they began chanting “3….1….4….1….5….9….” over and over. The digits of Pi! The crowd picked up on the nerdy improvisation and joined in for the chanting, only to be bombarded with actual pies from the band at the end of the jam.Check out video from this awesome Pi celebration, below:And for some more listening pleasure, here is the entire show courtesy of Archive.org (taped by T.J. Samulis):last_img read more

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Debuts Allman Bros, Father John Misty Covers In Grateful Brooklyn Opener

first_imgJoe Russo’s Almost Dead returned home last night, as the band borne out of a Freaks Ball performance just a few years ago took the stage at the Brooklyn Bowl to bask in the venue’s magic once more. The five-piece rocked the venue to its core, playing some Grateful Dead classics with some surprises along the way.The show featured the band’s first-ever cover of an Allman Brothers Band song, “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,” which came during the end of the first set after a psychedelic “Space” segment. The show also featured the band’s debut of “I’m Writing A Novel,” a tune by Father John Misty on his 2012 album.Watch a pro-shot “Reuben & Cherise” below, courtesy of LazyLightning55a:“In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”Images from the show provided by Scott Harris Photo. Enjoy the gallery below, and check out the full setlist with notes from Peter Costello [via Almost Dead’s Facebook Page].Setlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead at Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY – 3/24/16Set 1 8:43PM – 10:01PMJam ->Not Fade Away Jam @ ->Ruben & Cherise (TH) ->GDTRFB # (ALL) ->Hell In A Bucket (SM) ->Shakedown Street (TH) ->Space ->In Memory of Elizabeth Reed $Mission In The Rain (TH)Set 2 10:24PM – 11:43PM ishJam ->Truckin’ (SM) ->Born Cross-Eyed Jam >Bertha (TH) ->I’m Writing A Novel % (JR) >The Eleven (TH/JR) ->Mississippi Half Step (TH)E: Not Fade Away ^ (ALL)@ – First Time Played, no lyrics# – With an unknown tease (MB) & without the “WBYGN” ending, Segued directly into Bucket$ – First Time Played, Allman Brothers Band Cover. Bustle in Your Hedgerow covered it during the “Bustle Plays Other Shit” show on 2013-08-31% – First Time Played, Father John Misty Cover^ – With a “I’m Writing A Novel” (Father John Misty) tease (TH) and Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson on turntables. Not Fade Away ended traditionally with the crowd clapping the beat & singing lyrics back to the band as they walked off stage. Then ?uestlove joined in, starting his DJ set by scratching the Not Fade Away beat on the turntables, in time with the crowd clapping & singing.  Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Then And Now: Jauntee’s Scott Ferber And Dopapod’s Rob Compa Jam In 2006 & 2016

first_imgIn the beginning of the spring, Dopapod hit the storied Bluebird Theater for a three night run in Denver, CO. Welcoming special guest opener for each of the three shows, the band brought out Boston-based jammers The Jauntee to get the party started properly. The Jauntee have amassed a following of their own over the last few years, spending a lot of time on the road and cultivating their unique sound. It seems that the roots between these two bands run deeply, as Dopapod guitarist Rob Compa and The Jauntee drummer Scott Ferber went to school at Berklee College Of Music together. Not only were they classmates, but they bonded over a mutual love of Phish, and jammed together for their first-ever session at school. Fortunately, Ferber was able to dig up a recording from an early jam session in 2006 with bassist Tom Mitchell for your listening pleasure.While the two ultimately wound up going down different roads, it’s great to see these firmly-planted roots taking hold in the jam scene. Both are excellent musicians, and their Bluebird reunion will surely be remembered as a great moment in this long held friendship. The two teamed up when Compa joined The Jauntee, letting loose on a cover of Frank Zappa’s “I’m The Slime.”Thanks to The Jauntee and their manager Erwin Schemankewitz, not only do we have pro-shot footage of the collaboration, but we were also able to catch up with both Ferber and Compa for an in-depth look at this musical bond. Enjoy this video from 4/2/16, and interviews with both musicians, below. Be sure to rock out with The Jauntee on June 6th as well, when they perform at the Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY with up and comers Sprocket. You can find more info here.Watch “I’m The Slime” from the April 2nd, 2016 concert, below.L4LM: How did you two meet? Do you remember anything specific of the moment that made you say ‘ I need to jam with this guy’?Scott Ferber: Rob was actually the first person I ever jammed with at Berklee. We both were freshman in the fall of 2006 and if remember correctly, the very first jam session was after our first day of orientation.Berklee has rehearsal rooms with amps and drums in them — being a freshman, what I didn’t know is you have to bring your own cymbals. So I show up with just a pair of drumsticks and am stuck playing toms and drum rims for a few hours.That initial jam was me, Rob, Noah Schy and Alexander Potts, two other super talented musicians who now live and perform in LA. I specifically remember my first thought being “holy shit I need to get better” – especially hearing Rob. Even then he was very commanding guitarist.After that first jam, I continued to play with Rob as much as possible and played with him more than anyone else at berklee my freshman year. Mostly because he was pretty much always down to jam whenever I asked.Rob Compa: I don’t remember for sure, but I think we met in the elevator going up to the dorms one day or something like that. I just remember that Scott was one of the few Phish fans I met while I was there, and we connected on that level. There was a certain degree of jazz snobbery at Berklee, although it wasn’t as bad as most people would probably imagine it to be. I just know that I had a slightly hard time finding people who wanted to play the same kind of stuff that I was into, so once I met Scott it was just a given; I had to play music with him.L4LM: Are there any particular great arrangements that you remember playing?SF: We pretty much just open ended jammed when we got together. I’m sure there would be a few Phish songs thrown in from time to time. Maybe once or twice we jammed with a ‘jazzier’ bass player and played song jazz standards.. But mostly… Just good ol’ improv.RC: If I remember correctly, it was mostly just improv. We probably played some tunes off of Scofield’s album “A Go Go.” That was kind of the Berklee anthem at the time. Everyone was obsessed with that record and Lettuce’s “Rage” album at that point in time. I specifically remember one moment when we were jamming in a rehearsal room in the basement of the main building, and we were playing as a trio with this incredible bass player from Japan who spoke really fragmented English. We started playing Limb by Limb, and he knew the song perfectly. It turned out he was a huge Phish fan. I didn’t even think people knew who they were on that side of the pond.L4LM: Did you ever think of starting a band together?SF: It had definitely been talked about – if hadn’t taken the following year off from berklee things may have turned out differently, who knows! I would have lived in the same house as Rob that year had I not decided to spend some time on the west coast. And then when I returned to Boston, Rob had started playing with Dopapod, and I ended up replacing his spot in that same house. So, the timing just never made sense. Everything worked out in the end though and I couldn’t be happier for the guy!RC: Absolutely. I think both of us tried to start a band either with or without each other like twenty times before either of us found a thing that stuck. I’m pretty sure Scott left school for awhile at some point, and by the time he came back I had dropped out and joined Dopapod, so we went down different paths by that point. L4LM: Scott, what do you like about jamming with Rob?SF: He’s a great listener, plain and simple. He has such a great ear and will pick up on nuances that most would miss. He’s never just soloing on top of the band. Everything he plays is based on what the others are playing around him. More so, he’s an extremely versatile guitarist – you could throw him into just about any musical situation and he would hold his own.L4LM: Rob, what do you like about jamming with The Jauntee?RC: They’ve just got a great sense what that kind of diplomatic, group improvisation is all about. They’re great listeners; really interactive, which I love. It’s fun to play in a setting where one little note or idea or chord change can become the lever that changes the direction of the train tracks. And I really appreciate how they’re down to play a jam for a ridiculously long amount of time just to search for that one moment that made the jam worth however much time they put into it. Also, from a guitarist’s perspective, Caton is a really inspiring player. He makes me wanna step up to the plate.last_img read more

22-Year-Old Fan Dies At Electric Forest

first_imgA Lansing, Michigan-based fan passed away yesterday morning, succumbing to a medical emergency on the grounds of Electric Forest at 9:30 AM. The Rothbury, MI event welcomed 45,000 people, and saw performances from bands like The String Cheese Incident, STS9, Greensky Bluegrass and more.Authorities are still investigating the cause of death with an autopsy, to rule out any potential foul play. Oceana County officers continue to investigate the situation.While this is the fourth death that has occurred on site since 2012, there is no indicator as to whether this emergency could have been prevented. Our hearts go out to this young man’s family and friends at this difficult time.Electric Forest has issued the following statement:On Monday morning, after the festival had ended and campers were leaving the festival site, event medical personnel and Michigan State Police Troopers responded to an alert regarding a medical emergency. As result, a man was transported to a local hospital and we were deeply saddened to later learn that, unfortunately, he had passed away.While the cause of this tragedy has not yet been determined, this has deeply affected everyone involved with the event. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family and friends.[Via Fox 17]last_img read more

The Funky Meters, Anders Osbourne, The Revivalists & More To Play Blues Views & BBQ Festival

first_imgThe Blues Views & BBQ Festival is taking over the Levitt Pavilion in downtown Westport, Connecticut this Labor Day Weekend! Merging together the tastes of funk, soul, and of course, blues, the family-friendly fun weekend will also host activities that includes cooking demos, barbecue contests, pie eating competitions, and anything a sauce-obsessed carnivore can dream of on a beautiful September weekend. On Saturday, September 3rd, festival attendees will be treated to performances from The Funky Meters, Anders Osbourne, Marc Broussard, Popa Chubby, Jay Stollman with Matt Schofield, and The Mojamatics. On Sunday, the 4th, The Revivalists, Raw Cut Oyster, Walter Wolfman Washington, High & Mighty Brass Band, Jamie McLean Band, and the School of Rock All-Stars will close out the weekend.More information on the music, activities, and ticketing is available here.last_img read more

Enjoy 11+ Minutes Of Straight Kamasi Washington Fire [Pro-Shot Video]

first_imgThe 2016 Pitchfork Music Festival was a smashing success, welcoming Beach House, Broken Social Scene, Carly Rae Jepsen, Holy Ghost!, Brian Wilson performing Pet Sounds, Thundercat and more to their mid-July weekend at Chicago’s Union Park. Of the many highlights was a performance by Kamasi Washington, who led an eight-piece ensemble through jazz-infused, R&B-styled compositions on the final day of the diverse weekend.Festival organizers have released an official video of Washington’s set-closing “The Rhythm Changes,” from his 2015 debut album The Epic. The performance, as funky and soulful as ever, features the lovely Patrice Quinn on vocals. Watch the 11+ minute performance below:[H/T JamBase]last_img

Gov’t Mule, Rich Robinson Band To Fill In For Gregg Allman At Peach Fest

first_imgWhile Gregg Allman is recovering from an unspecified “serious” illness, his headlining set at The Peach Music Festival, as well as several tour dates, have unfortunately been cancelled. The festival recently announced that members of the Allman Brothers Band family would join The String Cheese Incident in lieu of the “Gregg Allman Incident” set scheduled at the fest, and today the festival has announced the replacement for Gregg Allman’s headlining set with his own band.The Peach Festival has announced that Gov’t Mule will play an extended set to close out the festival. The festival has also added the Rich Robinson Band as a last minute replacement, and promise the addition of one other artist to the lineup. You can see the fest’s announcement below.last_img

Widespread Panic Busts Out Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” For The First Time Since 1987 [Watch]

first_imgOn the first seven shows of Widespread Panic’s fall tour, the band played a song by Black Sabbath in their encore. Fans have been wondering what the Sabbath streak could mean for Halloween, and they finally got their answer: Heaven & Hell.Though the song wasn’t played, it remains a vital part of the Black Sabbath catalog, and also provided the theme for Panic’s two sets at the 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, CO last night. The first set was heaven themed, featuring songs like “Jesus Just Left Chicago,” “Angels On High,” “Hallelujah,” “Ain’t Life Grand” and more.After the break, all hell broke loose – literally. The band busted out a number of covers in the hell portion of their set, including War’s “Slippin Into Darkness” with Steve Lopez, The Ramones’ “Beat On The Brat” and “I Wanna Be Sedated” (last time played 880 shows),  and Nirvana’s “Lithium” (first time played). A number of the songs were either debuted or performed at past Halloween shows as well, only adding to the excitement as Panic navigated through their past moments. You can see those annotated in the setlist at the bottom of the article.With time left before the end of the show, the band made one final nod to Black Sabbath with an encore that included The Doors’ “Soul Kitchen” (last time played, 1,140 shows) and Sabbath’s “Paranoid.” (last time played 2,809 shows) That wouldn’t be the end of the performance however, as the band returned for a second encore. They finished out with “Postcard” and “End Of The Show,” putting a fine finale to a great performance and fall tour.Watch Widespread Panic play “Paranoid” for the first time since 10/31/87, courtesy of MrTopdogger, below.After last night’s show, Panic will not be playing until a three-night New Year’s run in Nashville, TN. Though they have a handful of dates scheduled for 2017, including Panic En La Playa and SweetWater 420 Fest, Panic has said that they intend to tour less next year. We’ll certainly miss them when they do.Check out last night’s setlist below, courtesy of PanicStream, as well as a full gallery courtesy of Ali Baker.Setlist: Widespread Panic at 1STBANK Center, Broomfield, CO – 10/30/16Set 1: Waiting For The Bus* > Jesus Just Left Chicago, Happy, Angels on High, Good People, Heaven, Angels Don’t Sing The Blues, Hallelujah, Tall Boy, Ain’t Life Grand (64 mins)Set 2: Theme Slippin’ Into Darkness**^, Machine > Barstools and Dreamers***, Vampire Blues****, Henry Parson’s Died, Beat On The Brat*****, I Wanna Be Sedated*****, Chilly Water > I Walk On Guilded Splinters > Bust It Big > Chilly Water, Lithium****** (83 mins)Encore 1: Soul Kitchen*******, Paranoid********Encore 2:  Postcard, End of the Show (21 mins)Notes: * FTP ~ 10.31.09 ~ Austin** FTP ~ 10.31.02 ~ NOLA / ^ Steve Lopez on Percussion*** w/ Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) rap**** FTP ~ 10.31.05 ~ Las Vegas***** FTP ~ 10.31.03 ~ NYC / The Ramones (LTP 880 shows)****** FTP ~ 10.30.16 ~ Broomfield / Nirvana******* FTP ~ 10.28.00 ~ NOLA / The Doors (LTP 1,140 shows)******** FTP ~ 10.31.87 ~ Athens, Ga / Black Sabbath (LTP 2,809 shows) Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Get Ready To Jam With The New Live Spafford Album, “Live Vol. 2” [Full Stream]

first_imgFour piece jam powerhouse Spafford has made a name for themselves with experimental live performances that often are filled with explosive energy and next level musicianship. Today they have released Live Vol 2, a re-mastered and specially mixed collection of different live tracks from recent touring highlights recorded from the last two years.While there is a steady stream of live content available, the Live Vol series represents a chance to hear the band in all of its audiophile glory. The album starts with the 1-2 punch of “America” into “The Reprise”. These tracks see the band start with a hard driving rock sound that reaches for glorious peaks before settling into the slow drip funk of “The Reprise.”Next up is the Jordan Fairless penned composition “All In”, stretching for over 19 minutes, this song stretches across several different genres as the band’s many influences can be heard. A funky reggae vibe leads the way into some impressive improvisation, before the sound shifts into the piano funk of “The Remedy”. Filled with fun danceable synth sounds, “The Remedy” shows what the band can do with a more traditional song structure and pop sound.The true improvisational meat of the release comes in the powerful 26 minute exploratory journey in fan favorite “Backdoor Funk”. Building on the smooth grooves of their huge jam vehicle, the band cruises through major key funk grooves until dissipating into some ethereal minor key ambient beauty for several sections. Eventually guitarist Brian Moss locks in with the rhythm section to build a blazing peak and moment of undeniable energy as the jam hits its climax.Finishing off the release is the easily digestible and pleasant sounds of “Salamander Song”. Another example of the band’s underrated songwriting ability, “Salamander Song” plays with a beautiful chord progression before landing into the explosive ending as Moss shouts the catchy lyrics and shreds the song’s composed finish.Check out the band’s upcoming tour schedule, which includes dates supporting Lotus, Umphrey’s McGee and two nights in New York with The Magic Beans. You can order the album via iTunes or Bandcamp, and stream it below. Spafford Upcoming Tour Dates11/4 – 11/5: Chicago, IL – The Vic – Supporting Lotus12/30 – 12/31: New York, NY – American Beauty – W/ Magic Beans1/20 – 1/21: Richmond, VA – The National – Supporting Umphrey’s McGee1/26: New Haven, CT – College Street Music Hall – Supporting Umphrey’s McGee1/27: Portland, ME – State Theatre – Supporting Umphrey’s McGee1/28: Albany, NY – Palace Theatre – Supporting Umphrey’s McGee1/29: Rochester, NY – Anthology – Supporting Umphrey’s McGee2/3 – 2/4: Detroit, MI – The Fillmore – Supporting Umphrey’s McGeelast_img read more

LOCKN’ Concludes With moe., Weir, Revivalists Collaborations, And More [Recap/Photos]

first_imgLoad remaining images Sunday morning brought clear skies and cool temperatures once again for the fourth and final day of LOCKN’ Festival at Infinity Downs Farm in Arrington, Virginia. It was a perfect day for “church” with Keller Williams to start the day on the Relix Stage. He showed up wearing his customary Sunday outfit with a dark maroon suit, black tie and bare feet. The set began with a punchy version of “Ripple” before free flowing into “St. Stephen.” The field was packed with fans waiting to begin their last day of the event with positive, feel good vibes.Anthony Rosano & The Conqueroos, the final Rockn’ to LOCKN’ winner, picked up the vibes following Keller. Their set was crammed with railroading tracks rolled out by the harmonica and deep slaps on a cigar-box bass. Following their set, Eric Krasno Band took to the stage, flowing in and out of rocking soulful jams to bluesier ballads. They teased The Grateful Dead’s “Fire On The Mountain,” with touches of Cream tunes flowing in as well. Krasno told the audience, “spread love and music amongst all of your friends, and in making new friends.” Perfect ending for the perfect beginning of the day.Switching musical flavors, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, who are celebrating 40 years of being together, knocked it out of the park with their swirling combination of funk, jazz beats, and touches of island tones. This band has a little something for everyone. A thick energy drum jam full of tasty beats that wouldn’t quit blanketed the venue in high energy. Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” was an inferno of spirited fire. They marched the audience down Bourbon Street as they paraded through a New Orleans-spiced up extended brass jam to close out their set.Moonalice wasted no time hitting up the Grateful Dead tunes as they got underway. Barry Sless got lost in the notes as they rolled along before welcoming Jorma Kaukonen to the stage to release some ragtime blues to fans. “I Know You Rider” had a relaxed, low-key blues spin thrown on it. Easy flowing melodies took over the remainder of the set that included Hot Tuna’s “I See The Light” and The Byrds “Eight Mile High.”Over on the Main Stage, The Record Company opened up that side of the venue with their hard rocking tunes, crammed with hefty harmonica. Guitarist Chris Vos busted out the lap steel guitar during “Rita Mae Young.” “Feels So Good” kept the bold beats flowing while a hardcore cover of The Beastie Boys “Sabotage” made it on to the set. This band had the venue pumped up and dancing under the golden sun. After their set finished, JJ Grey & Mofro rolled their southern style rock out to the audience showing up sharply dressed in suits. Classy looking men performed a class act all the way around. Mid-way through “Blackwater” the band strutted their stuff with quick drum, bass, and piano jams. A heartfelt and moving “Glory, Glory Hallelujah” began after singer JJ Grey spoke a few words about not sweating the small stuff. Several fans on the field sported shirts that said “Todd Smallie” in support of the bass player, who’s also a member of The Derek Trucks Band.Margo Price and her beautiful voice rolled into place next. She wore a gorgeous red and blue dress with matching sunglasses and earrings, which complimented her golden locks and classic acoustic guitar. Her sultry voice carried the audience through her relaxed country tunes as the sun began to lower in the sky. “Weakness” picked up the energy after her first few tunes eased fans into her set. Kris Kristofferson’s “Me and Bobby McGee” revved up the crowd as they sang the tune right along with her. Her lively performance kept fans stimulated before The Revivalists took to the stage.New Orleans-based septet The Revivalists came out to a packed house as the sun started to creep down low. “Stand Up” grabbed the crowd’s attention as they waved their arms in the air and showed heavy interaction with the band. Their set was jam packed with solid favorites, including “Fade Away,” “All In The Family,” and “Wish I Knew You.” Towards the end of the set, singer David Shaw told the crowd “we’ve got to come together!” and appropriately closed with The Beatles “With A Little Help From My Friends.”With excitement in the air, moe. finally took to the stage alongside Phil Lesh and opened with “Box of Rain.” Grahame Lesh then joined the group as they went into moe.’s “Silver Sun” which flowed into The Grateful Dead’s “The Other One,” before easing back into “Silver Sun.” “Ophelia” brought out David Shaw, Rob Ingraham and Michael Giradot of The Revivalists to accompany the band as Grahame got off stage. They took off with “Four” before morphing into Jerry Garcia’s “Birdsong” and a reprise of “Four.” The audience exploded with shouts and applause as Bob Weir joined the band, and stayed for the remainder. Nicki Bluhm and Grahame Lesh also joined in for “The Music Never Stopped.” The collaborative set finished with “Sugar Magnolia,” “Scarlet Begonia’s” and “Sunshine Daydream.” You can listen to the show’s audio here.As the nonstop and tireless set played on, Rob Derhak – bassist for moe. – who was not present due to undergoing cancer treatments, was able to join the fun in an unusual way. He was controlling a small robot fitted with a camera, appropriately nicknamed the “Rob.ot,” from the comfort of his own home. The robot had a picture of Rob taped to the top of it, which made it feel that Derhak was on stage, even if it was virtually. It was an emotionally charged set for both the band and fans alike.The festival finished up with The Avett Brothers’ belting out one hell of a closing performance. Stacked with killer melodies, one after the other, it was hard to turn away from their show. Bob Weir joined the band for a slew of covers, including Jerry Garcia’s “Mission In The Rain,” Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried,” and for the final song of the festival, Bob Dylan’s “When I Paint My Masterpiece.”After four solid days of nonstop music, fans left exhilarated, smiling, and recharged. LOCKN’ festival is definitely an event that every music fan should attend at least once in their lifetime. With a serious mix of musical flavors from varying ends of the musical spectrum, along with unknown collaborations that could pop up during any set, it truly is an interlocking experience for sight, sound and mind.For more information on LOCKN’ festival, please visit their official website.Words by Sarah BourquePhotos by Sam Shinault PhotographyLOCKN’ 2017 | Sunday | Photos by Sam Shinaultlast_img read more