Olympic Spirit Track League results

first_imgApril 22, 2017 marked the start of the 83th season for the Olympic Spirit Track League held in Gregg/Hudson County Park. Co-directors John Hnath and Al Long were ably assisted by coaches Sharon Nadrowski, Mercedes Alvarez; Justin Enes, Lauren Enes, Jose Bustamonte, Hans Parrado, Michelle Bernatowicz, John Nagel and other volunteers. Participating school include the following:OLC – Our Lady of Czestochowa, Jersey CitySAS -Saint Augustine School, Union CityOLM – Our Lady Mercy, Jersey CitySt. Al’s-Saint Aloysius, Jersey CityAll Saints Academy, BayonneSt. Henry, BayonneSt. Francis Academy, Union CitySDA -St. Dominic Academy, Jersey City Girls200 meters: 5 year old and under time (0:50)1) Anna Lauara Cupido Carlorosi, OLC; 2) Mikenna Raftery, St. Henry; 3) Molly Dunne, St. Francis; 4) Avery Connolly, OLC ; 5) Kenzie Olmo, St. Henry; 6) Caileen Raftery, St. Henry300 meters: 6 & 7 year olds Time (1:00)1) Mikaela Ciarlandini St. Henry; 2) Jenna Gatani, St. Henry; 3)Amanda Thomas, St. Henry; 4) Rose Arroyo, St. Henry; 4) Caitlin Connolly, OLC ; 6)Amanda Hitlan-Olesen, All Saints; 7 ) Jessica k , OLM; 8) Miaika Rama, St. Henry; 9) Julia Rama, St. Henry400 meters: 8 & 9 year olds Time (1:23)1) Livia B. Diakogiannis, All Saints; 2) Mara Ellerson, St. Henry; 3) Julia Hester, All Saints; 4) Desiree OKonKwo , St. Henry; 5) Charline Olmo, St. Henry; 6) Kelly Vaughan, St. Francis 7)Alyssa Palomino, St. Henry; 8) Jenna Brennan, St. Francis; 9) Lucia Rama, St. Henry; 10) Clara Korantene, St. Henry400 meters: 10 and 11 years old (1:16)1) Victoria Okonkwo, St. Henry; 2) Maggie McCabe, All Saints; 3) Janelle R, St. Henry; 4) Riley Williams, St. Henry; 5)NatliaSirna, St. Henry; 6)Kelly Hester, All Saints; 7) Sofia Vacca, St. Francis; 8) Shrestha Misra, OLC400 meters: 12 and older (1:10)1) Megan Dunne, St. Francis; 2) Brigid McCabe, All Saints; 3) Kaitlyn Arroya, St. Henry; 4) Karisma Garcia, All Saints; 5) Alanna Ciarlandini, St. Henry; 6) Amory Garcia, All Saints Boys200 meters: 3 & 4 year olds (0:55)1) Sebastian Diakogiannis, All Saints; 2) Ian Kutney, St. Henry; 3) Justin Schaffner, St. Henry; 4) Michael Stor, All Saints;5) Gabe Enders, St. Henry; 6) Andrew Serafin, St. Henry200 meters: 5 year olds (0:40)1) Joshua Cinque, St. Henry; 2) Ryan Fwesha, St. Henry; 3) AyushThatte, OLC; 4) Jermiah Ponte, St. Henry; 5) Samuel Becker, St. Henry; 6) Soham Misra, St. Henry; 7) Daniel Barreto, OLM; 8) Michael McCabe, All Saints; 9) Jack McMahon, All Saints; 10) Devan Jaiswal, OLC300 Meters: 6 & 7 year olds (1:05)1) Brayden Picciotto, St. Henry; 2) Willian Wang, OLC; 3) Alessandro Cupido Carlorosi, OLC; 4) Marc Becker, St. Henry; 5) Michael Gurvich, OLC; 6) Connor Callazo, OLM; 7) Gerard Hester, All Saints; 8) Darius Montecastio, OLM; 9) Daniel McCarthy, St. Al’s; 10) Matthew Gurvich, OLC400 meters: 8 & 9 year olds (1:24)1) Joseph Ciarlandini, St. Henry; 2) Kaden Williams, St. Henry; 3) Gabriel Becker, St. Henry; 4) Lucas Hernandez, St. Francis; 5) Kyan Melendez, OLC ; 6 )Eogar Doh, St. Henry; 7) Rohan Garg, OLC; 8) Jasper Schwamburger, OLC; 9) Gabriel Pena, St. Francis; 10) Jordan K, OLM400 Meter: 10 and 11 years old (1:22)1) Tyler Nieman, All Saints; 2) Alex Califano, OLC; 3) Liam Hester, All Saints; 4) Matthew Califano, OLC; 5) Brian Ellerson, Henry; 6) Cin Ingrassia, St. Al’s; 7) Ben Stack, All Saints400 Meters: 12 and older (1:04)1) Patrick Boll, St. Francis; 2) Sebastian Pena, St. Francis; 3) Dominic Okonkwo, St. Henry; 4) Joshua Tauriello, St. Francis; 5) Noah Colon, St. Francis; 6) Vincent Mattiello, All Saints; 7) Jonathan Robinson, St. Henry; 8) Diego Pena, St. Franci; 9) Owen Stack, All Saintslast_img

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