NYSDOT well-prepared for winter weather

first_img“We’re ready,” said Cook. “No matter what the forecast of the amount of inches go, we’re in constant contact with the weather service, we’re in constant contact with our suppliers, and we’re always making sure we’re ready to go.” And do your job to be prepared, just like the DOT. Since the weather has been somewhat mild, there hasn’t necessarily been any challenges this season. “The big message we try to get out is patience. Just be patient, give yourself extra time. You live in upstate New York, you know how to deal with the snow. Just go and do your normal routine, but just plan a little earlier,” said Cook. With that, the New York State Department of Transportation is stocked with supplies. (KIRKWOOD) — We’re halfway through January and thankfully this winter hasn’t hit us too hard. DOT workers have also been ready for the winter weather since the beginning of the season. But all that preparation may come in handy this weekend, with snow in the forecast. “But as far as anomalies maybe, when we’ve had those snow squalls come through. A few times over the last month we’ve had to be at the ready,” said Cook. “Fully staffed, people rested and ready to go on 12 hour shifts if necessary so we can have 24/7 coverage,” said Cook. It’s not just the equipment that’s ready to go. “We like to have a minimum of three storms worth of salt on hand at any time, so we’re fully loaded now,” said Cook. So if you’re going to be on the roads, along with the plows, slow down. “We’ve got 40,000 tons of salt, we’ve got 400 trucks just in this region, capable of snow removal,” said Cook. “Well you’re right, it has been a mild winter, so it’s real easy to say right now we’re ready to go,” said NYSDOT region 9 public information specialist Scott Cook.last_img

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