Binghamton University announces fall semester plans

first_imgThe flexibility in how students learn has brought some reassurance during the transition. “I personally think it’s a bit too early to make that kind of call. Especially just because things are just starting to open right now, so we need to foresee the consequences about that before we make a decision later on,” said Josh Marcus, a junior at Binghamton University. Officials at Binghamton University say they are working on ways they can have students move in much earlier than the August 26 start date, so there is a gradual increase of students on campus. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger says the fall semester academic calendar will not change, with students returning to class on August 26. When it comes to attending classes, officials are introducing the “HyFlex learning model”, where students and professors have flexibility in meeting for classes in-person or online. Even with the current plans, the situation could change in the coming weeks as the reopening phase continues to unfold. University President Harvey Stenger says he is concerned about parties on campus when students return, but they have a few ideas on ways they can educate students on the importance of social distancing. “It doesn’t seem that novel, but you’re in class, you’re watching the professor, that’s one mode,” said Stenger. “You can be at home, the professor is in the classroom, there’s some students in the classroom, but this student isn’t, so you’re still watching the same lecture.” Even with students eager to return to campus, some have concerns over the starting date. “The less things we change, the more time and effort we can spend on things that we can change, to make the campus safer and healthier,” said Stenger. “I really do appreciate that they’re at least giving the options to students for both, and I think anything at this time that can help us students transition through everything is beneficial,” said Marcus. On the school’s finances, officials say they will not be laying off any staff. President Stenger says the school has about 10% flexibility in the budget and the Deans and Vice Presidents will work with 90% of their normal budget. Binghamton University switched to distanced learning on March 19 due to coronavirus concerns.last_img

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