Michelin-starred chefs are holding a workshop in Varaždin and Dubrovnik

first_imgThe Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB), in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Crafts and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, is organizing an educational workshop “Croatia 365 Gourmet”, which will be held on November 20 at the Hotel Turist in Varaždin. The workshop will provide top educational content and information on world trends in the segment of gastronomy and oenology, but also in the segment of marketing. As part of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to listen to a lecture on “Seafood, algae and their pairing – Baked catch“, Which will be held by the chef Giuseppe Mancino, holder of two Michelin stars from the Il picollo principe restaurant in Viareggio. Mancin’s lecture will include show cooking based on seafood and algae and their combination into an unforgettable gastronomic pleasure. “My kitchen is a kind of mixture of creativity and classicism. We try to renew typical dishes without changing traditional flavors. “, he said Mancino. Lecture on “La Capinera as a treasure trove of Sicilian cuisine renewed by intelligent and innovative creativity” will be held by the chef Pietro D’Agostino, holder of one Michelin star from the La Capinera restaurant in Taormina. His lecture will contain a theoretical part on the functioning of the restaurant dedicated to the richness of Sicilian cuisine with intelligent and innovative creativity, which will put the participants on the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills.Chef Lionel Levy / Photo: Museum of TasteAmong the topics that will be covered are desserts, sommelier and marketing. Thus, the lecture on the topic “An impressive dessert for wonderful memories“Maintain Bruno Pastorelli, chef pastry chef from Assiette Champenoise from Reims. His lecture will include the preparation of author’s recipes, and participants will have the opportunity to learn how to prepare French desserts such as nougat, caramel and marshmallow. Chef Bruno is a true confectionery genius and the creator of the famous ELDA confectionery school in Spain. Lecture “Sommellerie: transmission through the senses for guest satisfaction“It will hold Maurizio Dante Filippi, which will focus on effectively communicating the history of wine, but also on ways to present the tastes of Croatian wines to a guest who is not familiar with the varieties and regions located in Croatia. He will conclude the workshop with a lecture on marketing Gabriel Vasquez, who will give a lecture entitled “Pricing strategy, e-reputation associated with cultural heritage“. Vasquez, an executive MBA and a master of marketing and sales management, will talk about the possibilities of branding a certain area or destination through food, but also the possibility of a geographical area branding food. “Local and regional food add value to the destination and thus contribute to the competitiveness of the geographical area. The promotion of the destination through gastronomy must be done through pure differentiation and added value from its culinary sources, so it is necessary to have a kitchen that is recognizable to travelers and tourists and that is recognized in the world., emphasizes Vasquez.We add that the same workshop is being held today in Dubrovnik at the Hotel Kompas. The workshop brought together more than 80 participants who have the opportunity to hear all the details on the topic of eno-gastronomic tourism product first hand from world-famous chefs and eno-gastronomic experts.last_img

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