Continental tourism is waking up: Three tourism stories as positive examples

first_imgContinental tourism is waking up. Slowly, step by step, but wake up. More and more destinations do not want to wait for their opportunity anymore, but create it themselves and have started to develop interesting tourist products. Support them Rest from the sea, rest the sea is the slogan of the campaign, which promotes wine events in Erdut, Zmajevac, Feričanci and Osijek. It was also published event calendar in 2019. year. Although continental tourism, from Slavonia, Lika, Zagorje, etc.… has great tourist stories and motives for arrival – continental tourism is simply chronically lacking promotions and defined tourist product, as well as synergies between destinations. Although this is only the first step and small budgets for promotion, we should certainly praise the proactivity and awareness of the promotion that finally the tourism products of continental tourism are positioned at the national level. Of course, this is a long-term process, but this first step is important. And that is why they need to be supported for proactivity. When we talk about continental and rural tourism, we must be aware that this is a totally different approach to tourism development than maritime tourism. It is easy to whine, wait for a miracle, stick to the status quo and find a hundred reasons why something “can’t” but we must understand how we all fight in global market competition and only those who are proactive and engaged in market development will succeed. So, in spite of everything, one should stop looking for excuses and find a way for something to succeed, get moving and be proactive. More about the project: Can the Lika Walking Festival attract ten thousand walkers? It can, and everything starts with the first step Everything starts with the first step and one defined tourist product Let’s go to the countryside – Zagreb County Rural Tourism Week Rest from the sea, rest the sea – the campaign of the Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board Although MINT and CNTB need to be much more actively involved in the development of continental tourism, as well as its promotion, (even if they are a year back, but not certainly enough) the initiative must start from the destination. Destinations must impose, activate and offer their story, and seek and strive for market development. This is the first prerequisite, not to wait for some miracle and help because it is not long-lived or effective. The continent does not need one-time assistance, but strategic development. After an extremely successful first year, the second Croatian Walking Festival will be held in Lika in September.  Support them and visit one of these tourist stories. Now, at the first step and at the beginning, they need support, in order to create a tourist economy and to show how it is possible. As part of the project “Let’s go to the village” which lasts from 02-08.09.2019. in Zagreb County, will be offered a 30% discount on products and services from members of the Croatian Rural Tourism Association such as: overnight stay, wine tasting, sale of local products and culinary workshops of Traditional Žumberak cuisine. center_img And that is why I am glad that some destinations through various tourist products have started to wake up and started to be more active in promoting it and are looking for, not waiting for, their place under the sun. Unfortunately, so far we have not created the habit of going to the continent for the weekend and the tourist offer of the same was not seriously in the focus of domestic visitors. More about the project: Let’s go to the countryside – an excellent new project to promote rural tourism in Zagreb County The first step towards the popularization of continental tourism Therefore, we should seriously consider the need for a special department within the Ministry of Tourism and CNTB that will deal only with the development of continental tourism, and not that everything is one hat, which is not logical, effective and ultimately fair to continental destinations. But that is a topic for another discussion. The aim of the project is to popularize rural tourism in Zagreb County, stay in the countryside, as well as the promotion of domestic products. The first prerequisite is precisely communication and focusing on the target group. Because if we don’t invite tourists to visit us through the promotion, they won’t even come. Of course, as continental destinations do not have even close resources, both financial and human, as well as sea destinations, but there is certainly room for development and promotion of at least one tourist product. As I mentioned above – communication and promotion are extremely important so that the continental offer and the destinations themselves are finally positioned and promoted and thus put in focus. All three tourist stories are accompanied by a media campaign, as well as a campaign on social networks. This year, the host cities will be Gospić and Otočac, where they will walk on several routes of different intensities, which is why everyone can participate. September 10 is thus reserved for Gospić, where all registered “walkers” will master three trails 20+ 30+ and 10+ kilometers long, symbolically called Tesla. After that, on September 20, the event moves to Otočac on trails named Gacka, 30+ XNUMX+ and XNUMX+ kilometers long. Interesting and commendable synergy between the cities – Gospić and Otočac. Thus, an advertisement of the Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board was recently published in a daily newspaper, which promotes wine festivals in its area in September and October. Walking Festival in Lika-Senj County By the way, the Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board has started rebranding, which is still in the process of development and implementation. Cover photo: Pexels.comlast_img

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