Igor Emkic is Winner of the K-1 tournament No Limit 8!

first_imgK-1 tournament No Limit 8 was held last night in Zetra, and our fighter Igor Emkic won after he defeated Croat Toni Mikelic in the finals.Ognjen Topalovic and Adnan Halilovic did the spare match of the tournament No Limit 8. Topalovic broke his opponent in the first round, but the fight continued. However, Halilovic surrendered in the second round.Kadic and Emkic were the first semifinal pair of the tournament No Limit 8. Emkic finished the fight with the express knockout in the first round and advance to the final. Fighter from Tuzla proved to be one of the most promising in our country again.Mikelic and Marjanovic fought in the second semi-final. By the decision of the judges 2: 1, Mikelic passed in the finals. Marjanovic was fighting well, but the judges gave priority to Croatian fighter.The finals was clash of Emkic and Mikelic, who met twice so far. In the first match, Croatian fighter was better, and then Emkic fought back. New fight took place last night, and Emkic celebrated with fantastic knockout in the first round of the match.Last night in Zetra were held three Superfight battles. In the first one fought Frenchman Djibril Grizzly and Romanian Anghel Cordos. The Frenchman deservedly won the Romanian fighter by unanimous decision of the judges.BH fighter Elmir Mehic fought against Dutch Steven Wright in the second fight of Superfight. Our fighter bravely fought against the Dutchman and he was a lot more creative and more active in the first round. However, in the second round he injured his leg, after which he gave up the match.(Source: D. B./

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