Jovic: “Sometimes I watch YouTube videos of me from last year and say ‘what’s wrong with me?”

first_imgI will tell you sincerely. I never had doubts in my quality. I have always believed that I have talent for the greatest things, I have always believed that I am the best. I just waited for the opportunity. I didn’t have it at Benfica, in Frankfurt I did, and I took it, because I believed in my talent. At the beginning in Frankfurt it was difficult, but the most important thing is to believe in your quality; Sometimes you have to be lucky, but I am satisfied. I am happy for the opportunity I had in Frankfurt. We will see what happens in the future.He plays as a striker and is the one who brings the goals to the team. What is your favorite goal?The goal I want to highlight is against Schalke in the semifinal of the German Cup. Also against Leganés in Real Madrid, because no player can score a goal in Real Madrid.Receive the offer of the biggest club in the world. I read that he heard that news when he was going home. How did it feel, can it be described in words?I will tell you how it went. I received a call from the manager, he said he had an offer from Real Madrid. I replied “go, don’t tease me, please”. He told me again that he had an offer from Madrid and that I thought about it. I was crazy, I needed a couple of days to reflect on the best team in the world loved me. It is a club that you cannot refuse, that calls you once in a lifetime. And I think I didn’t make any mistakes. There are many players who do not envy him, but would like to be in his place. Many young players see him as an idol. Are you aware that it is a reference for them?I am aware of everything. I expected that. I still feel a negative atmosphere when talking about my game at Real Madrid, but I think I’m going to show people the reason I am here, that I am here because I have quality and children can look at me for many years and motivate with my matches and goals with the Madrid shirt.Are you active in social networks?Not much. I only have Instagram profile. Before I was more active, but now I am focused only on football and I want to be fit as soon as possible. I am in a very difficult period of adaptation, so I have to work harder.Does the opinion of the people or the media bother you?Honestly, it doesn’t bother me. The things that are written are nonsense. The most important thing is that people who know me and my girlfriend know the truth. I am not interested in the opinion of envious. But of course, when I open Instagram, the first thing I see is the news of my private life and not the fact that I am a Madrid player. Serbia should be proud that it has a player in Real Madrid.He scored his first goal against Leganés, he also gave Casemiro a heel assist against Sevilla. Is your coach’s trust justified that way?I’m going to be sincere with you. I’m not happy with the season, at least so far. First because I know I can improve. Sometimes on YouTube I watch videos of my game last year and I wonder “what’s up?” But we all know that Real Madrid is a great club, and that it is very difficult for experienced players to get used to. And much more for a young man of 21 years for which they have paid 60 million. The pressure is very great, I fight for now without success. But I hope the situation changes. Luka Jovic was interviewed by Afternoon sport with Kristina (‘Sportsko popodne sa Kristinom’) a Serbian YouTube channel and regretted his current status on the white team. A program of your country. The Real Madrid striker takes stock of his first months of white and admits that his season is below what he expected …We remember his match against Fortuna Düsseldorf, where he scored five goals. What was the moment of his career when he realized that he was really ready for great things?last_img

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