Zidane has twelve left over

first_imgThe uncertainty about what will happen with the end of this season interruptus compels the Real Madrid to have to devise a new strategy of ups and downs for the next one. The club has 37 footballers with a current contract (26 on the roster and 11 on loan) for 2020-21, so Zidane must screen. You twelve left over to complete the 25 what allows space, at most. Because Zizou continues to telework during quarantine and now confinement. Not only has he been reviewing video footage of his team’s upcoming rivals (including City), but He has taken the opportunity to catch up on how the borrowers have fared. There is continuous contact with the club, because there are decisions to be made …On loan back homeMadrid has the jewels of the Return Operation (Odegaard and Achraf) positions with a clear overbooking, with an enviable list of three (Marcelo, Mendy, Reguilon and the mentioned Achraf). There are loans that a priori will not stay (Foreman) and young people to calibrate. There are the Kubo, Óscar Rodríguez, Newcomer Reinier… a bag of talent to be accommodated. Other young people like Vinicius Y Rodrygo they are settled, they are strategic for the entity and will not move from Chamartín. The club has to make a decision with James.DAVID GONZALEZcenter_img Footballers-hinge …When determining positions and also the salary mass of the staff, there are footballers-hinge (Bale Y James), from whose exits depends on final setup Of the template. Indirectly open or close other doors. They are joined by players with an uncertain contractual future because they end their bond in 2021 (Lucas Vazquez Y Modric). There are cases of players that do appear clearly with one foot off again. Are the cases of Ceballos, Vallejo… The two wanted to go out last summer to have minutes with different objectives, the European Championship in Utrera and the Games in Zaragoza, which have been postponed to 2021. They are in the same.Unknowns to clearZidane has to face situations that he did not have. Especially in the position of the nine. Jovic has been one of the disappointments and his controversial way of going to his country during the quarantine do not help him. Zidane knows she has a job with him. Mariano, with which the person from Marseille does not count, something that on the other hand is not new, insist on not leaving. This summer you will be back to raise a way out, but in the club no one dares to assume that this time they will accept.Stonemasons in exileIn addition to the future of the 37 players with first-team status, the entity must determine the future from several of the castillistas that he has on loan in professional football, but in second. Are the cases of Fruit (at Lightning after not counting during his transfer at Valladolid), the centrals Manu Hernando (at Racing Santander with Luca Zidane) and Soro (Saragossa). There are also potentially recoverable footballers, such as Tejero (Eibar).For Zidane and Madrid, despite the pandemic, it will be months of making many decisions.last_img

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