Garbage pile-up on Wellington Street overbearing – vendors

first_imgSeveral vendors who operate along Wellington and Robb Streets, Georgetown, are now complaining of the foul scent emanating from a huge garbage pile-up.The garbage pile-up on Wellington StreetSeveral vendors complained to Guyana Times about the unsightly amount of garbage that causes flies and maggots.“Everybody puts their garbage there daily and the garbage truck would pass and pick it up, but the smell is horrible. I sell food that people have to eat and if they pass here and see it like this what do you think will happen,” one concerned vendor said.“To tell you the truth, I don’t know where the garbage coming from when I leave here in the afternoon the garbage truck would pick it up, but when I come back in the morning the pile would be there. No matter how they clean it, it would build up back”, another seller explained.In addition, a vendor identified as “Golyn”, said that persons are not only throwing their garbage there, but they are also seizing the opportunity to urinate and defecate in the vicinity.“There is a place that sells fry fish there and the smell will affect them more because they are closer. Chetsons had to make a gate there because they use to go there to defecate and urinate there. Now they do it there. When you pass, it stinks,” she told this publication.last_img

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