3 tips for finding Mystery Caches

first_imgMystery Caches can be a bit of a, well, mystery! Known as Puzzle or Unknown caches as well, Mysteries are a “catch-all” geocache type that involves solving puzzles in order to decode the correct cache coordinates or crack secret clues to unlock a cache’s stash.With varying degrees of difficulty, it can be daunting trying to figure out where to start with Mystery Caches. That’s why we’re sharing three tips* to help you solve those Mysteries and add another smiley to your find count!  *Sneak Peek: one of these involves updates to our solution checker! Work your way upStart easy by tackling Mystery Caches that have a one or two star difficulty rating. The more caches you conquer over time, the more tricks of the trade* you’ll pick up and the easier it’ll become.*Such as invisible ink (white text), hints in the source code, and clues in the name! Gather your Mystery CrewTwo heads are better than one! Bring your geocaching pals along, not only is geocaching more fun when you have your buddies but they can help you brainstorm through those extra tricky questions. Confirm your coords with our Mystery solution checker!This simple tool helps geocachers ensure they solved for the correct coordinates before they go to find the final container. Last October, we released a basic solution checker for Mystery Caches on and we’re excited to announce a few improvements! The solution checker has now been updated to a single field, making it easier to input or paste your coordinates:Mystery Caches are fun way to spice up any geocaching adventure while sharpening the geocaching saw. Plus, if it’s still chilly where you call home, Mystery Caches are the perfect activity. For now, sit by the fire and solve some tough puzzles and when the weather warms up, you’ll have a whole new set of caches to find!Do you love a good Mystery? Tell us about your puzzling geocaching experiences or share your favorite puzzle-solving tips! Be careful not to reveal any cache spoilers.Share with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedDon’t Miss Out on Pi Day! Top Tips for Mystery CachesMarch 4, 2015In “Geocaching Info”Top Tips for Puzzle CachesAugust 12, 2014In “Learn”How to solve Mystery Caches (also known as Puzzle Caches)March 21, 2018In “Learn”last_img

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