‘Lunatic asylums are plagued by governmental indifference, public apathy’

first_imgThe Games Vindicated The cover story, “Race Against Time” (June 30) pointed out rightly that it is not just the sportsmen who are the heroes of the Asian Games-it is also the people working behind the scenes. The article also proved that the huge expense incurred to hold the Games,The Games VindicatedThe cover story, “Race Against Time” (June 30) pointed out rightly that it is not just the sportsmen who are the heroes of the Asian Games-it is also the people working behind the scenes. The article also proved that the huge expense incurred to hold the Games is quite justified in the face of the tremendous gains that Indian sport has been making. Bombay Jaimin M. BhattDefending A FriendshipThe article, “Taming The Tigers” (June 30) mentions that relations between Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and President J. R. Jayawardene are “not all that friendly”. There is, firstly, no reason to doubt that the personal relations between these two leaders is anything but normal. Secondly, the history of international relations teaches us that the national interest of countries is of paramount importance. In this case, it is in the national interest of both India and Sri Lanka to cooperate closely in rooting out violent secessionist movements which challenge their national integrity and the Parliamentary democratic framework which these two friendly neighbours have preserved since their independence.T. B. Panabokke High Commissioner New Delhi of Sri LankaA Warning For AllThe cover story “Mid-Term Warning” (June 15) proved beyond a shred of doubt that the power of Mrs Gandhi’s charisma is on the wane. It is a pity that this has not been matched by a growth in the Opposition’s stature. But the most heartening thing we have learnt from the state elections is that the electorate has come of age-they use their franchise wisely and can no longer be taken for granted. Madras Geeta BalasubramaniamUntil the shameless horse-trading stops this country is not going to have any respite from its problems. One wonders for how long average citizens will put up with this terrible state of affairs. When their endurance breaks all hell will be let loose. Shillong T. O. PughThe election results should be regarded as a mid-term warning by the Opposition more than by the ruling party. It is ominous for them that though the Congress (I) is torn by dissensions it could still make a good showing. It is time our national opposition parties took lessons from the Marxists in West Bengal on how to keep the Congress (I) at bay. Madras C. T. VairavanHellish HaryanaAfter reading “Governor’s Disgrace” (June 15) I feel ashamed to live in a country of which Haryana is a state. People like Bhajan Lai have made a mockery of all democratic conventions and it is amazing that he has got support from New Delhi. Bombay L. V. RamchandraThough the ruling party’s conduct in Haryana has been contemptible one must also condemn the Opposition’s unseemly conduct. It is shocking that the Governor., no matter how deplorable his actions have been, should be manhandled by legislators. The office, if not the man, must be shown some respect. Isn’t it time to ponder where Indian democracy is headed to?Lusaka (Zambia) Dr S. DayalG. D. Tapase has violated every tenet of democracy as well as the spirit of the Constitution and has proved that he acts on the direct orders of the Centre. Today the politicians are the most corrupt segment of society and yet it is they who will administer the country though they are morally unfit.Rohtak Mukesh SharmaNumbers GameThe contention in “A Winning Combination” (June 15) that the BJP supported the Congress(I) is incorrect. The BJP fielded 69 candidates and supported two independents in constituencies where the UDF was also standing. To complete the evidence: the BJP put up candidates in both the constituencies where the Congress(I) leader, K. Karunakaran, was standing. And Dne of the leaders of the BJP has been quoted in the local press saying that the BJP would ather support the IDF to form a government. Ayroor Oonikrishnan NairExceptional MattersIn the article on the presidential elections (“A Tricky Choice”, June 15) it is stated that the vice-president invariably becomes the choice for the Presidency and this has only one exception – B. D. Jatti. This is not true as it occurred in the case of G. S. Pathak too. Rewa R. K. lndurkhyaThough this is strictly correct the difference lies in the circumstances. B.D. Jatti was not elected President although he still held the office ofvice-president and this was a deviation from precedent. G. S. Pathak and V. V. Giri retired at the same time. -EditorAs this report pointed out, the choice for the Presidency must be through consensus. We must have a President who will be above party politics and be a person that all sections of the country can respect. Madras K. S. Ganapathy SubramanvamA Grey WorldThe article “A World Apart” (June 15) on the Ranchi Manasik Arogyashala reinforced my belief that the real heroes of the place are the ones, who against all odds, have groped their way back to sanity. I have been a patient of three asylums, including this one, but now not only can 1 fend for myself but I am also able to support my family. In fact, today I work at the Arogyashala as a psychiatrist though I am an ophthalmologist. It would be easy to withdraw or be escapist but I have learnt to face the world with courage.Dr J.E. Jalil. Deputy SuperintendentRanchi Ranchi Manasik ArogyashalaThe conditions prevailing in Asia’s largest mental hospital reflect the plight of the poor in all developing countries where they remain forever at the mercy of callous and irresponsible governments. It is reports such as this one that are the only rays of hope in their “grey world”.Reading (UK) Jatin I. DesaiThe photographs were superb – each told its own story and could stand independent of the text.Ahmedabad Dr Bharat VakhariaLunatic asylums are plagued by governmental indifference, public apathy, outdated laws and misconceptions about mental health. The comments in the article on the elector-convulsive therapy (ECT) fit into the last category, ECT is a safe therapeutic measure and is the mainstay of doctors working under the terrible conditions in our mental hospitals, ECT cannot cause the death of brain cells nor can it coagulate enzymes. It only causes a subjective memory loss and confusion, both of which are transitory.Under conditions of careless administration it can cause the singeing of hair, superficial burns and worst of all, fractures or lung infections. Deaths are extremely rare.Dr D. Rum Institute of Psychiatry,Madurai Medical College &Madurai Government Rajaji HospitalFamiliar MethodsThe events described in “Quick Quacks” (June 15) are all too familiar. What is terrible is that all too often these quacks get patronage from local politicians and hence from the state Government. It is heartening that these cases are getting coverage in the national press. Calcutta Lt-Col Dr S.C. GhoshPleading A CauseThe article “Murdered For Asking” (June 15) was excellent. Rarely has a journal exposed the terrible conditions prevailing over here. The Government is deaf and dumb to our pleas-only the press can expose our misery. Dhanbad Prakash Kumar SinhaSettling ScoresThe Kashmiris riving in Pakistan are much better off than those in Kashmir (“The Resettlement Row”, June 15). It would be wiser if Sheikh Abdullah passes bills to root out corruption and if he would clear up the red tape that is paralysing the state Government offices. Sopore Salim RishiThere was no Delhi Agreement in 1948, that was the year of the accession. The Delhi Agreement took place in 1952.New Delhi Veena VasudevaWhose Sin?The article “Sins Of Bhagwan” (June 15) should have been titled Sins Of Bharat. Instead of crying over how Rajneesh left for the US without paying Rs 1 crore in taxes why did the authorities not stop him at the airport? Secondly, instead of raving about the criminal cases why doesn’t India extradite him? Instead of moaning over the depression that has been caused by his leaving, why was the fact that while he was here the Government got crores in foreign exchange brought in by his disciples not mentioned. Nairobi (Kenya) Kul BhushanThe article did not highlight certain facts and therefore misled many readers. The reasons why Bhagwan Rajneesh left the country, a decision that was forced on him, was the uncooperative stance of the Indian Government and the pressure exercised by his disciples to move trom the country as tie was in poor health. It has also been indirectly stated that Ma Anand Sheela has slowly taken over the charge of the administration. Nobody but Bhagwan Rajneesh takes such decisions.Bombay Niranjan PandyaThe article cleared up once and for all the entire Rajneesh affair. It shows what a farce this so-called godman was. He did nothing but capitalise on the whims of people from the West. The Indian public was never taken in by his duplicitous ways. Rourkela Rana DasguplaMisplaced CreditIn “The Long March” (June 15) on the trans-Himalayan expedition it has been mentioned that Sir Edmund Hillary said that he climbed Mount Everest because it was there. The remark was made by George Leigh Mallory. New Delhi Wilson JohnTip Of The IcebergThe article “Suppressing Dissent” (June 15) on the goings-on in BHEL just explored the tip of the iceberg. The engineers of the undertaking are badly demoralised by the management’s open divide and rule policy. The work conditions are dreadful and many talented people are being under-utilised. Bhopal Parvez AhmedMature CoverageThe article. “Dance Of Death” (May 31) brought us happiness. Though many newspapers and periodicals covered the Calcutta carnage, and many poured sympathy, none of the reports had the maturity of this piece. Bombay Acharya Rana jit BrahmachariLooks BeliedIn the introduction of “Nobody’s Stooge” (May 31) Mrs Gandhi has been described as “remarkably young looking”. “without wrinkles” and “out of a yogic asana”. The photographs of her on the facing page however prove quite the contrary. Pune J.D. AdhiaEscape RouteVasant Sathe has the right ideas. Fill up prime time on TV with celluloid extravaganzas and squeeze in the prime minister and the ruling party’s good works into the rest (“The Tedium Is The Message”. May 31). After spending the whole day grappling with insoluble problems, the least one can do for the population of India is to let them escape into fantasyland. Illinois (United States) Sucheta Murthyadvertisementadvertisementadvertisementlast_img

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