More Taxpayers Get a Break

first_imgMore Nova Scotia taxpayers are benefiting from the provincialgovernment’s pledge to lower taxes. Taxpayer refund cheques for $155 were mailed to 10,340 NovaScotians today, Sept. 26, as the provincial government’s taxpayerrefund program continues. Since the program began in June, about468,000 people have received a personal income tax refund. Theprogram is based on taxes paid in 2001 or 2002. This round ofpayments is a result of late income tax returns. “Working families deserve a break and our plan for lower taxes ismaking sure they get one,” said Finance Minister Peter Christie. “It’s essential that every taxpayer who is eligible for a refund,receives one.” The refund marks the first part of the government’s commitment tolower taxes for the July to December half of the year. As of Jan.1, Nova Scotia will offer the lowest personal income tax rates inAtlantic Canada. The lower tax rates also mean more than 3,500Nova Scotians will no longer pay provincial income taxes. Mr. Christie said the two recent upgrades to the province’scredit rating were in part due to the government’s strongcommitment to fiscal discipline, strengthened accounting policiesand a 10 per cent personal tax cut. “Lower taxes are key to growing our economy, which helps us payfor the things people care about, like health and education,”said Mr. Christie. Nova Scotia is one of the last provinces in Canada to lowerpersonal income taxes in recent years.last_img

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