Al Sadd already recognizes that “there are negotiations between Xavi and Barça”

first_imgOne more step in the possible landing of Xavi al Barça. Muhammad Ghulam Al Balushi, sports director of Al Sadd, confirmed on the AlKass television channel that there is an open communication channel between Barça and Xavi. “There are negotiations between Xavi and Barcelona now and we wish him success wherever he goes”, he said in the preview of the semi-final of the Qatari Cup between Al Sadd and Al Rayyan.Al Balushi’s statement consolidates the statement that the Qatari club made through the club’s general manager, Turki Al Ali, who already confirmed the talks on Friday and he had asked that Barça negotiate officially with Al Sadd. The option for Xavi to accept Barca’s offer and join next week as head of the Barca wardrobe begins to gain strength. In addition, Eric Abidal, sports director of the French club, and Oscar Grau, CEO of the club, right hand of Josep Maria Bartyomeu and strong man in the signing of contracts, remain in Doha, where they will meet this Saturday after the match with Xavi to try convince him to accept the Barca club’s offer.last_img read more

Lopetegui: “Granada is one of the most complicated rivals”

first_imgEverything indicates that Óliver Torres will be the substitute for Banega in the midfield, although the coach did not want to give too much sugar to his pupil for his good game in the Copa del Rey: “I don’t like to focus on individual performances. When the team is well, everyone gets reinforced. We have many games in a few days and we have to dose the efforts well. “Finally, Lopetegui discarded Jordán and Carriço for the match, although he hopes to have them available from next week. Julen Lopetegui appeared in the press room from the Sports City of Seville to analyze the clash on Saturday against Granada, team he praised: “Already in the first leg they made us a very good game. It is a team that knows how to attack and defend and is one of the most complicated rivals because in all home matches in which they have not scored they have been scored escaped by details. “last_img read more

Nadal: “I got scared for the girl; it was a coup and she behaved like a phenomena”

first_img“Greater than excited, what I had is a coup, that’s the actuality. Sure I was scared, as a result of in the finish the pace of the ball is excessive, and extra in a relaxation as a result of the pace of the service is added. My blow shot out over there and it was straight to the head. In that case you by no means know what may occur. However the fact is that the woman was a phenomenal. She was very entire and I requested her if she was okay. She had a tear, however I was shocked, as a result of the ball was robust and she endured the man in a improbable means, superb instance. ” That is how Rafa Nadal defined in a press convention the involuntary influence of one in every of his stays on the head of a pickup close to the finish of the recreation through which the Balearic defeated Algerian Delbonis. For the relaxation, Nadal analyzed his efficiency calmly in the second spherical of the Australian Open: “I want to enhance. That’s a actuality. I feel I’ll do it as a result of I’m doing issues higher sufficient to enhance. In coaching I really feel good and in the video games I’m not letting go as I ought to at the starting of the recreation. Each the first day and the second, the third units have been good. not a break ball in opposition to. ” On his lack of success with the break factors (3/20 and 1/18 till the third set), he stated it was “a disaster.” “I want to enhance, however the logical factor is that, even when fortunately, you win a break level when you have got so many alternatives. In the first recreation the relaxation I already had many and I didn’t take any. That tense you.”In the finish, Nadal took out constructive points: “In the tie-break I was positive, I didn’t fail any first and in the moments of pressure I was positive. After releasing myself from that, I was higher, I got extra drives, I performed longer and did issues I have to have choices “..last_img read more

Jovic: “Sometimes I watch YouTube videos of me from last year and say ‘what’s wrong with me?”

first_imgI will tell you sincerely. I never had doubts in my quality. I have always believed that I have talent for the greatest things, I have always believed that I am the best. I just waited for the opportunity. I didn’t have it at Benfica, in Frankfurt I did, and I took it, because I believed in my talent. At the beginning in Frankfurt it was difficult, but the most important thing is to believe in your quality; Sometimes you have to be lucky, but I am satisfied. I am happy for the opportunity I had in Frankfurt. We will see what happens in the future.He plays as a striker and is the one who brings the goals to the team. What is your favorite goal?The goal I want to highlight is against Schalke in the semifinal of the German Cup. Also against Leganés in Real Madrid, because no player can score a goal in Real Madrid.Receive the offer of the biggest club in the world. I read that he heard that news when he was going home. How did it feel, can it be described in words?I will tell you how it went. I received a call from the manager, he said he had an offer from Real Madrid. I replied “go, don’t tease me, please”. He told me again that he had an offer from Madrid and that I thought about it. I was crazy, I needed a couple of days to reflect on the best team in the world loved me. It is a club that you cannot refuse, that calls you once in a lifetime. And I think I didn’t make any mistakes. There are many players who do not envy him, but would like to be in his place. Many young players see him as an idol. Are you aware that it is a reference for them?I am aware of everything. I expected that. I still feel a negative atmosphere when talking about my game at Real Madrid, but I think I’m going to show people the reason I am here, that I am here because I have quality and children can look at me for many years and motivate with my matches and goals with the Madrid shirt.Are you active in social networks?Not much. I only have Instagram profile. Before I was more active, but now I am focused only on football and I want to be fit as soon as possible. I am in a very difficult period of adaptation, so I have to work harder.Does the opinion of the people or the media bother you?Honestly, it doesn’t bother me. The things that are written are nonsense. The most important thing is that people who know me and my girlfriend know the truth. I am not interested in the opinion of envious. But of course, when I open Instagram, the first thing I see is the news of my private life and not the fact that I am a Madrid player. Serbia should be proud that it has a player in Real Madrid.He scored his first goal against Leganés, he also gave Casemiro a heel assist against Sevilla. Is your coach’s trust justified that way?I’m going to be sincere with you. I’m not happy with the season, at least so far. First because I know I can improve. Sometimes on YouTube I watch videos of my game last year and I wonder “what’s up?” But we all know that Real Madrid is a great club, and that it is very difficult for experienced players to get used to. And much more for a young man of 21 years for which they have paid 60 million. The pressure is very great, I fight for now without success. But I hope the situation changes. Luka Jovic was interviewed by Afternoon sport with Kristina (‘Sportsko popodne sa Kristinom’) a Serbian YouTube channel and regretted his current status on the white team. A program of your country. The Real Madrid striker takes stock of his first months of white and admits that his season is below what he expected …We remember his match against Fortuna Düsseldorf, where he scored five goals. What was the moment of his career when he realized that he was really ready for great things?last_img read more

Setién: “We are just as favorites as Real Madrid”

first_imgIt is important to always overcome the rival’s plan. We are two different styles. Barça plays as it has been playing for years and Getafe plays as it has played for years. The important thing is that your plan and your forms surpass those of the rival. It is neither more nor less important. The important thing is that whatever you do, you do it well. And both teams do well.How is Luis Suarez, do you have prospects of reappearing earlier?I do not know. I don’t even talk to doctors about this yet. I ask him, I shake his hand and encourage him to continue working. It will take time and hopefully you can reduce your time off.Do you have the feeling or would you like your team to make a round match to cheer everyone up?We’ll see. Of course I would love to be able to resolve within ten minutes of starting but this is difficult. We tend to minimize rivals and rivals have things to say and every day LaLiga we see it. It is increasingly difficult to win the games, it is not easy to win the rivals and you have to do things right. But I am happy with the process we are taking. As I always tell you, there are always things to improve and the reality is that it is not easy. LaLiga is very competitive and not easy. And you’ll see Getafe.How do you see Messi?He has the experience of knowing whether or not he can be in the field. And if it can, it’s because it’s fine. The same must be told to dose him, but this is like everything. I don’t have that much time to really assess what happens. In many cases it is not even necessary to rest.I used to say that they are waiting for the Medical Commission to see if they can sign. Do you have resources if the opinion is negative?All my life I have adapted to what I come from. If they give permission to sign a player, it is preferable. But plan we will always find because in the end you have to play with eleven and this we will do. We will adapt and find the way.In the case of not being able to sign a player, can King Manaj have continuity?They really are not tests. We are convinced that they can help. We don’t know Rey at all yet, nor do we know exactly what he can give. There are many things that you have to understand but your disposition is extraordinary and it is understood that you are going to help us and the subsidiary. Every day we see players of the subsidiary, we incorporate them and they will enter as the first team relaxes. Of courseIn April, a coach commented that the ideal team for Setién was Barça. Do you subscribe to that phrase by David Vidal?With David Vidal I spent two years in Logroño at a very good stage for Logroñés, for the city, and we really enjoyed football. It is true that it was not what it is today. There was no ball out but he knew my involvement with football and the enthusiasm I put into things. There are things you say. I will never do this. It is clear that my way of understanding football was associated with how Barça has played. It is what I feel, what I like and what I really know how to convey. Then there are details that are personal nuances.Do you think they are favorites for the Champions League?There are seven or eight teams and among them we are.Do you celebrate Valentine?I’m very romantic. The idyll with this club do not know who to put some flowers. It’s a huge satisfaction, almost the same as when I met my wife.What would you say to the fans to come to the field?Well, we will be stronger with your support.Does the team lack overflow?I think that the ideal would be for each player to do what is required at all times and it is normal that this happens. What we try for many to understand is that. We must break and come in support. These are decisions that must be made depending on how the opponent is. And ideally, they decide well. It is not one thing more than the other. Quique Setién attended the media at the previous press conference of the match that will face Barcelona against Getafe. Tomorrow visit Camp Nou el Getafe. What makes it so hard to win?The Getafe is a team that has been showing time that it does things well. He has a plan that develops very well, in fact it has taken him where he is. He is in Europe, third classified and is a team that is very committed, difficult to win and is in a great moment. It seems that everything comes out and the plan they have is good, they are doing very well and it will be complicated.Is your relationship with Bordalás a challenge for you?I look at the rivals. On the subject of Bordalás, I have forgotten it and I am not going to talk about it.Will you greet him?I told him that I was not going to comment on this subject.Do you see Getafe as a rival in LaLiga?The difficult thing for a team is to stay on top. There are teams with great gusts and the difficult thing is to keep it in time. Now he will have important matches in Europe. The Getafe last year already remained there.How do you see Umtiti?I have no doubt that he will play at his highest level. He is already doing it. In many actions that we have analyzed with all players, Umtiti is an extraordinary player. It will help us and we have no doubt that its performance will be good. Everyone can have a punctual error, I included. But Umtiti has done things well and we are delighted. He has had some minor inconvenience but is perfect to compete.Would it be a problem not to have a replacement for Dembélé?I will be prepared for what I touch, and to work with it. The reality is that we will adapt to what you touch. We must wait for the Committee’s response to see if it allows us to sign. I guess they will accept it and that the club is already working on it.In the call of 18 is King Manaj. How is it?He is a player with defined characteristics. I think he can give us things. That is why we have included him in the call. Given the possibility that something could happen we have a replacement that can come in handy as Abel and other players came in.Did you like Loren?I do not know anything. If Rubi said it … I’m not going to talk about this. I have nothing to say.He said the team would improve but they generate many occasions. How good is it to have two weeks off?I don’t know if I agree with what he is saying. It is true that Betis has a player like Fekir who can make occasions, but we are not receiving many occasions. We have been improving it and I hope to continue doing it. We are quite satisfied with what we are getting. We are seeing that there are many things in relation to the first games that we have improved. And this is the way. And surely we will continue. I don’t know if it will give us to win because the opponent can have one like in Bilbao. There are many things that I am satisfied with and that we are doing well because they are analyzed with conviction.Valverde says he sees Madrid strong. Have you lost the status of favorites?Many leagues have always decided on details and in recent games. In situations that you will not be able to control. We are just as favorite as Madrid. It is true that we get three points but we have a game there and we have expectations. Of course we will go all the way to the Bernabéu.How’s Jong doing?He is a receptive player. He wants to improve and has no roof. He is a huge footballer who is doing good things every day. And he is doing things he did before. We hope it continues to grow and continues to improve.You see two teams with opposite styles. Is it important to impose it?last_img read more

Mendy vs. Mendy

first_imgHis personal path is also curious. The Madrid Mendy lived almost a miracle to return to walk because of a very serious problem in the hip and the Mendy citizen did not give a franc in France. In 2016, Marseille’s former left-wing and radio commentator, Eric Di Meco, said “a rat” would be eaten if Benjamin Mendy ever played with the French national team. When France called him shortly afterwards, the sideman himself called on Twitter to Di Meco to fulfill his promise … Today there is a duel more than peculiar, Mendy against Mendy. The spectators who follow the game on TV or radio will have to be attentive. In this Real Madrid-City and on the way back in Manchester there will be two Mendy facing each other. Ferland, in Madrid, Benjamin, the citizen. The two left sides and are not family, although both left the powerful quarry of Le Havre (Pogba …), which helps create even more confusion among fans. When the white club took Ferland, a fan went to Benjamin’s Instagram by mistake. “Prepare for Madrid,” he said. “You mean the other Mendy,” he replied, among smiling emojis, the City defender.Today, in addition to the quarterfinals of the Champions League, Eurocopa are played. The fight to be the three of France is very expensive, this will be the Mendys, the brothers Hernández and Digne. Five faces for two holes in the final 23 list that Deschamps will have to deliver at the latest on June 2. They do not look like football, more stylist Madrid, hitting the Mancunian, but Ferland and Benjamin may be the duo of the same most expensive last name in history. Between them they cost 115 million euros. The City paid € 57M for his and Madrid paid € 48M for the man who sent Marcelo to the substitution.last_img read more

Iturralde: “If Ramos’s is missing, Gabriel Jesus’s too”

first_imgSergio Ramos saw the direct red in the 85th minute for a foul on Gabriel Jesus Manchester City player being the last player to the goal. However, for Eduardo Iturralde, referee of ACE and of the SER chain, the Real Madrid central should not have been expelled: “For me it is not necessary, Gabriel Jesus looks for it and drops. If the first goal of the City is not a foul, it is not a fault either. “ 9 The Brazilian striker gave his version of the possible foul in the first goal of the City in Movistar Champions League: “Football is a contact sport, I just pushed him, I did well and the referee did not cancel the goal. I don’t make a move to push him, I make a stationary movement, I don’t know why they claimed. I barely support my hands, put my hands still. It was not missing. “ 4 The Real Madrid He lost in Santiago Bernabéu by 1-2 in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Manchester City. Isco ahead of Zidane after an assist from Vinicius, but Gabriel Jesus Y From Bruyne, of penalty, they traced the result for those of Guardiola. The second leg will be played on Tuesday, March 17 at 9:00 p.m. at the Manchester City Stadium.last_img read more

Green shields, the tribute of modest football for “those who fight against COVID-19”

first_imgThe world of football continues to overturn to give their support in this coronavirus crisis. Each club in its measure, with financial donations and aid of any kind, and also with symbolic actions. Thus, from modest football, the initiative of the shields in green, how tribute “to those who fight against COVID-19 face to face”.The promoter of this campaign was the Salamanca UDS. “The club temporarily changes the color of the shield on all its Social Networks as a tribute to all those who fight face to face against #COVID ー 19! And what better color than green hope! “, he launched with his new image. And behind them, a few more clubs have joined the initiative. The Ourense, the Zamora, the Sanse, the Bergantiños … Second B, Third and lower categories and grassroots football, and those that will be added in the coming days. A new gesture with which to give value to the people who continue working to end this pandemic as soon as possible, which, among other consequences, has the teams without competing and their isolated players at home and, when it ends, can seriously affect the economic viability of dozens of entities …last_img read more

Zidane has twelve left over

first_imgThe uncertainty about what will happen with the end of this season interruptus compels the Real Madrid to have to devise a new strategy of ups and downs for the next one. The club has 37 footballers with a current contract (26 on the roster and 11 on loan) for 2020-21, so Zidane must screen. You twelve left over to complete the 25 what allows space, at most. Because Zizou continues to telework during quarantine and now confinement. Not only has he been reviewing video footage of his team’s upcoming rivals (including City), but He has taken the opportunity to catch up on how the borrowers have fared. There is continuous contact with the club, because there are decisions to be made …On loan back homeMadrid has the jewels of the Return Operation (Odegaard and Achraf) positions with a clear overbooking, with an enviable list of three (Marcelo, Mendy, Reguilon and the mentioned Achraf). There are loans that a priori will not stay (Foreman) and young people to calibrate. There are the Kubo, Óscar Rodríguez, Newcomer Reinier… a bag of talent to be accommodated. Other young people like Vinicius Y Rodrygo they are settled, they are strategic for the entity and will not move from Chamartín. The club has to make a decision with James.DAVID GONZALEZcenter_img Footballers-hinge …When determining positions and also the salary mass of the staff, there are footballers-hinge (Bale Y James), from whose exits depends on final setup Of the template. Indirectly open or close other doors. They are joined by players with an uncertain contractual future because they end their bond in 2021 (Lucas Vazquez Y Modric). There are cases of players that do appear clearly with one foot off again. Are the cases of Ceballos, Vallejo… The two wanted to go out last summer to have minutes with different objectives, the European Championship in Utrera and the Games in Zaragoza, which have been postponed to 2021. They are in the same.Unknowns to clearZidane has to face situations that he did not have. Especially in the position of the nine. Jovic has been one of the disappointments and his controversial way of going to his country during the quarantine do not help him. Zidane knows she has a job with him. Mariano, with which the person from Marseille does not count, something that on the other hand is not new, insist on not leaving. This summer you will be back to raise a way out, but in the club no one dares to assume that this time they will accept.Stonemasons in exileIn addition to the future of the 37 players with first-team status, the entity must determine the future from several of the castillistas that he has on loan in professional football, but in second. Are the cases of Fruit (at Lightning after not counting during his transfer at Valladolid), the centrals Manu Hernando (at Racing Santander with Luca Zidane) and Soro (Saragossa). There are also potentially recoverable footballers, such as Tejero (Eibar).For Zidane and Madrid, despite the pandemic, it will be months of making many decisions.last_img read more

The US Open is transformed: it becomes a hospital and dining room

first_imgThis is Armstrong Stadium in BJK Nationwide Tennis Heart. Different elements of the middle will change into a hospital. This stadium is a meals prep & distribution heart the place hero workers will put together as much as 25,000 meals packages each day, every w / 2 days’ value of meals for sufferers, staff & youngsters.– Billie Jean King (@BillieJeanKing) April 3, 2020If it nonetheless stands, the US Open could be the second Grand Slam of the season after the Australian Open when the aforementioned appointment on the London grass was canceled and after Roland Garros controversially postponed its event a week after the good American . This season’s US Open is set for August 24 (31 the principle draw) to September 13, though tennis is presently not the principle theme each on the earth and amongst event organizers. The Billie Jean King Nationwide Tennis Heart, which hosts the New York Grand Slam yearly, has change into a heart for preventing coronavirus. The Louis Armstrong monitor, which for years was the principle monitor, is now a canteen the place 25,000 meals are ready each day for the sick and well being personnel, amongst different staff.Different elements of the tennis complicated function a hospital because of the sudden improve in coronavirus infections that america normally and New York specifically are struggling. In complete, 350 beds are anticipated to be added, which could possibly be extra till even the capability of the coaching courts is exhausted. Final Wednesday, america Tennis Federation introduced after the cancellation of Wimbledon that the US Open is going forward.last_img read more