Newfoundland woman at centre of Scottish workplace harassment scandal

first_imgST. JOHN’S, N.L. – A Newfoundland-born woman has sparked a major political scandal in Scotland, alleging she suffered a decade of harassment after complaining about a sexist, racist workplace culture at her civil service office.A photo published by the BBC this week shows DeeAnn Fitzpatrick taped to a chair with tape over her mouth — an incident she claims was a response from two male co-workers at Marine Scotland’s office in Scrabster for “[speaking] out against the boys.”Fitzpatrick’s case is currently before the Scottish Employment Tribunal, preventing her from speaking publicly about her experiences at work.But her sister-in-law, Sherry Fitzpatrick, has taken the case to the media to draw attention to the incidents and hopefully put an end to the years of “torment.”“We said, ‘This is not going to go on any longer. This is gonna end for you,’” Sherry Fitzpatrick said in an interview Friday.DeeAnn Fitzpatrick, a fisheries officer originally from Bell Island, N.L., claims co-workers mocked her for having a miscarriage, used racist language, and threatened female staff members.The shocking photo was published this week after being anonymously submitted to BBC reporter Mark Daly. The image, and Fitzpatrick’s ongoing case tribunal case, has prompted outcry in the U.K.Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she was “absolutely horrified” by the photo, and said she is ordering a review of Fitzpatrick’s case.“Bullying, abuse, sexism, racism, have no place in any workplace, and let me be very clear today, they will not be tolerated within the Scottish government and within our agencies,” Sturgeon told Scottish Parliament.Rhoda Grant, a Labour member of the Scottish Parliament who has supported Fitzpatrick’s case, expressed frustration at the Scottish government’s response. Grant said she had previously asked Sturgeon to take action, and noted that Fitzpatrick’s case had been covered in Scottish media before the photo surfaced this week.“For the best part of a decade, I have been dealing with DeeAnn’s case, fighting alongside her, and trying to get things moving forward but have had nothing but a brick wall from the Scottish government,” Grant said in an e-mailed statement. “It is a shame it took a shocking photo having to be revealed before they were willing to listen and take action.”Grant also requested that the first minister lift rules preventing Fitzpatrick from speaking publicly, saying “it is in the public interest that her story is heard.”Sherry Fitzpatrick said the photo was taken in 2010, after her sister-in-law complained to her union, saying she witnessed a misogynistic incident directed at a female colleague.The two men allegedly taped Fitzpatrick to the chair and put tape over her mouth to send a message about further complaints.According to the BBC, her manager said he would have a word with both men, saying “I am sure they meant no harm and that was the boys just being boys.”Her sister-in-law said after this incident, Fitzpatrick “always had to explain herself for everything.”Sherry Fitzpatrick said she was with her sister-in-law at her ailing father’s bedside in 2016 when she received an email from her employer, saying if she did not explain her absence she would face disciplinary action. The BBC’s report said the correspondence showed Fitzpatrick informed her employer of her absence and family emergency.Fitzpatrick has not returned to work since her father’s death. Her sister-in-law said the “turmoil from work,” her mother’s death in 2015, and her father’s death a year later took a heavy toll. Her family says Fitzpatrick has trouble sleeping, rarely leaves home, and has lost most of her hair as a result of the stress.Fitzpatrick is also facing a disciplinary hearing from her employers, following complaints that she was “overzealous” in her job duties and rude to a client.Sherry Fitzpatrick said the family is remaining cautious as the probe ordered by Sturgeon is underway. But the family is feeling some relief now that the case has received attention from the government.Sherry hopes that as a bare minimum, Fitzpatrick will receive some sort of public apology. She said her sister-in-law “just wants her dignity back.”“DeeAnn loved being a fisheries officer, she loved her job. It’s just the ignorant people she worked with that made it difficult for her,” Sherry said.“It’s not everyone in Marine Scotland who treated her that way. But there are a lot of people who were aware and did nothing.”last_img read more

Harjit Sajjan apologizes for claiming he was architect of Operation Medusa

first_imgOTTAWA – Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says he is truly sorry after claiming in a recent speech to have been the architect of Canada’s largest battle in Afghanistan.The mea culpa follows what some saw as a half-hearted apology for the comments Sajjan made in India earlier this month.In a Facebook post, Sajjan says he made a mistake by describing himself as the architect of Operation Medusa in 2006.He goes on to retract the comments and offer his sincere apologies to all the soldiers he served with in Afghanistan.That includes then-major general David Fraser and his team, whom Sajjan credits for the operation’s success.Sajjan does not say why he made the comments about Operation Medusa, during which hundreds of Taliban were killed.last_img

Newfoundland and Labrador join 10digit club ahead of new telephone area code

first_imgST. JOHN’S, N.L. – One of Canada’s last bastions of local seven-digit dialing will soon be no more.People in Newfoundland and Labrador were told Tuesday that local 10-digit dialing — including the area code and the phone number — will begin on Aug. 17, 2018.The Telecommunications Alliance, a group of major Canadian telecommunications companies, says the change is to prepare for the new 879 area code approved in February, which will serve the same area as the province’s long-time 709 area code.“Most regions in Canada have already successfully transitioned to local 10-digit dialing and we are confident these changes will be seamless for residents and businesses in Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Glen Brown, the Canadian numbering administrator.“To ensure a successful transition, we recommend that people start reprogramming their equipment for 10-digit local dialing now, as telecommunications companies are already able to support 10-digit dialed calls. By adopting 10-digit dialing early, residents and businesses will be well-prepared by August 2018.”The new area code takes effect in November 2018.The alliance says only a few areas of Canada do not yet have 10-digit dialing, including the Northwest Territories, Thunder Bay, Ont., and other areas in western Ontario.New Brunswick, which will soon get a new area code, will get 10-digit dialing in 2019-20.last_img read more

Notable wildfires in British Columbia

first_imgASHCROFT, B.C. – Wildfires have forced thousands from their homes in British Columbia’s central and southern Interior. Here’s a list of some fires that the B.C. Wildfire Service says were highly visible or posed a potential threat to public safety as of Monday afternoon:Prince George Fire CentreTatelkuz Lake: A fire west of Prince George that was out of control and covered an area of 9.5 square kilometres. The fire was caused by lightning and had burned up to the edge of private land.Big Bend Creek: This fire southwest of Prince George was caused by lightning. It was about 9.6 square kilometres in size and classified as out of control.Grizzly Lake: Another fire southwest of Prince George. It was 2.5 kilometres in size and was listed as out of control. The fire was caused by lightning.Sutherland Road: A six-square-kilometre fire, 10 kilometres north of Fort Fraser. It was caused by lightning.Kamloops Fire CentrePrinceton: An evacuation order was in effect because of this 20-square-kilometre fire north of Princeton. The cause of the blaze was under investigation.Ashcroft Reserve: A more than 60-square-kilometre fire near Ashcroft. Poor visibility makes it difficult to determine how many structures have been damaged. The cause of the fire was under investigation and an evacuation order was in effect in Cache Creek and areas to the north.Thuya Lake Road: Evacuation orders and alerts were in effect as a result of this fire, which was four kilometres south of Little Fort. It was just over three square kilometres in size and the cause of the blaze was under investigation.West of Dunn Lake and North of Dunn Lake: The BC Wildfire Service says it responded to two wildfires near Dunn Lake, about three kilometres northeast of Little Fort, that were expected to run together to form one larger fire on Monday. The combined size of the fires was nine square kilometres, although the fire service says poor visibility makes it difficult to determine the perimeter of the fires. The cause of the fire was under investigation. The fire has prompted an evacuation order.Cariboo Fire CentreGustafsen wildfire: A 50-square-kilometre fire fanned with wind Sunday night was threatening the community of 100 Mile House.Dragon Mountain: About 25 kilometres southeast of Quesnel, this fire was about 15 square kilometres in size. The cause of the fire was under investigation.150 Mile House: A 25-square-kilometre fire. Crews have had some success in building containment lines on its west and east flanks. The wildfire service calls it “a dynamic situation,” with a focus on protecting Highway 97 and nearby structures.Hanceville: Numerous fires affecting about 100 square kilometres in the area located about 60 kilometres southwest of Williams Lake. It involved a large area of about 25 kilometres by 40 kilometres. The cause of the fire was under investigation.Soda Creek: One square kilometre in size, located about 25 kilometres northwest of Williams Lake. The cause of the fire was under investigation.Spokin Lake Road: A three-square-kilometre fire, about 20 kilometres east of Williams Lake, that has caused an evacuation order.Wildwood: Crews building containment lines to anchor base of this 20-square-kilometre fire, with efforts on protecting Highway 97 and the community of Wildwood.Coastal Fire CentreHarrison Lake East: Nearly two square kilometres in size, this fire is about 30 kilometres north of Harrison Hot Springs. It was 40-per-cent contained.last_img read more

We burned a girl and threw her in the lake Laura Babcocks

first_imgTORONTO – An Ontario man accused of murdering a young Toronto woman whose body has never been found confessed to burning “a girl” and tossing her in a lake, a witness told court on Wednesday.Desi Liberatore said he was smoking weed and drinking peach schnapps with Mark Smich and a couple of friends in 2012, when Smich began rapping about “torching a body.”Smich then asked his girlfriend to leave the garage at his mother’s home in Oakville, Ont., Liberatore said, and once she left, Smich told his friends that he did, in fact, burn a girl and dump her body and a cellphone in a lake.“We burned a girl and threw her in the lake. We killed someone,” Liberatore said Smich told him.“Did he say he killed somebody?” Crown lawyer Jill Cameron asked Liberatore.“I don’t think he said it exactly like that,” Liberatore said. “He said ‘we burned a body and threw it in the lake.’”Smich, 30, of Oakville, Ont., and Dellen Millard, 32, of Toronto, have pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the death of 23-year-old Laura Babcock. The men have pleaded not guilty to the charges.The Crown then played a video of Smich rapping.In the video, Smich is looking at an iPad with music playing in the background.“The b—h started off all skin and bone, now the b—h lay on some ashy stone,” Smich sings in the video. “Last time I saw her she was outside the home. If you go swimming you can find her phone.”Liberatore said he had never seen the video, but the rap Smich performed for him in the garage was “something like that.”The Crown alleges the pair killed Babcock in July 2012 at Millard’s Toronto home then burned her remains in a commercial incinerator that was found on Millard’s farm near Waterloo, Ont. The prosecution contends Babcock was killed for being the odd woman out in a love triangle with Millard and his girlfriend.Liberatore, 21, said he was 14 when he first met Smich outside an Oakville convenience store. Liberatore and a few other friends got Smich to buy them cigarettes. Later, Liberatore said, one of his friends would buy weed from Smich.After Smich talked about having killed someone, Liberatore said he and his two friends left the garage.“We were shocked, did that really happen? That must be B.S., there’s no way,” Liberatore told court.Under cross-examination from Smich’s lawyer, Thomas Dungey, Liberatore said he’s overdosed on drugs about six times and has a foggy memory.“I smoke myself into oblivion,” Liberatore told police in 2013, according to a police statement Dungey read in court.“That’s the state you were in, why your memory is so foggy, correct?” Dungey asked.“Yes,” Liberatore said.He also said he had been speaking with another potential witness about the case just a few days ago, but didn’t get into details, and he also admitted to reading several news headlines about the Babcock case in recent days.last_img read more

Nameblind hiring had no significant effect on visible minority candidates report

first_imgThe federal government says hiding the names of job applicants had no significant effect on whether those who identified as visible minorities were called in for an interview over a six-month period.A pilot project launched last April by the Public Service Commission of Canada sought to compare the results of traditional screening methods with name-blind recruitment in order to bolster diversity and inclusion in government ranks.The practice involves removing names and other identifying information such as country of origin from job applications to fight bias against people of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.In a report released this week, the commission says there was no significant difference for candidates from visible minority groups when their personal information was concealed.It also says applicants from all other groups were less likely to be brought in for an interview under that system compared to a traditional method.The commission notes that the results can’t be generalized to the entire public service because the pilot relied on departments that volunteered and used a non-random selection of external hiring processes.The project included 27 external job postings across 17 departments between April and October of last year, resulting in a sample of 2,226 candidates, of which 685 self-identified as visible minorities.The report is “just one of the many ways the PSC is exploring innovative approaches to ensure a diverse and representative workforce while supporting bias-free recruitment within the federal public service,” Patrick Borbey, president of the Public Service Commission of Canada, said in a statement.“We will continue to push boundaries in this area while maintaining the integrity of the federal public service’s non-partisan and merit-based staffing system.”The government said it will conduct audit work beginning in May to look at the success rate of applicants at key stages of the appointment process. It will also examine how name-blind principles could be included in the design of future technology changes to its recruitment systems.The report said audits have the advantage of analysing decisions that have already been made, which eliminates the possibility that people might change their behaviour because they know they are part of a pilot project.The federal government has said there is no evidence of bias in its current hiring practices.A 2012 study by University of Toronto researchers found job applicants with English-sounding names were 35 per cent more likely to receive a call back than those with Indian or Chinese names, which they said suggested an unconscious bias.Many orchestras made the switch to blind auditions, in which musicians play hidden by a screen, in the 1970s and 1980s, which led to a dramatic increase in the number of women hired, studies have shown.last_img read more

Halifax university joins movement offers students free menstrual products

first_imgHALIFAX – A Halifax university has become the first in Nova Scotia to offer its students free menstrual products, part of a national movement that has been gaining steam among student leaders.Nikki Jamieson, president of the Mount Saint Vincent University Students’ Union, said the products will be available at pickup locations across campus, and signs about where the products can be found will be posted in the women’s, men’s and gender neutral washrooms.“Not all folks that menstruate are female identifying. There are trans students, non-binary students and gender non-conforming students that would also need access to menstrual health products that wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable walking into, say, a female-only washroom,” said Jamieson in an interview.“We want to make sure we can accommodate everybody and that everybody feels comfortable using the products they need.”Jamieson said it’s a win for the union, part of a growing number of student groups lobbying their university administrations to fund menstrual products. She hopes more institutions follow suit, including hospitals, businesses and public institutions.“It’s kind of a catch-22 though because it’s 2018… I kind of feel like we already should have been here,” she said.“The way we view menstrual health products is no different than toilet paper or paper towel. Menstruating bodies should not have to go out of their way to ask for these products that they essentially need. I think it’s important to note that menstruation is not a lifestyle choice. People just menstruate — it’s a bodily function.”Jamieson said the students’ union will continue to push to have the products available inside all campus washrooms.The “menstrual equity” movement has been gaining steam across Canada including in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Halifax.The University of Calgary offers free pads and tampons through its students’ union, while Ottawa’s Carleton University offers the products through its women’s centre.Over the past academic year, Toronto’s Centennial College has been resetting the coin-operated dispensers in campus restrooms to provide pads and sanitary napkins free of charge, rather than the standard 25-cent fee — part of its “Free the Tampon” project.At University of King’s College in Halifax, a local sexual health centre supplies menstrual hygiene products that are free for students to pick up outside student union offices.King’s Students’ Union president Lianne Xiao said in a news release that the change at Mount Saint Vincent was encouraging.“We’re hoping our administration follows suit in providing and funding menstrual health products at King’s to invest in women, non-binary, trans, and gender non-conforming students.” said Xiao.last_img read more

Calgary Stampeders defeat Ottawa Redblacks to win Grey Cup title

first_imgDon Jackson had Calgary’s other TD. Paredes booted the converts and two field goals.Julian Feoli-Gudino had Ottawa’s touchdown. Jean-Christophe Beaulieu added a two-point convert while Ward booted two field goals.Williams provided the first half’s biggest play, a Grey Cup-record 97-yard punt return TD at 14:59 of the second. After taking the ball, Williams nearly slipped heading upfield but an Ottawa defender engaged with a blocker slid on by, allowing Williams to hit the open field, then run past punter Richie Leone to put Calgary ahead 21-11.Williams provided the entertainment factor in an otherwise sloppy opening half. The two teams combined for four turnovers (three picks and a fumble), some ugly drops and eight punts.Mitchell was 14-of-21 passing for 182 yards and two TDs with two interceptions. Redblacks quarterback Trevor Harris never seemed to be in any rhythm despite having time to look downfield, completing 8-of-17 passes for 132 yards with a touchdown and interception.Ottawa’s most consistent offensive weapon was William Powell, who ran nine times for 58 yards while sporting bring neon orange shoes before changing to white ones at halftime. But the CFL’s second-leading rusher also had a costly fumble at the Calgary 28 in the second to end a Redblacks’ scoring threat with the team trailing 14-3..@CarlyDRobinson is live outside #GreyCup106 for us tonight! #yeg #Edmonton— CityNews Edmonton (@CityNewsYEG) November 26, 2018Ottawa pulled to within five at 14-9 on Harris’s 55-yard TD strike at 12:45 to Feoli-Gudino, who broke two tackles after the catch. Harris then found Beaulieu on the two-point convert.Mitchell put Calgary ahead 14-3 with a 17-yard TD strike to Durant at 6:50. It came two plays after Durant dropped a wide-open screen pass.Ward _ the CFL’s top rookie and special teams player this season _ connected from 30 yards out at 2:28 after a rare miss from 47 yards out in the first. Ward made 51-of-52 field goals this regular season, including a record 48 straight that will carry over into 2019.Jackson’s 21-yard TD catch opened the scoring at 10:46 of the first. With Ottawa coming on a blitz, Jackson took Mitchell’s screen pass and scored easily.WATCH: CityNews was live outside Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton as excited Stamps fans poured outNOTES: Stampeders coach Dave Dickenson said Sunday eight Calgary players were stuck in an elevator Saturday night for an hour and 15 minutes. A coach was involved and Dickenson said he had to buy lunch for that member of his staff … Dickenson said ‘a little bug’ worked its way through his players _ including Mitchell _ and coaches this week. Dickenson was confident the worst was over and added when he played quarterback he performed better when he wasn’t feeling well. He was hopeful that would be the case Sunday. TSN reported six Ottawa players, including linebacker Chris Ackie and cornerback Sherrod Baltimore, battled sickness this week. CALGARY – Terry Williams helped end the Calgary Stampeders end their Grey Cup misery.Williams had a record 97-yard punt-return touchdown on a slippery Commonwealth Stadium turf Sunday night to lead Calgary past the Ottawa Redblacks 27-16 in the Grey Cup.And crowd goes wild as the stamps have done it! Grey Cup is theirs! It looks like the third time is really a charm. #YYC @660NEWS— Brittany Rosen (@CityBrittany) November 26, 2018Calgary finally won the CFL title in its third straight appearance. The Stampeders lost 39-33 in overtime to Ottawa in 2016 before dropping a 27-24 decision last year to the Toronto Argonauts.Calgary quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell – the CFL’s most outstanding player this season after tossing a league-best 35 TDs – was the game MVP with two touchdown passes but also two interceptions. Stampeders receiver Lemar Durant was named the outstanding Canadian with four catches for 30 yards and a TD and a 22-yard run.Ottawa – in its third Grey Cup in four years – appeared to score on Greg Ellingson’s acrobatic one-handed grab in the fourth quarter but replays showed the ball hit the turf. The Redblacks ended up turning the ball over on downs at the Calgary seven-yard line with just over eight minutes remaining.After Ottawa turned the ball over on downs again, Calgary’s Jamar Wall and Tre Roberson followed up with interceptions on consecutive Redblacks possessions. Roberson’s pick came with 1:22 to play.Calgary players will receive the $16,000 winner’s share while the Redblacks get $8,000 apiece.A Commonwealth Stadium gathering of 55,819 watched the opening kickoff in 1 C conditions with an 11 kilometre-an-hour wind. But the field proved to be the story of the game..@CrisLaderas is live outside of #GreyCup106 in #Edmonton for us tonight.— Breakfast Television & CityNews Calgary (@BTCityNewsCGY) November 26, 2018On Saturday, several Calgary players said the turf was hard and slippery and footwear would be important. During the pre-game warmups, many Stampeders wore shoes featuring short, traditional turf cleats or those with a flat rubber sole.Ottawa head coach Rick Campbell downplayed the field conditions.“It’s alright, it is what it is,” he said before the game. “It’s the CFL.”But it became apparent early footing would be an issue. That was especially clear with 38 seconds left in the first quarter when Williams had both feet slip from beneath him while returning a missed 47-yard Lewis Ward field goal try.Rene Paredes put Calgary ahead 27-14 with a 29-yard field goal at 2:54 of the fourth. It was set up by Wynton McManis’s recovery of Diontae Spencer’s fumble on a punt return at the Ottawa 25-yard line.Calgary went into the fourth leading 24-14 thanks to Paredes’s 34-yard field goal at 11:24 of the third. It came after Ward’s 41-yard boot at 7:56.last_img read more

Cost of ebooks audiobooks not a sustainable model library council says

first_imgEDMONTON — If your holiday plans include downloading an audiobook of Margaret Atwood’s “A Handmaid’s Tale” from a public library collection, or unwinding with an electronic copy of Justin Trudeau’s “Common Ground,” you could be out of luck.Libraries across Canada are running into barriers in accessing both ebooks and digital audiobooks for their patrons.Sharon Day, who chairs an e-content working group for the Canadian Urban Library Council, says major ebook publishers are charging unfair prices and Audible — the company that owns the rights to many digital audiobooks — is declining to share them at all.“Some of the material just isn’t available at all,” Day said, noting that’s especially true for audiobooks.In the case of ebooks, there are restrictive library licensing models in place that are set by the publishers, she said.Each of Canada’s “Big 5” publishers — Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster — subscribe to the so-called one copy, one user model that mirrors a physical lending model. That means the ebook ‘copy’ can only be downloaded on one device at a time.Some of those publishers also have more restrictions. For example, each copy of a Macmillan ebook expires after 52 circulations or two years, whichever comes first, Day said.However, the problem isn’t necessarily the model but the price, she said. While a physical book might cost $22, it can cost the library $100 for a copy of the electronic version.“We face excessively high prices and restrictive models for these ebooks,” she said.The price continues to rise when libraries purchase multiple copies of an ebook — and multiple forms of the same book, including hard and soft covers and audiobooks — in an effort to shorten waitlists.“It’s not a sustainable model. We’re having trouble making sure we have all the content for our customers that they want to see,” Day said.Neither Audible nor the Big 5 publishers could immediately be reached for comment.While demand for ebooks has levelled off in the overall book market, it continues to rise at libraries.Ebooks made up 18 per cent of sales in the first half of 2018, compared with 20 per cent in 2017 and 17 per cent in 2016, figures collected from online and physical retailers by BookNet Canada show. Audiobooks made up four per cent of all reported purchases, up from two per cent in 2017 and three per cent in 2016, BookNet Canada said.Day said that at the Edmonton Public Library, where she is director of branch services and collections, ebook demand is increasing by about 20 per cent per year. And demand for audiobooks at the six biggest libraries in Canada grew by 82 per cent over the past three years, she said.Day said libraries aren’t looking for a handout — just a more fair deal that balances the importance of compensating authors with providing democratic access to the content.“It’s our core mandate to provide universal access to information for everyone in a society,” she said.— By Amy Smart in VancouverThe Canadian Presslast_img read more

RCMP investigating alleged assault at minor hockey club in North Vancouver

first_imgVANCOUVER — RCMP say they are investigating an alleged assault at an elite athletics club that trains minor hockey players in North Vancouver.The Mounties say they received details of an alleged incident at the North Shore Winter Club on Jan. 27.They say they are taking statements from players of the minor hockey club, coaches, guardians and parents.The RCMP said no further details would be released because the investigation is ongoing.The club did not immediately respond to a request for comment.Alumni of the club include former National Hockey League players Paul Kariya, Brett Hull and Joe Sakic.The Canadian Presslast_img

Slain teens family hopes report ensures others dont fall through the cracks

first_imgSAGKEENG FIRST NATION, Man. — The woman who raised a teenage Indigenous girl whose body was found in the Red River says she hopes a new report from the children’s advocate will ensure a similar tragedy never happens again.“Whatever happens, nothing will ever bring Tina back, but with this thing coming out I hope it saves other children,” Thelma Favel, the great-aunt of Tina Fontiane, told The Canadian Press. The highly anticipated report from Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth Daphne Penrose will be released on Tuesday and is expected to detail Tina’s interactions with the child-welfare system, police, and others before she went missing. It will also provide recommendations to avoid future deaths.Members of Tina’s family will be present for the report’s release on the Sagkeeng First Nation, north of Winnipeg, where the 15-year-old spent much of her young life living with Favel.After Tina’s father was murdered in 2011, the teenager had difficulty coping so she left the First Nation in June 2014 to reconnect with her mother in Winnipeg.When Favel didn’t hear from the girl, she called Child and Family services for help.During the second-degree murder trial for Raymond Cormier — the man acquitted last year in Tina’s death — court heard how in the weeks after leaving the First Nation, Tina disappeared multiple times, returned to government care and was placed in a hotel.She was treated at a hospital, interacted with police, called 911 and was captured on security camera footage falling asleep between two cars behind a building named after Helen Betty Osborne — a Cree woman kidnapped and killed in Manitoba in 1971.Her 72-pound body, wrapped in a duvet cover and weighed down by rocks, was pulled from the Red River that August.Her death renewed calls for a national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and inspired volunteer groups such as the Bear Clan Patrol to protect the vulnerable on the streets. A 24-hour safe space for Winnipeg youth was dedicated to her memory last May.Penrose delivered the report to Favel last week, and while she was unable to share details, Favel said it demonstrates how deeply Tina was failed.“All the systems that failed her, even now it hurts. I could just picture her walking those streets and nobody helping her,” Favel said choking back tears.“She didn’t deserve that. Nobody does.”Favel said she believes the report and its accompanying recommendations will be an important part of Tina’s legacy, making sure that gaps are closed and children are safe.“That’s my main concern, that no other kids fall through the cracks like she did.”— By Kelly Geraldine Malone in WinnipegThe Canadian Presslast_img read more

Safety tips for staying safe in large crowds

first_imgTORONTO — Large crowds, especially in confined spaces, can turn deadly in the case of a security incident or panic. Some expert tips for staying safe:— Retain situational awareness i.e.: know what’s going on around you— Have several escape routes— Know where the nearest exit is, including alternatives— In the event of panic or stampede, stay calm, don’t fight crowd, work toward the periphery— Suffocation can occur even while upright, so try to ensure you can breathe — If you fall and can’t get up, roll up in a ball and try to keep from being trampled.— Have a designated meeting place in case of separation from friends and familyQuote: “These are really sobering things that nobody really wants to talk about (but) it’s important to have a dialogue about what do you do when a bad thing happens.” _Russ Simons, managing partner Venue Solutions GroupSOURCE: York University, Venue Solutions GroupThe Canadian Presslast_img read more

PM wont release McLellan report on SNCLavalin until ethics report released

first_imgOTTAWA — Justin Trudeau says he’s received a “great” report from former Liberal cabinet minister Anne McLellan on the SNC-Lavalin affair.But the prime minister says it won’t be made public until federal ethics commissioner Mario Dion releases his own report into the explosive affair that rocked the government last winter and sent Liberal popularity on a downward slide from which the party has not yet fully recovered.Dion’s office won’t comment on the status of his investigation but Liberal insiders privately expect the report will be released in early September — just as the campaign for the Oct. 21 election moves into high gear.Trudeau is likely hoping to blunt the impact of a potentially damaging report from the ethics commissioner by releasing McLellan’s report at the same time.He appointed her to analyze and make recommendations on questions that arose out of the SNC-Lavalin affair, including whether the roles of minister of justice and attorney general should be separated.The affair revolved around an allegation by former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould that she was improperly pressured by the Prime Minister’s Office to halt a criminal prosecution of the Montreal engineering giant. The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Photos Tony Danza Attends Brain Cancer RunWalk

first_imgTony Danza was Master of Ceremonies at the Voices Against Brain Cancer Join The Voices Run/Walk in New York City’s Central Park on December 2.Tony Danza speaks to a crowd of 10,000+ participants to help raise awareness for brain cancer and brain tumor research.Credit/Copyright: Photos via Chris Thatcher, 5WPRVoices Against Brain Cancer was started in loving memory of Gary Lichtenstein who lost his valiant battle with brain cancer on October 1, 2003. Gary was living in Chicago and working as an options trader at Wolverine Trading when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March of 2003. He was 24 years old at the time. After three months of radiation, Gary slipped into a coma from which he did not recover. Soon after his passing, Gary’s family started Voices Against Brain Cancer to raise money and awareness for the fight against this illness.Michael Weiner, Executive Director of the MLBPA, is awarded by Voices Against Brain Cancer founder, Mario Lichtenstein, and Tony Danza for his encouraging support to help raise funds for brain cancer researchCredit/Copyright: Photos via Chris Thatcher, 5WPRThe charity’s mission is to find a cure for brain cancer by advancing scientific research, increasing awareness within the medical community and supporting patients, their families and caregivers afflicted with this devastating disease.Olympic Silver Medalist Sasha Cohen, Voices Against Brain Cancer founder Mario Lichtenstein, Kayla Thomas and Tony Danza – Kayla is awarded for her contributions toward advancing brain cancer research, including raising over $7k in this year’s Run/WalkCredit/Copyright: Photos via Chris Thatcher, 5WPRlast_img read more

Barry Gibb To Be Honored By Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy

first_imgNordoff Robbins is tremendously excited to announce that the phenomenal Barry Gibb is to receive the Sony Mobile Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s O2 Silver Clef Awards.
Barry says, “I am honoured to be given the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the O2 Silver Clef Awards. Having had music play such an important role in my own life for over 50 years I can truly appreciate the work Nordoff Robbins do, using music to transform other people’s lives.“I first got to know of Nordoff Robbins work in 1993, when the Bee Gees were awarded the Special Achievement Award at the Silver Clefs and it has been amazing to see how the charity has grown and developed and continues to support so many people with music therapy.”

Famed for being one third of the incredibly successful Bee Gees, Barry Gibb has had an exceptional career, selling over 220 million records since the Bee Gees were founded in 1958.Known for his instantly recognisable falsetto singing voice, particularly on the cult Saturday Night Fever soundtrack album, which went 15 times platinum and stayed on Billboard’s album charts for 120 weeks, it epitomized the disco phenomenon on both sides of the Atlantic in the late 1970s.Gibb shares the record with Lennon and McCartney for six consecutive Billboard Hot 100 Number Ones as a writer and is in the book of Guinness World Records as the second most successful songwriter in history behind Paul McCartney. In the 1990s Barry was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has achieved the astonishing feat of having No. 1 hits across each of the past five decades and his music continues to delight fans the world over.
Aside from his accomplishments as an artist Barry has also had great success as a record producer with the likes of Andy Gibb, Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Kenny and Dolly and famously wrote and produced the track, ‘Grease’, for the hit movie, which featured vocals by Frankie Vali and sold over half a million copies. It is exactly 20 years since The Bee Gees won their well-deserved Special Achievement Award at the Silver Clefs in 1993.
David Munns, Nordoff Robbins Chairman, said,“I can think of no better artist to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award than Barry Gibb. With a career spanning over 50 years, he has released, written and produced some of the most influential music the world has ever heard. It is exactly 20 years since The Bee Gees won their well-deserved Special Achievement Award at the Silver Clefs in 1993, so what better way to pay tribute to Barry’s fantastic career than by honouring him in 2013 with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.”Nordoff Robbins uses music to reach children and adults whose lives are constrained by illness, disability, trauma or exclusion. This year’s Silver Clef Awards takes place on June 28 at the London Hilton on Park Lane. Also being honored on the night are Coldplay and Alison Balsom. Find out more here.last_img read more

Martina McBride And Team Music Is Love Celebrate Young Mothers At Covenant

first_imgCountry superstar Martina McBride – along with her fan driven charity initiative, Team Music Is Love – turned her 2017 Love Unleashed Tour into a philanthropic crusade.Martina McBride Throws A Baby Shower For Moms In NeedThe tour, consisting of an all-female cast of artists, has served as a platform to spread positivity and empower others. On March 9th Martina and her team celebrated the young mothers who live at Covenant House, a homeless youth shelter in New York City, by hosting a baby shower for the group.Martina partnered with Huggies Diapers, First Quality, and Cuties Diapers to stock the shelter with several essentials all new mothers need but may not have access to. Each mother received a gift bag full of bath supplies, books, and educational toys. Huggies also gave a one-month supply of Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers to each mom as a part of their No Baby Unhugged program. In all, over 18,000 diapers were donated to the Covenant House and the mothers.After a lunch provided by Olive Garden and a memorable afternoon of meeting with the women and children, Martina surprised the mothers and Covenant House staff by inviting the entire shelter to her show that night at PlayStation Theater.Through Team Music Is Love, Martina partners with non-profit causes to help many of the communities she’s performing in and invites fans to join her team in making the world a better place through the power of music. Since 2011, Team Music Is Love has been responsible for many successful fundraising and volunteer projects helping causes such as hunger relief, cancer research, combating domestic violence and helping children in need. For more information and to become a part of Martina’s team visit read more

An Unforgettable Evening With Jennifer Holliday To Benefit Alzheimers Greater Los Angeles

first_imgTheater and music lovers alike are eagerly awaiting Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles (ALZGLA) 5th annual An Unforgettable Evening on May 7.The event will feature an intimate performance by Broadway Legend, Jennifer Holliday. Best known as the original Dreamgirl, Holliday is also known for show-stopping performances in Your Arm’s Too Short To Box With God, Chicago, Grease, and The Color Purple. An Unforgettable Evening is being produced by Scott Mauro Productions, Tony nominated and Emmy winning producer.An Unforgettable Evening will be held on the grounds of an historic Santa Monica estate once owned by Bette Davis. Hosted by Susan Disney Lord & Scott Richard Lord, An Unforgettable Evening attracts Los Angeles’ most influential philanthropists and industry leaders. Host Committee includes: Abigail Disney & Pierre Hauser; Roy P. & Sheri Disney; Timothy & Neda Disney; Amb. & Mrs. John Gavin; Stephen & Claudia Glynn; Stanley & Ilene Gold; Bob Iger & Willow Bay; Jerry & Terri Kohl; Michael & Liz Nyman; Dr. Bill Resnick & Michael J. Stubbs; Anne Sweeney & Phillip Miller.The event is made possible by the generosity of sponsors and partners, which include: American Airlines, The Bel Air, Don Francisco Gourmet Coffee, Los Angeles magazine, PwC, Shamrock Holdings, Inc., Shepherd Kaplan LLC, UBS, The Walt Disney Company, and Zenith.Proceeds benefit the Disney Family Fund of Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles. Tickets are $1,000. For tickets, contact: John Seiber or 323.930.3208.last_img read more

Elton John AIDS Foundation Applauds California Governor Jerry Brown For Signing SB

first_imgElton John and the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) applauds California Governor Jerry Brown for signing Senate Bill 239 into law.This landmark piece of legislation reforms laws that unfairly criminalized people living with HIV and therefore made at-risk individuals less willing to be tested for HIV and receive lifesaving treatment that also prevents the further spread of the disease. The new legislation also serves as a model for other states to likewise revise their unjust laws regarding people living with HIV/AIDS.The Foundation is especially proud of the bill’s co-sponsors, including EJAF grantees Equality California Institute, Lambda Legal, and Positive Women’s Network USA, as well as APLA Health, Black AIDS Institute, and ACLU, and all of the organizations supporting the coalition Californians for HIV Criminalization Reform.“This coalition educated lawmakers, LGBT communities, progressive allies, and the public about the need to change punitive California state laws regarding people living with HIV,” said EJAF Executive Director Scott Campbell. “We are committed to working with other organizations across the U.S. to continue educating about the need to modernize state and local laws that unjustly penalize people living with HIV/AIDS.”Most laws criminalizing HIV-positive people were passed in the 1980s when there was still limited medical knowledge about HIV, no effective treatments, and tremendous fear surrounding the disease and people perceived to be infected or at risk. Stigmatizing people living with the disease quickly became politically expedient. Since that time, our understanding of the disease has greatly advanced, effective treatments not only extensively improve and prolong the lives of people living with HIV, but also nearly eliminate the possibility of transmitting the disease when used correctly. In addition, HIV-negative people have access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), a one-pill-per-day medication that prevents HIV infection. It is past time that federal, state, and local laws were modernized to reflect today’s scientific realities.last_img read more

Stars Attend MCM x RED Daily Front Row FLA After Party

first_imgMCM sponsored the Daily Front Row’s fourth annual Los Angeles Fashion Awards and VIP After Party highlighting the brand’s largest philanthropic partnership with (RED), held at the iconic The Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunday, April 8th with the award show seated in the Crystal Ballroom and the after party located directly above at Bar Nineteen 12.Paris Hilton at MCM x (RED) Daily Front Row FLA After PartyCredit/Copyright: Hannah Turner-Harts/Daily Front RowHosted by Derek Blasberg, the award show honors celebrities, stylists, designers and emerging talent including Emily Ratajkowski, Jen Atkin, Jeremy Scott, Phillip Plein, Kate Young, Wendi & Nicole Ferreira, Jamie Mizrahi, Cami Morrone, Alexi Lubomirski and Stuart Vevers whose awards were presented by notable industry colleagues such as Nicole Richie, Paris Jackson, Kris Jenner, Rowan Blanchard, Sebastian Feana, Trey Laird and more. Both the awards and VIP after party were filled with A-list talent and industry insiders such as Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Francis Bean Cobain, Paris Hilton, Tommy Hilfiger, Jhene Aiko, Joel Madden, Leona Lewis, Normani, Serayah, George Kotsiopoulos, Marianna Hewitt, Caroline Vreeland, Johannes Huebl, Cordell Broadus, EJ Johnson, Suede Brooks, Erin Foster, Erika Costell, Charlotte MicKinney, Charlie Plummer, Joey King, Kiersey Clemons, Sarunas Jackson, Lisa Rinna, Nicole Williams, Shaun Ross, Tessa Brooks, Zara Larsson and more.Caroline Vreeland and Caroline Daur at MCM x (RED) Daily Front Row FLA After PartyCredit/Copyright: Hannah Turner-Harts/Daily Front RowParty-goers enjoyed music by DJ Illanoise (Raphael Woods) while raising awareness for the MCM x (RED) philanthropic partnership by posing for multiple photo moments with the larger than life MCM Visetos Bear wearing MCM x (RED) accessories, the interactive MCM animal doll installation as well as the MCM heritage travel trunk display. Guests also tried out the new MCM x WizPak exclusive backpack style with built-in BlueTooth speakers while enjoying festive cocktails and tasty treats throughout the evening.last_img read more

BREAKING The Original Degrassi Cast Is Coming Back for a Reunion Episode

first_imgAdvertisement Yes, this IS really happening!The original Degrassi: The Next Generation cast is coming together for a #DegrassiReunion on Netflix, according to the Degrassi Facebook page. Think: Craig Manning, Paige Michalchuk, Liberty Van Zandt, Marco Del Rossi, Spinner Mason, Peter Stone, Holly J. Sinclair! But probably not Jimmy Brooks, because you know, he’s Drake now. Follow @Seventeen on Instagram! LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment To celebrate Degrassi‘s 500th episode, the Netflix series Degrassi: Next Class will be airing a totally epic class reunion episode on July 22. YEAH, THAT’S FIVE DAYS FROM NOW.Check out the announcement video and rejoice in the fact that 1. Your childhood is not yet dead, and 2. Craig is still fine AF. Advertisementcenter_img Advertisement Facebook Login/Register With: Twitterlast_img read more