Country pays tribute to Nathan Cirillo

It’s been an incredibly emotional day for the family of Corporal Nathan Cirillo and those who knew him. But it’s also been a day filled with emotion in the city of Hamilton.The funeral procession moved through the city’s downtown core. And the route was lined with thousands of people who came to honour the soldier who was shot while on ceremonial guard at the National War Memorial in our nation’s capital.If you are in the downtown core tonight — there are few signs and symbols left that give people an indication of what happened here today. But there’s none more powerful than the still growing memorial here at the armoury. This display of condolences is less than a block away from the church where the funeral was held today. And although so many made it here to pay tribute — so many others who wanted to were working or simply couldn’t make it.This is the moment the hearse left the Markey-Dermody Funeral Home around ten o’clock in the morning in East Hamilton. It’s the same place so many members of the public showed up thoughout the day Monday to pay their respects to Corporal Cirillo.From there, the procession made its way to Bayfront Park where a special ceremony took place at the Argyll Pavilion with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada.As many of you know, Cirillo was a member of the Argylls. Their uniforms are well known in Hamilton. Those who visit or live in the James Street North area often see the Argylls training, and marching for various events, including the annual Remembrance Day ceremony. The sound of their bagpipes, a familiar sound here.But today is a very different day in this neighbourhood.As the country and the world looked on to see the procession move from Bayfront Park — south to York Boulevard. They saw soldiers in uniform who knew Cirillo who served with him — they were part of his military family — marching alongside his casket.Lining the streets of the route were people who’d never met Corporal Cirillo — but they were compelled to take part – to show their respect and condolences not only for Corporal Cirillo — but for his family, friends and fellow Argylls.And people continued to line the procession route down James Street North all the way past the armoury.If the emotions of the procession weren’t enough — it turned to heartbreak as we watched as Corporal Cirillo’s son Marcus following behind his father’s casket in his Argyll hat.

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