Help wanted: Part-time Registered Nurse for Health Department

first_imgPart Time –Registered Nurse I II  Health Department.Pay Level 9, 10, 11-$15.50-$27.99/ hr, Based on Qualifications.Part-time Registered Nurse wanted for rotating On-Call work in Home Health.  Good job for extra income.  Duties include handling phone calls from answering service, patients and doctors when office is closed; doing after-hours, holiday and weekend home visits as required including admissions; doing follow-up work to physicians/supervisor and completing documentation efficiently and timely. Must have current Kansas RN licensure. Candidate must possess valid KS driver’s license and reliable transportation; pass drug screen, physical and criminal background check..Apply online at  For complete job description or paper application contact Sumner County Clerk’s Office, 501 N. Washington, Room 101, Wellington, KS  67152.  Phone 620 326 3395. EOE. Application closing date 05/26/2015.last_img read more

Sunday blog: Talking Wheat Festival whining, Logan Mize, gay marriage, cray Kansas…

first_imgCommentary by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Five Cueball thoughts for July 5, 2015…1. A rant to not rant“I didn’t win this #$@*$ baby contest, mommy!The other day someone called around 9 a.m. and yelled at me about the Medallion Hunt clue not being on the Newscow site. I tried to explain to her that we have the new clue up temporarily from 6:30 to 7 a.m. for the early bird hunters. It is then taken down temporarily, before going back up permanently at 10 a.m. She did not care. She wanted it on right now and hung up.Dang, people. The Kansas Wheat Festival hasn’t even begun and we are already cranky.There is no doubt people are angrier these days” not just Wellington but everywhere.So I’m here to provide a community service and give everyone a little pre-Wheat Festival pep talk. You have to do just two things this year at the Wheat Festival:1) Relax.2) Have fun.The Wheat Festival is about camaraderie, reunions with old friends, riding rides, music, food, contests and celebrating living in a small town.It’s not about being whiney.Yes, we can text one another instantaneously from London and back, but getting the cow to poop at cow patty bingo is a whole different matter. Your baby might indeed be the most adorable in Sumner County, but there’s a chance the judges will pick that booger eating brat down the street to win the baby contest. Not everyone is going to find the Medallion and the clues will seem stupid to you once they are revealed.And for the love of Peter, Paul and Mary, there will be horses in the Wheat Festival Parade this year.I’m looking over the Wheat Festival schedule and I don’t see a Drama-fest scheduled. So leave the drama at home.Because, next week when the Wheat Festival is over and everyone has gone home to sweat out the rest of the summer, it isn’t going to matter one way or the other.Logan Mize in Wellington.2. Logan MizeThe Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce has upped the ante this year in entertainment by bringing Logan Mize to town. Mize will be the featured attraction at Thursday’s street dance in downtown Wellington. His show begins at 9 p.m. Buttons will be sold for $10 at the event so if you want buttons at a discounted rate, purchase your buttons beforehand at the chamber or at a Wheat Festival event.The Clearwater native is an up and coming Nashville singer who landed a top 50 single Can’t Get Away from a Good Time, earlier this year. Mize has opened for groups like Lady Antebellum, LeAnn Rimes, Eric Church and Blake Shelton. Listen to single here.I have always maintained if the Kansas Wheat Festival is truly going to grow and become a destination event for the weekend in south-central Kansas, it needs to feature a premiere performer or group to the local stage ” someone who would make people drive from Wichita other than to get funnel cakes and attend a parades.But these performers come at a cost. And there needs to be a place for these performers to perform. Eventually, the city of Wellington needs to address the installation of air conditioning at Memorial Auditorium, because that will pave the way for more of these kind of events.It will be interesting to see what kind of crowd Wellington will attract Thursday evening. I personally can’t wait.U.S. Supreme Court makes Gay Marriage official in all 50 states.3. Can we move on? The U.S. Supreme Court’s recently ruled gay marriage legal in all 50 states. And predictably people who care about such stuff had a cow (but not newscow).I was happy for the ruling as well, but not for the same reasons as the pro-gay marriage forces. I just want the stupid argument to go away and the court’s decision may be a start. Of all the issues in the world I care about, gay marriage rates right there near the bottom situated between the chemical makeup of the planet Neptune and whatever happened to Honey Boo Boo. The gay marriage debate is tedious and repetitive and both Democrats and Republicans have used it unscrupulously as a way to further their agenda and gain political power.Alfred E. BrownbackDespite my wishful thinking, I should expect that Kansas Governor Alfred E. Brownback will screw it all up. He’s like that bad cousin who always shows up and ruins family functions. The other day, Brownback said he is thinking about introducing religious liberty legislation to defy the U.S. Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling (see story here).Brownback won’t win with this kind of legislation. Any law passed by he and the Kansas State legislature will be overruled in court. Federal law trumps state law every time.Plus, the gay marriage debate is no longer a winning issue for the Republican party. Polls have shown a more dramatical shift in the public’s perception of gay marriage. Even conservative commentators like Bill O’Reilly has changed to the positive side.Any good coach knows when his team is beat and makes adjustments. It is time for Brownback to pick a new strategy, like focusing his full attention on fixing the state budget and leave the sideshow stuff to other people.But he won’t. He’s Brownback. Brownback does what pleases Brownback and to the heck of the overall welfare with the state of Kansas.3. Kansas still cray¦ Larry WilmoreLarry Wilmore has replaced Jon Stewart on The Daily Show on Comedy Central. And in his short tenure, he has had fun with the state of Kansas.In his show, Wilmore has this list which includes state that are Cray i.e. bat-doo-doo crazy.Unfortunately, Kansas has made his list. The other state with us? Missouri. MISSOURI!?!?! See the not-suitable-for-children video here. The Nightly ShowGet More: The Nightly Show Full Episodes,The Nightly Show on Facebook,The Nightly Show Video Archive ———If you go back to thought #2, this is the whole problem with Brownback. The battles he wages does nothing but make Kansas a national joke.5. Shout out of the weekThis week;s shoutout goes to the Wellington Rec Board and staff both past and present who diligently worked to make the new rec center/ fitness center a reality. That’s a cool complex which was 20 years in the making and it came at no extra expense to the Wellington City taxpayers.Last week was the official dedication of the new USD 353 Wellington Rec Center and it brought out city and business leaders across town. Couldn’t at least one Wellington school board or USD 353 Central Office staff member have attended the ceremony. REALLY???I urge all of you to go check out the new digs. They are impressive.Follow us on Twitter.last_img read more

LeBron James delivers Kobe Bryant-inspired message about importance of family

first_imgLeBron James feels Kobe Bryant was the happiest he had ever been following his retirement from basketball, as it allowed him to devote time to his family.Bryant ended his 20-year NBA career in 2016 at the age of 38, having won five titles with the Lakers. The NBA legend spent much of his post-playing days with his wife and four children before his death on Sunday. The 41-year-old, along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, was one of nine people killed in a helicopter crash in California. “It felt like these last three years was the happiest I’ve ever seen him.”Lebron speaks on Kobe and the cost of greatness.— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) February 1, 2020Prior to Friday night’s game, James addressed the Staples Center crowd for roughly four minutes as part of the Lakers’ tribute to Bryant. He spoke about the importance of Laker Nation sticking together as a family, and he echoed that sentiment later in his postgame comments.”But, at the end of the day, we all punch our clocks,” James said. “Either we’re done for the day, or done doing what we are doing, but just make sure you hug the s— out of your family. If you’ve got kids, tell them you love them. Try to make it to as much as you can, and don’t feel bad if you happen to go to one of your loved one’s events, or something like that, and sacrifice your job.”I didn’t feel bad in Boston when I went to go and see my son two hours away in Springfield and we had a game that night and got our ass kicked. I didn’t feel bad at all.”“Just make sure you hug the s— out of your family. If you got kids, tell your kids you love them. Try to make it to as much as you can.”—LeBron James while talking about Kobe and tonight’s emotions— ESPN (@espn) February 1, 2020 MORE: Damian Lillard pays Kobe the competitor a fitting tributeJames knows all too well the sacrifices that have to be made to reach the top, as he explained to the media after the 127-119 loss against the Trail Blazers.”These last three years, out of all the success he had — five rings, multiple MVPs, All-Star Game MVP of this league, first team for all-life, all-world, all-basketball — felt like these last three years were the happiest I’ve ever seen him,” James said of Bryant. “Being able to just be with his daughters, be with his family, because when we’re playing this game of basketball, we give so much to it. This is my 17th year, so I know.”Unfortunately, your family comes to the wayside at times, because when you want to be great at something, when you want to be the best at something, you become so driven that you won’t let anything stand in the way of it. Not even your own family sometimes. We get compared all the time to greatness, and that makes us even more driven and shadowed away from our own family. That’s the difficult part that we deal with as professional athletes and when you want to be great.”last_img read more

‘The Last Dance’ reactions: NBA players awed by Michael Jordan documentary premiere

first_imgLife felt normal for two hours on Sunday night. People across the world tuned into watch the first two episodes of “The Last Dance,” ESPN’s 10-part documentary about what went right (and wrong) for Michael Jordan and the fascinating ’90s Chicago Bulls . The start of the series had several focuses, including Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen’s early rise, and the credit Bulls GM Jerry Krause wanted but didn’t receive. Not only did fans tune in, but active NBA players did as well. Here are some of the reactions from players across the NBA.Scottie Pippen being the NBA’s 122nd highest-paid player sparks conversationMike from another planet lol… #TheLastDance … Pip slept on like a mf too smh— Damian Lillard (@Dame_Lillard) April 20, 2020“I’m not gonna Fxck my summer up“ 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #TheLastDance— CJ McCollum (@CJMcCollum) April 20, 2020MJ & Pippen were built for each other #TheLastDance— Enes Kanter (@EnesKanter) April 20, 2020My man Scottie deserved a bag #TheLastDance— CJ McCollum (@CJMcCollum) April 20, 2020I’m glad Scottie is getting the respect he deserves, he was a beast #TheLastDance— Tristan Thompson (@RealTristan13) April 20, 2020Who else had Scottie’s shoes growing up???— Kevin Love (@kevinlove) April 20, 2020Players show appreciation for Jordan’s incredible talentFirst reaction on last dance.. MJ is on the podium after #5 and they are asking him these Q’s 🧐— Alex Caruso (@ACFresh21) April 20, 2020This MJ doc >— Tristan Thompson (@RealTristan13) April 20, 2020Imagine being the coach that cut MJ 😂🤦🏾‍♂️ #TheLastDance— Mo Bamba (@TheRealMoBamba) April 20, 2020#TheLastDance … Mike really was different different— Damian Lillard (@Dame_Lillard) April 20, 2020The GREAT Larry legend who along with Magic helped save basketball said ” that was God disguised as Michael Jordan” think about that… 🤔🤔😳🤣— 🏁 Jamal Crawford (@JCrossover) April 20, 2020Best 2hours of the quarantine…. #TheLastDance— Tobias Harris (@tobias31) April 20, 2020After two hours, players were ready for moreY’all got anymore of that #TheLastDance @espn??— Tobias Harris (@tobias31) April 20, 2020I just want to say thank you @espn THE PEOPLE NEEDED THIS!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾— Eric Paschall (@epaschall) April 20, 2020And this is only episode 2 👀— Donovan Mitchell (@spidadmitchell) April 20, 2020Man MJ had it! He had that “IT” He was chosen to be the GOAT— DWade (@DwyaneWade) April 20, 2020last_img read more

76ers’ Brett Brown ‘very curious’ about Ben Simmons’ knee injury

first_imgNBA BRACKET: Updated standings, seeds, Round 1 projections”We don’t know. I’m sure the club will make some announcement,” Brown told reporters after the game. “But as far as knowing more than that, I don’t. Obviously I’m very curious.”The 76ers are sixth in the Eastern Conference with a 41-27 record. 76ers coach Brett Brown was unsure of  the severity of the knee injury guard Ben Simmons suffered Wednesday night.Simmons left Philadelphia’s 107-98 victory over Washington in the third quarter. The two-time All-Star had eight points, six rebounds and four assists before the injury.last_img

Steelers release five-time Pro Bowler Harrison in cap move

first_img by Will GravesAP Sports WriterPITTSBURGH (AP) — James Harrison’s snarling tenacity made the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker one of the NFL’s most intimidating players for nearly a decade.Big hits — some legal, some not so much — also turned the outspoken five-time Pro Bowler into focal  point for a  league-wide crackdown on helmet-to-helmet contact.Harrison’s outlaw image made him beloved in Pittsburgh but reviled elsewhere. His onerous contract, however, no longer worked for a team with serious salary cap issues. The Steelers released the former Defensive Player of the Year on Saturday when the two sides could not agree on a more cap-friendly deal.“It’s been a great run but all good things must come to a end,” Harrison posted on his Twitter account Saturday afternoon. “Thank you Steelers Nation I will miss you all!”Pittsburgh general manager Kevin Colbert and Harrison’s agent Bill Parise had spent the last few days trying to iron out a new deal but couldn’t reach any common ground. Harrison was entering the final two years of a $51-million extension he signed in 2009 and was scheduled to make $6.57 million in 2013.Instead, Harrison — who turns 35 in May — will find himself looking for work for the first time since he became a fixture on the right side of Pittsburgh’s 3-4 defense in 2006.“James has been an integral part of our success during his years in Pittsburgh and has helped us win two Lombardi trophies during that time,” Colbert said in a statement. “We appreciate all of his efforts and wish him the best.”Harrison is the first cap move by the Steelers this offseason as they try to get under the $123 million salary cap by Tuesday, when the new league year begins. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and linebacker Lawrence Timmons have restructured their contracts to help get Pittsburgh under the cap number but Colbert told reporters after the Steelers finished a disappointing 8-8 in 2012 “terminations” would also be necessary.“Sooner or later you have to pay the debt and you never want to get to a point where you have to gut your team and start over because we have to compete for a championship every year,” Colbert said in January.This isn’t the first time the Steelers have released a star to save money. They let go wide receiver Hines Ward and linebacker James Farrior last spring, but unlike Ward and Farrior — who both retired rather than sign elsewhere — Harrison remains intent on playing in 2013.Harrison missed the first three games of the 2012 season with a minor knee injury but was one of Pittsburgh’s steadiest performers over the second half of the year. He finished with six sacks, tied for the team lead, and a pair of forced fumbles as the Steelers finished No. 1 in total defense for the fourth time since Harrison became a starter.“James has played a major role in the success of this organization during his time in Pittsburgh,” coach Mike Tomlin said in a statement. “I appreciate everything he has done in my six years as head coach.”In many ways Harrison’s success is emblematic of “The Steeler Way.” Signed as an undrafted rookie free agent in 2002, Harrison spent two years on the practice squad before getting signed by the Baltimore Ravens, who sent the undersized Harrison — listed at 6-feet — to NFL Europe for some seasoning. The Ravens eventually cut him loose and Pittsburgh brought him back hoping he had matured.It ended up being one of the better bargains in team history.Harrison eventually blossomed into one of the league’s most feared pass rushers. He helped the Steelers win their fifth Super Bowl in 2006 and was named the AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2008, when he collected 16 sacks.Chasing their second championship in four years, Harrison put together one of the most spectacular plays in Super Bowl history, returning a Kurt Warner interception 100 yards for a touchdown on the final play of the first half in a game the Steelers eventually won 27-23.Yet Harrison’s violent play sometimes came at a hefty price. He was fined multiple times for hits to the head.Feeling he was being unfairly persecuted by the league, Harrison called commissioner Roger Goodell a “crook” and a “devil” during an interview with Men’s Journal in early 2011. Harrison later apologized and promised to clean up his act.It didn’t exactly work. Harrison was suspended for a game in December, 2011 after his helmet smacked into Cleveland quarterback Colt McCoy’s facemask a moment after McCoy released the ball.Harrison did not receive any letters from the commissioner’s office in 2012 but his physical style of play took a toll on his body. He missed all of training camp with a knee injury and admitted he had endured “a dozen” concussions over the course of his career.The Steelers hope they have Harrison’s replacement in 24-year-old Jason Worilds, who finished with five sacks in limited action last season.Follow Will Graves at JAMES HARRISON (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, File)last_img read more


first_img                ARCADIA, Calif. (Jan. 19, 2015)–Multiple stakes winner Acceptance, who is unbeaten in three starts for trainer Don Warren, and Tough Sunday, a horse who has overcome being born deaf, blind and without a mother, headline a field of eight California bred or sired 3-year-olds in Saturday’s $250,000 California Cup Derby at 1 1/16 miles.Bred by Old English Rancho and owned by E.W. and Judy Johnston and Robert Riggio, Acceptance broke his maiden at first asking by 13 ¼ lengths and he comes off emphatic wins versus state-breds in the one mile King Glorious Stakes on Dec. 14, and in the seven furlong Golden State Juvenile on Nov. 1.By Vronsky and out of the Perfect Mandate mare Allswellthatnswell, Acceptance has banked $257,600–easily making him the leading money earner in the Derby lineup.Tough Sunday, who is owned by his breeder, Nick Alexander and trained by Steve Miyadi, comes off an impressive 6 ¾ length state-bred maiden special weight win going seven furlongs on Dec. 28 and will try a route of ground for the first time in his fourth career start.In breaking his maiden, Tough Sunday, who is by Grazen, from the General Meeting mare Sunday Dress, earned a Cal Cup Derby best last-out Beyer Speed figure of 83 and will be ridden back by Tyler Baze. A truly miraculous story, Tough Sunday endured a difficult birth in which his umbilical cord became compromised, resulting in a lack of blood flow and oxygen. In addition to being born deaf and blind due to the lack of oxygen, he lacked a nursing instinct, and as a result, was abandoned by his mother.When asked about his chances stretching out, Baze responded, “I love this horse.”Second, beaten three lengths by Acceptance in the King Glorious, Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Williams’ homebred Pulmarack broke his maiden going a mile two starts back and merits respect in what will be his fifth career try.Named by owner/breeder Alexander for the former major league slugger Ted “Big Klu” Kluszewski, trainer Phil D’Amato’s Kluszewski finished third, beaten 3 ½ lengths in the King Glorious and will be making his sixth start on Saturday.Although a well beaten fourth at 3-1 in the King Glorious, Griffen Thoroughbred Stables’ Mischief Clem will try to rebound for the potent team of Kent Desormeaux and Bob Hess, Jr.The complete field for the Cal Cup Derby, which will be run as the sixth race on a 10-race card Saturday, with jockeys and weights in post position order: Tough Sunday, Tyler Baze, 117; Acceptance, Elvis Trujillo, 124; Mischief Clem, Kent Desormeaux, 117; Neveradoubt Joe Talamo, 117; Kluszewski, Rafael Bejarano, 117; Chanito, Brandon Boulanger, 117; Pulmarack, Drayden Van Dyke, 117, and Avati Bello, Mike Smith, 117.                There is special early first time on Saturday of 12 noon. Admission gates open early as well at 10 a.m. RACE IS ONE OF FIVE STAKES ON 10-RACE SUNSHINE MILLIONS/CAL CUP DAY CARDlast_img read more

Australia make hard work of Bangladesh target in World T20

first_imgBANGALORE, India (AP):Australia made hard work of three three-wicket win over Bangladesh in the World Twenty20 match yesterday.After Bangladesh lost the toss and scored 156-5 at Chinnaswamy Stadium, Australia reached 157-7 in 18.3 overs for their first win in Group Two.”We made it difficult at the end and Bangladesh bowled quite well in the middle overs,” Australia captain Steven Smith said. “We’ve had a bit of travel, but it’s not an excuse.”Openers Usman Khawaja and Shane Watson made a confident start with 62 in 7.2 overs for the first wicket. But from 95-1, the Australians began losing wickets at regular intervals Shakib Al Hasan doing the bulk of the damage with 3-27 and Mustafizur Rahman picking up 2-30.Khawaja seemed like he could do nothing wrong during his 58 from 45 balls that was laced with seven fours and a six. In contrast, once the opening pair had departed at 115-3, Smith (14), David Warner (17), Mitchell Marsh (6) and John Hastings (3) failed to get going.But for Glenn Maxwell, who scored a 15-ball 26 with the help of two fours and a pair of sixes, the result could easily have been different.RESPECTABLETOTALEarlier, an unbeaten 49 from 29 balls by Mahmudullah, with seven fours and a six, enabled Bangladesh to post a respectable total.Bangladesh were reduced to 25-2 in the seventh over, Shane Watson doing the damage. He first had Soumya Sarkar (1) caught at point and then claimed Sabbir Rahman (12).The introduction of Adam Zampa’s spin tilted the game in Australia’s favour as he claimed three wickets, the batsmen unable to read his leg breaks.Zampa, who took 3-23, said it was “nice to make some difference”.Australia are third in Group Two with one victory and one defeat, by eight runs to New Zealand. Bangladesh are bottom.”Our fielding and bowling could have been better,” said Bangladesh captain Mashrafe Mortaza. “Two losses in a row, but we have two matches left and we’ll see what happens.”last_img read more

Sexsmith to host PCA tournament

first_imgCurling teams from all across the Peace River Region will be “hurrying hard” to Sexsmith.This weekend, the Sexsmith Curling Club will host the second Pomeroy Inn & Suites Curling Tour Championships.- Advertisement -Teams from all across the Peace, including Grande Prairie, Sexsmith, Dawson Creek and Fort St. John will all be taking part in the event.The tournament will include two separate divisional competitions. The first is the SunLife Competitive Division, with $10,000 in prizes. The second is the PCA Challenge Division, with an $8,000 prize purse.Fort St. John has teams competing in both divisions. Team Mark Heartt is a previous winner of the Grande Prairie Tour event. The team will compete in the SunLife Competitive Division. Team Glen Godberson is also a winner of the Grande Prairie tour event and will be competing in the PCA Challenge Division.A new tournament champion will be named this year since last year’s champion, Dave Buehler, has moved to the competitive division and did not qualify for this championship.Advertisementlast_img read more

Spark donates $2,500 to Fort St. John Women’s Resource Society

first_imgSpark Chair Jennifer Moore said the success of the conference earlier this year helped in making the donation possible.“This was an opportunity for us not only to give a cheque to the Fort St. John Women’s Resource Society. As you may remember at the conference in lieu of gifts for each of our speakers we said we were going to make a donation to the Dress for Success program. I’m very happy to report that the conference was more successful than we even thought so we’re presenting a cheque for $2,500 dollars today,” she explained.She added that Spark was created to bring professional development to the area that would be otherwise unavailable locally, which in turn puts added stress on women not just in their career but in other areas.- Advertisement -“Spark is a women’s professional development conference created by women in the Peace Country for women in the Peace Country. Professional development opportunities for us are not plentiful here. It means we have to go to Calgary or Vancouver for two days. It means additional days for travel. As women our lives are often pulled in many directions because you’re not only managing your career, but your home and your kids,” she stated.last_img read more