Celebrating our first rebirthday with a new print edition

first_imgToday is the one-year anniversary of our relaunch on Sept. 4, 2018, and we’re celebrating with a new print edition chock full of features, photos and more from the Central Pacific. The free edition will soon be hitting the shelves at a distribution point near you.In recent months, we’ve continued to add new readers, staff members, talented freelancers, distributors and partners to The Tico Times family.Among the highlights of recent months have been the arrival of new Assistant Editor Alexander Villegas and Editorial Intern Alissa Grosskopf; the launch of our new podcast, The Tico Times Dispatch; new contributors from Honduras, Nicaragua, Canada, the United States and Costa Rica; new permanent sections including Costa Rica Pride, our hub for news and features about the LGBTQ community; a new media partner in Nicaragua’s La Prensa, joining our existing partners at Semanario Universidad, Punto y Aparte and Vecinos Activos; and much more.Join us as we:Seek out Costa Rica’s best food, drink and destinations (and maybe even let you in on the secret)Take you behind the scenes of the migrant camps at the Nicaraguan borderDig deep with analysis and opinion on tourist safety, political conundrums and moreShine a light on the people and organizations making a difference in Costa Rican ChangemakersSit down with artists from around the world in our Weekend Arts SpotlightShare the photos and videos that capture Costa Rica’s beautyProvide updated information on visiting, moving to and living in Costa RicaPartner with the country’s leading businesses and organizations to tell more of the stories you love……And that’s just the beginning. Join us today and please contact us with your questions, story ideas and comments – your readership and feedback are what we’re all about. Facebook Comments Related posts:Our Print Edition is here! Here’s where to find it Our new Print Edition is here! Here’s where to find it Be a part of our next Print Edition, out next week! The Tico Times Weekly Digest: Dec. 03, 2018last_img read more

No bull San Carlos wins historic Costa Rican soccer championship

first_imgA.D. San Carlos has made history.With Wednesday’s scoreless draw against Saprissa at Carlos Ugalde Álvarez Stadium in Ciudad Quesada, the Toros del Norte (Bulls of the North) captured their first-ever championship in Costa Rica’s top division.Despite a 1-1 draw in Sunday’s first leg, played at Ricardo Saprissa Stadium in Tibás, the Sancarleños earned the title due to their away goal.With the victory, San Carlos obtained one of the three spots assigned to Costa Rica for the CONCACAF Champions League. The others classified to the regional contest are C.S. Herediano and Saprissa.The Toros del Norte completed an unlikely run after earning promotion into Costa Rica’s first division only a year ago. The team is 54 years old.It was also a remarkable feat for San Carlos’s coach, Luis Antonio Marín, who replaced the Argentine Martin Cardetti and took over the club in January.This is Marín’s first experience as a head coach. He has been an assistant for the Costa Rican national team under Jorge Luis Pinto, Paulo César Wanchope and Óscar Ramírez.The veteran Álvaro Saborío — who came out of retirement to play for his hometown A.D. San Carlos club when it was still in the second division — was the Clausura’s leading scorer with 12 goals.Since the short tournaments were introduced in Winter 2007, San Carlos is the fourth team of the so-called small or non-traditional clubs in Costa Rica to win a title.The previous ones were Liberia in Summer 2009, Brujas in Winter 2009 and Pérez Zeledón in the Apertura 2017.San Carlos achieved the championship in its third attempt at the title after falling in the finals of Summer 2010 and Summer 2011 against Saprissa and Alajuelense, respectively. Facebook Comments Related posts:Weekend soccer roundup: Semifinals begin, Ticos traded in MLS San Carlos defeats reigning champion Herediano, advances to face Saprissa San Carlos strikes first in final, earns 1-1 tie at Saprissa Saprissa Stadium evacuated after bomb scarelast_img read more

Rep Bizon meets with local farming operations leaders

first_img Categories: Bizon News 30Jul Rep. Bizon meets with local farming operations leaders State Rep. John Bizon recently met with local leaders in the agriculture industry to learn more about farming operations and discuss state issues.“Michigan’s agriculture industry has blossomed into one of our biggest economic assets,” said Rep. Bizon, R-Battle Creek. “Learning more about this industry that is so vital to our state is invaluable, and I appreciate the chance to sit down with these local job providers to learn more about their industry and listen to their concerns regarding other important state issues.”Rep. Bizon met with Duane Hoffman of Hoffman Ag. and Blaine VanSickle, a local farmer and Calhoun County commissioner, with the discussion focusing on various topics such as wheat production, Vomotoxin, seed production and variety, transportation, business taxes and corn and soybean rotations.The first-term lawmaker said he is looking forward to visiting more farming operations in his district to learn more about the agriculture industry and to listen to the concerns of local job creators.“As our economy continues to rebound, it’s important to find out what we as state lawmakers can do to help the people and businesses in our districts who are investing in local communities and providing jobs to our residents,” Rep. Bizon said. “More opportunities such as the one I recently had will offer a better understanding of the issues facing both the agriculture industry and job providers in general.”###last_img read more

Rep Howrylak introduces proposal to increase transparency in Michigan public universities

first_img Categories: Howrylak News 28Sep Rep. Howrylak introduces proposal to increase transparency in Michigan public universities State Rep. Martin Howrylak introduced today a bipartisan measure that requires governing boards of Michigan’s public universities to make all of their meetings accessible to the public.“Currently, the state constitution is interpreted to allow the governing boards of public universities to decide when to hold formal and informal sessions,” said Rep. Howrylak, R-Troy. “It’s unfair to Michigan citizens and students when university board members can avoid the public eye and hold secret meetings. While it’s sometimes difficult to have to face the public when making tough decisions, it’s a moral obligation of elected officials to ensure that their actions are made in a public forum.”If enacted, House Joint Resolution W will ensure that all university governing board meetings to be open to the public. This reform will enhance accountability for Michigan universities and ensure all decisions are made with input from the public.“This amendment will not only increase transparency and accountability in our public universities, but it will also hold our universities’ governing boards to the same standards as other elected officials in Michigan,” Rep. Howrylak said.The constitutional amendment requires approval from two-thirds of the members in both the House and the Senate. Upon receiving the necessary votes from the Legislature, the measure would be decided upon by Michigan citizens via ballot proposal.HJR W has been referred to the House Committee on Oversight for consideration.last_img read more

No HB2 at UNC University System Says It Will Not Participate in

first_imgShare18TweetShare3Email21 SharesBy Yeungb (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia CommonsMay 30, 2016; ThinkProgressAlthough the University of North Carolina had, after the passage of HB2, indicated that it would comply with the law, it has now made it clear through legal filings that it will not do so.The filings are in response to suits, including one filed by two transgender men who are part of the UNC system and who are represented by the ACLU and Lambda Legal, and one filed by the Department of Justice, which has sued North Carolina over the law’s violation of federal nondiscrimination protections in employment (Title VII) and education (Title IX). The last could result in UNC’s losing federal money.In the legal response to the case brought by the two men, UNC President and former U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings took the position that the university would not discriminate against transgender students. “Pending a final judgment in this case,” she wrote, “I have no intent to exercise my authority to promulgate any guidelines or regulations that require that transgender students use the restrooms consistent with their biological sex.”Meanwhile, Governor Pat McCrory has offered guidance to law enforcement for enforcement of the law, saying that violating HB2 is tantamount to trespassing. “We’re using trespassing laws that we were using before House Bill 2, we’re using that now,” he said. “But you know, it’s just basic privacy rights, and that’s trespassing and we’ll continue to do that just like we were doing long before the Charlotte ordinance. So nothing’s really changed in that regard.”The city of Charlotte, of course, passed an ordinance affirmatively protecting LGBT people from discrimination, an act that McCrory and HB2’s other advocates have repeatedly blamed for their need to pass HB2.—Ruth McCambridgeShare18TweetShare3Email21 Shareslast_img read more

Alaska Nonprofit in Conflict with the Villagers Its Supposed to Serve

first_imgShare164Tweet5Share4Email173 SharesBy IceCreamForEveryone (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia CommonsJuly 28, 2016; Alaska Dispatch NewsCoastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) in Southwest Alaska is at odds with the villages it was created to serve after shutting down its commercial salmon operation. CVRF is one of six coastal development quota groups (CDQs) created by the federal government back in the Nineties to boost the Western Alaskan economy. The idea was that the CDQs would use earnings from federal fisheries, royalties, and investments to invest in the local economy by creating employment opportunities and growth, particularly surrounding small-scale commercial fisheries. They achieve this in part by offering subsidies for commercial fisheries, loans for residents to purchase boats and outboards, building or improving fish processing facilities, and improving fish handling infrastructure. Aside from commercial fishing, CDQs also create internships with business partners, offer training, and create jobs with government agencies. The CVRF board felt that one village, Quinhagak, received an unfair advantage in its subsidies for its salmon operation. They shut down the operation but still continue to offer other benefits. What the CVRF board did not anticipate was that closing this operation would have downstream effects not only on Quinhagak, but also the surrounding villages.Coastal Villages Region Fund this year suspended all of its Kuskokwim-area fish processing and buying, saying the operation was losing more than $6 million a year. It mothballed its salmon processing plant in the village of Platinum, closed down its Quinhagak fish station and has refused to lease dockside equipment such as icemakers and deck cranes to a Seattle buyer. Earlier, it closed its halibut processing plants in the region.“They left us with nothing,” said Frank Hill, 44, who had worked as dock supervisor for Coastal Villages. “It’s hard when you have five kids to take care of.”Commercial fishing has always been the mainstay of the local economy for this community located in one of the poorest regions in the United States. Eighty of the 700 villagers of Quinhagak alone are licensed commercial fishermen, and fishermen from other villages also participate in the commercial salmon operation. Without the ability to fish and sell product, the families are facing incredible financial hardship. This is particularly true for villagers who took advantage of CVRF’s People Propel program, which provides 40 percent of the cost of equipment. Without work, some residents in this program are now having trouble paying the remaining fees on their equipment.CVRF is saying that this shutdown will persist into next year and is potentially indefinite. Embittered fishermen and village leaders say that at best, this situation exemplifies poor management decisions of their regional community development nonprofit. At worst, some are calling this a tactic for the nonprofit executives and managers to line their own pockets. IRS reports accessed through GuideStar show that in 2014, CVRF’s executive director Morgen Crow’s salary was $475,000 and went as high as $800,000 in some years when a bonus was included. Meanwhile, the fishermen make anywhere between $10,000 and $40,000 annually.One villager commented, “I don’t think it’s fair for the people out here, while they are making a big salary, having a good time flying around with their charters. They should be putting more effort into trying to help us out here.”To make matters worse, CVRF refused an offer from Northwest Seafood Exchange to lease the equipment and buy fish directly from the small-scale fisheries operated by the villagers, which would have been a huge help for the fishermen and their families. Regarding this issue, Crow said, “Coastal Villages won’t lease equipment to an unfamiliar player. The organization may want to use it again, or sell it. For those two reasons, I don’t want them to touch our equipment. I’m going to want that equipment to be in tip-top shape.”CVRF was created in order to help the villages in these coastal regions and as such has enormous control over the infrastructure in the region, which is in existence to meet the needs of the villagers. If CVRF had to shut down an operation, sufficient alternatives could have been put in place so that the economy was not harmed so severely. As a nonprofit organization in an underdeveloped region charged to create opportunity, CVRF is facing a crisis that village leaders claim could have been avoided and needs to be rectified.—Sheela NimishakaviShare164Tweet5Share4Email173 Shareslast_img read more

Trump Says Obamacare Replacement Is Almost Ready—But What Is It

first_imgShare27TweetShare8Email35 Shares“What?” by Véronique Debord-LazaroJanuary 15, 2017; Washington PostIt should come as a surprise to no one that repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare) is at or near the top of Donald Trump’s “to do” list upon taking office this Friday. “Repeal and replace” has been a recurring GOP campaign theme since the ACA was signed into law in 2010. In fact, the GOP-led House of Representatives has voted 60 times to repeal all or parts of the ACA, only to have each effort die for lack of a filibuster-proof 60-vote majority in the Senate.In an interview with the Washington Post late Saturday, Trump said he is nearing completion of his own repeal-and-replace plan. As always, specifics on the plan are not yet available. However, it is suspected that Trump’s plan will look a lot like one developed by Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), Trump’s nominee to be the next Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). Price’s plan includes several features that have been part of GOP efforts to reform health care since the 1990s—individual health savings accounts (HSAs), the ability for consumers to purchase insurance across state lines (and insurance companies to offer multistate products), age-based instead of income-based tax credits to purchase insurance, and “tort reforms” intended to make it harder to bring lawsuits against doctors. Trump has said that he’ll be ready to announce his plan once Price is confirmed by the Senate. Confirmation hearings have not yet been scheduled.In an opinion piece also published in the Post, Paul Waldman, a senior writer at the American Prospect, claims that Trump’s weekend interview has made it far more difficult for Republicans to vote on ACA repeal. “We’re going to have insurance for everybody,” Trump said—a claim Waldman claims will be impossible to fulfill. The ACA doesn’t provide insurance for everyone, and it’s widely believed that at least some people covered under the ACA will lose that coverage under any version of repeal and replace being discussed. In the absence of a specific bill, or set of bills, from either Trump or Congressional Republicans, both proponents and opponents can argue their points.In discussing his plans, Trump implies that pharmaceutical companies will help pay the costs of a new plan. “They’re politically protected, but not anymore,” Trump said. One option being discussed is forcing drug companies to negotiate directly with the federal government over medication prices paid by Medicaid and Medicare—a practice currently forbidden under law.Those who remember the insurance industry’s “Harry and Louise” advertising campaign against the Clinton administration’s attempt to reform healthcare in 1993-1994 can easily imagine how PhRMA, the pharmaceutical industry’s 501(c)(6) nonprofit network of trade organizations, might place pressure on Congress to oppose key aspects of Trump’s plan. PhRMA’s 2014 Form 990 shows a $200 million organization with 24 pages of donations to political campaigns and PACs. Their CEO’s $2.5 million salary is equaled by PhRMA’s 2014 payments to one contractor, Covington & Burling, arguably the preeminent law firm and lobbying compliance group in Washington.The President-elect believes that policy questions others have found intricate and impenetrable will be reconciled and resolved using his business-honed intelligence and unique ability to generate popular support through social media communication with the public. Obamacare repeal and replace is an early, high-stakes test of that ability.—Michael WylandShare27TweetShare8Email35 Shareslast_img read more

Greek telco OTE has exceeded 100000 TV subscriber

first_imgGreek telco OTE has exceeded 100,000 TV subscribers.The operator said the launch of its DTH platform last October had helped to attract new subscribers that could not connect to its IPTV service, while attractive pricing had also proved popular.OTE offers over 55 thematic channels along with a free-to-air offering, with prices starting from €14.99 per month. The operator ended 2011 with a total of 59,944 pay TV subs.“Television is a main pillar of OTE’s commercial strategy. With OTE TV’s repositioning about a year ago when the satellite services were launched, viewers gained access to rich TV content, affordable prices for everyone and coverage across the country. OTE TV changed the standards in the Greek market, providing consumers with more choices. The dynamic growth and increasing subscriber base of OTE TV clearly demonstrates that the service is steadily gaining ground in the Greek market. In addition, it confirms that, despite the recession, pay TV still has considerable room for growth in our country. Tapping on this potential, our commitment is to continue improving the service with higher quality content and advanced services, ensuring even richer TV experience for our subscribers,” said OTE Group chief operating officer Zacharias Piperidis.last_img read more

Frances TV advertising market will likely hit a n

first_imgFrance’s TV advertising market will likely hit a new low next year, according to M6 chief executive Nicolas de Tavernost.De Tavernost, speaking to French journalists, said that the French TV industry could face three years of financial problems thanks to the increase in the number of players fighting for the same pot of advertising money – a reference to Canal Plus’s entry into free TV with the relaunch of former Bolloré channels D8 and D17 and to the launch of six new DTT channels by the end of this year.De Tavernost said he expected a significant decline in TV advertising revenues this year. He said that the French advertising market would not be able to finance 25 free-to-air channels and called for a change in VAT rules that allow pay TV services to benefit from a reduced rate unavailable to free channels.last_img read more

Switzerlands UPC Cablecom today becomes the secon

first_imgSwitzerland’s UPC Cablecom today becomes the second Liberty Global-owned cable operator to launch the next-generation Horizon set-top box, following last September’s launch in the Netherlands.The Horizon box offers features including a 3D user interface and the ability to record up to four channels at any one time and enables users to view TV programmes on their computer, iPad or iPhone within the home. Horizon includes picture-in-picture functionality, fast channel change and about 175 hours of standard definition recording time or 65 hours of HD recording.In addition to the functionalities already available in the Netherlands, the version of the box offered to UPC Cablecom customers includes wireless home networking via WLAN, enabling simpler consumption of home media via the TV, and the ability to access background information on shows via apps including WikiTivia or YouTube.Today’s Swiss launch follows the launch of 21 new TV apps on the Horizon box in the Netherlands last week, taking the number available from 14 to 35. New features include one that gives customers access to Facebook via the remote control or connected iPhones or iPads. Other new apps include Toys From Trash, teaching children how to make toys from discarded products, Moodlounge, allowing customer to display images on TV ranging from an open fire to a disco, UPC Live TV, giving information about upcoming sports and music events on broadcast TV, FC Update, providing football news and TV Buzz Guide, highlighting the most-discussed shows on TV.last_img read more

French pay TV operator Canal Plus is expected to a

first_imgFrench pay TV operator Canal Plus is expected to add its new Canal+ Séries channel on September 21.The channel will air US series two to seven days after they debut in the US, in the orginal version with subtitles. Weekends will see block runs of previous seasons of shows.Canal+ Séries will be available in HD and content will also be made available for a limited period on catch-up TV.The channel is expected to be offered to all Canal+ subscribers with no additional charge.Content will include shows such as Mad Men, Nurse Jackie, Scandal and Revenge, along with Hannibal, The Americans and Banshee.The channel also has second run rights to a number of HBO shows that will initially air on the Orange Cinéma Séries service, such as Girls, and will air original shows previously shown on Canal+ such as Les Revenants.last_img read more

Cyfrowy Polsatbacked OTT service Ipla has launche

first_imgCyfrowy Polsat-backed OTT service Ipla has launched a new version of its app for iOS devices with new packages and content. The app provides 10 packages – Ipla News, Ipla Rozrywka, Ipla Dzieci, Ipla Wiedza, Ipla Mini, Ipla Max, Ipla Filmy I Seriale, Ipla Premiery, Ipla Sport and Ipla Extra – covering news, entertainment, kids content, documentaries, movies and TV series, and sport.In addition to pay-per-view access to Hollywood, Polish and international movies and events, the app provides access to 36 channels of live TV. Viewers with the Ipla Extra package can also download movies for offline viewing.Existing Cyfrowy Polsat subscribers will also have access to two additional packages – Ipla Mix and Ipla Plus – with additional channels.last_img

The BBC along with representatives of Germanys D

first_imgThe BBC, along with representatives of Germany’s Deutsche Welle, France 24 and Voice of America has condemned Ethiopia’s jamming of its signals from the Arabsat platform at 26° East.BBC World Service acting director Liliane Landor condemned what the BBC described as a flagrant violation of international procedures.“The BBC calls upon the Ethiopian authorities to end this interference. They are disrupting international news broadcasts for no apparent reason.  This is a deliberate act of vandalism that tarnishes their reputation,” said Landor.Over the last week, BBC and other TV and radio broadcasts on the Arabsat satellites have been hit by uplink interference that the satellite operator’s engineers last week identified as coming from within Ethiopia. The interference appears to have been general and not targeted at any particular channel or channels on the satellites.last_img read more

SES Broadband Services has expanded its partnershi

first_imgSES Broadband Services has expanded its partnership with internet service provider Orbitcom, with the latter to start marketing Astra Connect for communities in Germany.SES Broadband Services’ Astra Connect offering provides broadband internet delivered via satellite. Orbitcom, which has had an Astra Connect service deal in place since April, will now also market the service, letting customers sign up through its website and will be responsible for delivering equipment and customer support.“Our Astra Connect for communities service provides a much needed solution for people who cannot be supplied with a high-speed Internet connection via the terrestrial infrastructure,” said Patrick Biewer, managing director of SES Broadband Services.“By expanding our partnership with Orbitcom, we are able to extend and accelerate the rollout of this solution to villages and communities in Germany.”Orbitcom CEO Andreas Schmidt added: “With Astra Connect for communities, we can reach 100 percent of households where broadband access is insufficient. It is a quick and inexpensive solution for underserved communities,” said Andreas Schmidt, the CEO of Orbitcom.last_img read more

Sophie Turner Laing Endemol owner Apollo Global Ma

first_imgSophie Turner LaingEndemol owner Apollo Global Management and Shine’s parent 21st Century Fox have confirmed their plan to merge the companies, along with Apollo’s Core Media Group. The deal will see the firms co-manage the resulting group, which will be by far the largest in terms of catalogue and revenues in the international television. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.Upon completion of the deal, which is still subject to regulatory clearances, Core will retain its own capital structure. It is expected Shine and Endemol’s financial reporting will be consolidated into the parent companies.Apollo and Fox will operate the new venture as a 50-50 company. The combined group will have production operations in more than 30 territories, including Endemol’s European formats firms and Shine’s US and UK scripted wings; a portfolio of more than 600 formats including Big Brother, Idols and MasterChef, and digital, gaming and distribution units.“The combination of these assets will create a leading global format business with a deep and diverse portfolio of products, enhanced distribution capabilities, and world-class creative talent,” said Fox president and COO Chase Carey.“It is a particularly opportune time to bring together three extraordinary companies, establishing one of the most innovative and diverse content creators in the world,” added Aaron Stone, senior partner at Apollo. “The group will have impressive capabilities to offer the creative community and to invest in all aspects of media’s future.”As previously reported, former BSkyB content chief Sophie Turner Laing will be CEO of the new group, which remains without a unified name at present.The deal is expected to close shortly, at which point Turner Laing will take up her post, and Shine’s CEO Alex Mahon and founder Elisabeth Murdoch – now non-executive chairman, and Endemol’s chief executive Just Spee will exit. Core’s CEO Marc Graboff is also leaving.last_img read more

Google has updated its Google Play Movies and TV a

first_imgGoogle has updated its Google Play Movies and TV app for Android, offering viewers extra information about films and shows on their second screen when they ‘cast’ content on their TV using Chromecast.Google said users will now get actor or soundtrack cards on their phone or tablet while they are watching, with extra information about what’s playing on screen.“Next time you’re burning to know where you’ve seen that actress before, or want to remember a song for later, you don’t have to hit pause or fumble with your controller. It’s at your fingertips,” said Google in a blog post, announcing the update.Google Play Movies now has a new design, with bigger images and “smoother transitions.” It will also offer more movie recommendations in the ‘Watch Now’ tab and let users watch trailers directly in the app, Google said.last_img read more

Disney Italy will not seek a further years exempt

first_imgDisney Italy will not seek a further year’s exemption to an EU law that dictates European channels must invest 10% of local revenues on local productions, DTVE sister title TBI has learned.Disney has caused ire in Italy after local regulator AGCOM allowed it a derogation – or exemption – to the EU directive in 2013 and this year.This meant the Mouse House did not have to legally invest at the 10% level, but a Disney EMEA spokesman today told TBI the firm’s level of investment in Italy would reach that point next year, meaning it does not need the exemption.“Disney sought partial exemptions in 2013 and 2014. Those won’t be renewed and it will be continuing as normal in 2015,”Disney said in a statement.Disney is understood to have been investing at around a 7.5-8% level in the past two years.It is unclear if AGCOM has revealed Disney’s intentions to the local animation industry, as a trio of production bodies slammed both the regulator and Disney this week.“We have taken all the political and administrative steps to make sure that the measure, which is set to expire at the end of 2014, will not be renewed and, of course, we are open to Disney Italy to undertake the desired path based on the common grounds of artistic quality and content,” said Italian producers association Cartoon Italia, Lombardy-based body Cartoon Lombardia and artists and authors union ASIFA Italy on Tuesday.The bodies defended Italian production, while pointing to a statement that they attributed to Disney Italy, which stated local productions did not meet Disney standards.There was a lack of shows “that can faithfully represent the value systems and levels of quality necessary to fully meet the specific demands of the target audience”, the bodies claimed Disney said.The bodies added they were on the “warpath”, and noted local producers have been outraged as they allege AGCOM came to its decision over the exemption without consulting them.AGCOM couldn’t be contacted for comment before press time.The toon bodies characterised the Italian animation sector as a vibrant industry of 70 companies and 3,000 employees animators, including freelancers, that was helping to supply hundreds of hours of shows and films through European coproduction agreements.They added the Disney derogation “represents very heavy financial losses, severe defamation and denigration of our products”. Well-known Italian productions include Rainbow’s Winx Club, which Netflix is rebooting, and Geronimo Stilton, which local studios Atlantyca Entertainment have sold around the world.last_img read more

SES12 one of a new generation of DTHHTS satelli

first_imgSES-12: one of a new generation of DTH/HTS satellitesSatellite operator SES has selected Arianespace to launch its new hybrid communications satellite, SES-12, on board an Ariane 5 booster during the fourth quarter of 2017. The satellite will launch from the European Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana, and will expand SES’s direct-to-home (DTH), VSAT, mobility and high throughput satellite (HTS) data connectivity services in the Asia-Pacific region – including growth markets like India and Indonesia.SES-12 will be positioned at 95 degrees East, providing incremental and replacement capacity across Asia-Pacific. The satellite will replace SES’s existing NSS-6 satellite and will be co-located with SES-8. SES currently serves close to 20 million DTH households in India and Indochina from this orbital slot.last_img read more

Richard Middleton DTVEs sister magazine Televisi

first_imgRichard MiddletonDTVE’s sister magazine, Television Business International (TBI), has hired C21 Media’s Richard Middleton as managing editor. Middleton has spent the past seven years covering the global TV business, most recently as editor of C21Media’s flagship magazine C21 International – a role he took on two years ago having joined the company as a senior reporter in 2013.Prior to that, he spent five years at BBC Online as a sub-editor and reporter, and before that, he worked for publishers including Trinity Mirror, Fairfax Media, The Independent, Reed Business and DMG Media.Middleton, who joins on Monday (24 June), will work alongside Manori Ravindran, editor of TBI.Ravindran said: “I’m so pleased to welcome Rich to TBI. With his top-notch reporting and global view on the industry, he is a terrific fit for us. Coming off the back of a major redesign, TBI has had a big year thus far, and I look forward to all that’s to come with Rich on board.”Middleton said: “I can’t wait to get started at TBI and help the team continue its work in providing incisive, cutting-edge news and analysis of our rapidly changing industry.“I’m relishing the chance to get involved with new projects and working with Manori to help make TBI an even more enticing destination for anyone looking for market-leading insights into the international TV business.”last_img read more


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