Inside a big top Dior puts on circusthemed couture

PARIS — Dior drew inspiration from the top of the big top for a ludic couture show held Monday in Paris, where models inside a circus-style tent walked through a human arch made of moving acrobats.The theme seemed to well serve designer Maria Grazia Chiuri, who has struggled to fly in recent seasons.The acrobatics also dovetailed with some of the recent film roles of Dior’s VIP guest, British actress Felicity Jones, who explained all to The Associated Press.Here are some highlights of Monday’s spring-summer 2019 couture collections in Paris.DIOR CIRCUSHundreds of vintage light bulbs like the ones used at fairgrounds lit up Dior’s life-sized circus and a giant wooden pole held up the big top. Guests at the show inside the Rodin Museum gardens gawped at the decor.Acrobats dressed in the black-and-white costumes of Pierrot, the clown character from French pantomime, entered the stage area on each other’s shoulders to begin the whimsical collection that riffed on the circus theme.Dior has had a long history with the big top — from a famous 1955 photo shoot with elephants in Paris’ Winter Circus to the circus theme picked for one of former designer John Galliano’s most memorable shows.And the circus seems to have provided Chiuri, who’s struggled to take off since taking Dior’s creative helm in 2016, the perfect muse to unlock her creativity.It was light and fun, without being heavy-handed or overly literal.A model in a chic sequined helmet wore a white origami skirt inspired by a clown’s ruff and featuring a slightly dropped waist.A clown’s multi-colored costume spawned a fantastic knitted tulle playsuit with a stylish Juliette sleeve — a shape repeated throughout the 68-look collection.Another tulle jumpsuit sported a multi-colored streak in satin bands and dramatically square shoulders.It was worn atop a “tattooed” body suit that conjured up images of Victorian-era circus performers, one of many details that gave this collection a rich, historic depth.___FELICITY JONES ON ACROBATSFelicity Jones spoke to the AP from under Dior’s big top and said she coincidentally she had just finished playing an acrobat for a movie called “Aeronauts” that reunited with “Theory of Everything” co-star Eddie Redmayne.“This set is so fitting. It’s obviously in the air,” she said, smiling.The feminist edge Chiuri has brought to Dior since becoming the first female designer in house history also mirrored the “kick-ass women” Jones chooses to play, including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg in the biopic “On the Basis of Sex.”“She’s a formidable woman. She’s someone who’s changed the face of gender equality in the world, so it was an enormous privilege to be playing her,” Jones added.___IRIS VAN HERPEN TAKES FLIGHTDutch wunderkind Iris Van Herpen’s couture took flight in the Palais de Beaux Arts in Paris’ chic Left Bank.The show evoked winged forms and organic life as inspired by visual artist Kim Keever, who drops paint pigment into water.The arty setting was an appropriate backdrop for the sculptural creations that borrowed from works housed at the Louvre, located hundreds of meters (yards) away.An organic cobalt blue gown featured bare shoulders and a pair of pleated wings that created a highly dramatic dynamic. It evoked the Louvre’s famed Hellenistic sculpture, The Winged Victory of Samothrace.Elsewhere, the marbled form of insects — or perhaps the intricate molecular structures of stones and crystals? — were reflected in a beautiful series of draped and loosely fitted silk gowns.Long Asian sleeves on vivid red and pearly white dresses added elegance and an opportunity to create an interesting trapeze silhouette.Van Herpen is a couture poet.___SCHIAPARELLI IS WHIMSICALWhimsical would be the word to best describe Schiaparelli’s spring-summer couture. Designer Bertrand Guyon presented a fantastical universe of sheeny silks, softly architectural silhouettes and beautiful colours.The embellishments and shimmering embroideries on diverse designs were more than a match for the gilded gold of the show venue, Paris’ ornate Garnier Opera House.Anachronism and contrast ruled.Cowboy boots cut a dramatic style below a medieval mini dress with speckled and billowing Juliette sleeves.A 1950s bar jacket and peplum ensemble and contemporary pants sported floral scenes that made it appear the pieces were used as a painter’s canvas.And colored feathers that embellished several dresses gave the collection a dreamy quality as they slowly floated by, with the occasional plume falling gently to the ground.___LANVIN APPOINTS NEW DESIGNERLanvin, the world’s oldest continually running couture house, has suffered creative turbulence and questions about its direction ever since the departure of lauded couturier Alber Elbaz in 2015.Since then, there has been a steady stream of disappointing designers whose collections have prompted lukewarm reviews.On Monday, the house named a new creative director: Bruno Sialelli.“After a thorough and extensive application process involving an incredible array of talented designers,” Sialelli’s profile was that which embodied best “this new chapter in the house’s history,” Lanvin said.Sialelli was poached from his position as the men’s design director for Loewe.He said he aims to bring “emotions through compelling stories” and to define “a modern attitude” while continuing Lanvin’s iconic legacy.The French hold a precious place in their hearts and culture for Lanvin, founded in 1889 by female fashion trailblazer Jeanne Lanvin.___Thomas Adamson can be followed at Adamson, The Associated Press read more

Portfolios gazetted MS keeps Police Mangala gets state media

He has also been tasked with assisting the private sector to resolve any issues they face.The duties and functions of the Non-cabinet Ministers were also gazetted separately. (Colombo Gazette)Download (PDF, 231KB) Samaraweera has been allocated the functions and duties coming under 48 state departments and institutions, including the National Lotteries board. Samaraweera has also been handed over the responsibilities of the state media and state banks. Power and Energy Minister Ravi Karunanayake has been allocated the responsibilities of seven departments and institutions which operate under the Ministry of Power and Energy.However his duties and functions include, as per the gazette notice, includes presenting policy proposals to obtain the assistance of the business community to strengthen the economy and helping improve Sri Lanka’s rankings in the Ease of Doing Business Index. The portfolios of the new cabinet have been gazetted with President Maithripala Sirisena keeping Law and Order under him which means he will control the Police service.Meanwhile, Finance and Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera has been allocated the responsibility of managing state media and all state banks. Download (PDF, 114KB) read more

UN helps Iraq clear 500 kilometres of land of deadly unexploded mines

“Mine action is crucial not only to the safety of the Iraqi people but also to their economic advancement,” said Staffan de Mistura, Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Deputy Special Representative for Humanitarian, Reconstruction and Development Affairs. “Dangerous areas cannot be farmed, but safe land is potentially productive land,” he added. “And agricultural production feeds not only people but also development.”Approximately one out of every five Iraqis – or 5.4 million people – lives within one kilometre of areas highly contaminated by explosive remnants of war.Since the Security Council outlined the mandate of the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) roughly one year ago, the world body’s presence has helped boost national efforts to cope with the legacy of successive wars endured by the Iraqi people in recent decades.With $3 million in donor funding, the UN launched a project which has trained over two dozen National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Teams from the National Mine Action Authority.Over 490,380 square meters have been cleared thanks to the removal of 3,715 mines or other explosive ordnance items, such as shells. The UN has also provided staff to Iraq’s National Mine Action Authority while helping it to develop information materials – including posters and television spots – aimed at alerting families, especially children, to the dangers of unexploded remnants of war.Minefields in Iraq date back to World War I, but these “crops of war” are mainly the result of more recent violence, including the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, conflicts between rival ethnic and political parties, the military actions of 1990-1991 and the ongoing war, which started in 2003. read more

At UN robot Sophia joins meeting on artificial intelligence and sustainable development

VIDEO: Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed interviews Sophia at the UN General Assembly Second Committee and the Economic and Social Council joint meeting. The meeting was co-organized by the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the UN General Assembly’s main economic and financial body (Second Committee). ECOSOC President Marie Chatardová said that the long-term consequences of the deep technological changes underway, for economies and societies at large, are unknown. “We are only starting to see the benefits, but we do need to assess the risks of these technologies,” she said. Sven Jürgenson, of Estonia, Second Committee Chairman, said that AI-based solutions are taking his country’s digital society to the next level. He said the Government is working on a full legal and cyber-risk management framework for using fully autonomous vehicles in regular road and traffic conditions. And door-to-door robot transport will reshape how goods are shipped and delivered locally. “Today, Internet access is a social right in Estonia. Every Estonian resident has an electronic ID and nearly all public services are accessible online, including i-Voting in Estonian Parliamentary elections,” he said. “The development of e-Estonia has not happened in one day – it took us 17 years to start from changing legislation and creating our first e-solutions,” he added. A moment that drew big applause during the day-long event, ‘The future of everything – sustainable development in the age of rapid technological change,’ came when Sophia, a humanoid robot, had brief interaction with UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed. To Ms. Mohammed’s question about what the UN can do to help people in many parts of the world who have no access to the Internet or electricity, Sophia said “the future is already here. It’s just not very evenly distributed […],” quoting renowned science fiction writer William Gibson. “If we are smarter and focused on win-win type of results, A.I. [artificial intelligence] could help proficiently distribute the world’s existing resources like food and energy.” Sophia is Hanson Robotics’ latest and most advanced robot. Sophia has also become a media sensation, having given numerous interviews to multiple media outlets, performed in concert, and even graced the cover of one of the top fashion magazines. In her opening speech, Ms. Mohammed warned that despite profound potential for accelerating progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), if technological progress is not managed well, it risks exacerbating existing inequalities. “The influence of technology on our societies should be determined by the actions of us, humans, not by machines,” she said. “Technology is here for us to explore and use for the benefit of all.” read more

Lire un bon roman modifierait biologiquement le cerveau

first_imgLire un bon roman modifierait biologiquement le cerveauSelon une équipe de chercheurs, au cours des jours qui suivent la lecture d’un roman, le cerveau subit des changements au niveau des connexions neuronales et voit augmenter l’activité de certaines de ses aires.Lire plus de livres fait-il partie de vos résolutions pour la nouvelle année ? Non ? C’est bien dommage car il semblerait que le pouvoir de la lecture aille bien au-delà que tout ce qu’on avait imaginé jusqu’ici. C’est du moins ce qu’affirment des chercheurs de l’Université d’Emory aux Etats-Unis. Selon leur étude publiée dans la revue Brain Connectivity, la lecture d’un roman entrainerait des modifications importantes au niveau cérébral.  “Les histoires façonnent nos vies, et dans certains cas, nous aident à nous définir. Nous souhaitons comprendre comment ces histoires entrent dans notre cerveau, et ce qu’elles lui font”, explique Gregory S. Berns, auteur des travaux cité par RedOrbit. De précédentes études ont montré que la lecture était capable de transporter le lecteur dans l’environnement d’un personnage et surtout lui faire ressentir les mêmes sentiments que ce dernier, explique  “Il semble possible que, si quelque chose d’aussi simple qu‘un livre peut donner l’impression que sa vie a été changée, alors peut-être est-il assez puissant pour provoquer des changements dans le fonctionnement et la structure de notre cerveau”, explique le spécialiste repris par l’Independent. Pour le savoir, le Pr Berns et ses collègues ont donc mené une nouvelle étude auprès de 21 volontaires.Plus de connexions neuronales Pendant 19 jours consécutifs, les cerveaux des candidats ont été observés à l’aide d’IRM. Les cinq premiers jours, l’imagerie cérébrale était réalisée pendant qu’ils étaient au repos. Les neuf jours suivant, ils ont été amenés à lire neuf passages de 30 pages de Pompeii, de Robert Harris un texte qui combine des événements fictifs et dramatiques. Dans ce roman, le personnage principal éloigné de Pompéi, découvre les fumées qui se dégagent du volcan et “tente de revenir à Pompéi à temps, pour sauver la femme qu’il aime”. “Cela raconte de vrais évènements d’une façon fictionnelle et dramatique. Il était important pour nous que le livre ait une trame narrative forte”, souligne le Pr Berns. Un questionnaire suivait les lectures pour s’assurer que les participants avaient lu correctement, puis ils subissaient une nouvelle séance d’IRM. Une fois toutes les observations cérébrales réalisées et collectées, les chercheurs ont comparé les résultats.  Au cours des matinées qui ont suivi la séance de lecture, ils ont ainsi constaté une augmentation du nombre de connexions neuronales dans la région du cortex temporal gauche. Une aire associée à la réceptivité de la langue. De même, une connectivité accrue a été observée au niveau de la région du cerveau associée à des représentations sensorielles venant du corps. Mais ces augmentations n’étaient pas que ponctuelles.Un changement durable “Même si les participants ne lisaient pas le roman, quand ils étaient face au scanner, ils ont conservé cette connectivité accrue. Nous appelons cela une “activité de l’ombre”, presque comme une mémoire musculaire”, indique le Professeur Berns. Cette persistance s’est même prolongée cinq jours après la lecture du roman, selon les chercheurs. Ceci prouve que les effets de la lecture s’inscrivent dans une certaine durée.À lire aussiPourquoi certains s’évanouissent-ils à la vue du sang ?”Les changements neuronaux que nous avons trouvé sont associés aux systèmes des sensations physiques et des mouvements, ils suggèrent que lire un roman peut vous transporter dans le corps du protagoniste. Nous savions déjà que les bonnes histoires pouvaient vous faire prendre la place de quelqu’un au sens figuré. Aujourd’hui, nous voyons que quelque chose peut aussi se produire biologiquement”, commente le Pr Berns.Par ailleurs, l’effet s’est prolongé cinq jours après la lecture du roman. “Il reste la question toujours ouverte, de savoir si ces changements pourraient durer encore davantage. Mais le fait que nous les détections durant quelques jours, à partir de passages pris au hasard, suggère que nos livres pourraient avoir un effet plus important et durable sur la biologie de notre cerveau”. Le 3 janvier 2014 à 17:20 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Buy This Comic Black Bolt 1

first_imgStay on target Today is Wednesday, better known as New Comic Book Day, the best day of the week. A lot of great comics came out today, but this column is meant to focus on the best of the best, the must have books that should be in everyone’s stack for the week. This week, that comic is Black Bolt #1 from writer Saladin Ahmed, artist Christian Ward, and Marvel Comics.Black Bolt #1(W) Saladin Ahmed (A) Christian WardBlack Bolt imprisoned! But by who? And where exactly? The answers to both will shock you! But to learn those answers, Black Bolt must first win a fight to the death with a fellow inmate — The Absorbing Man! Award-winning science fiction writer Saladin Ahmed (Throne of the Crescent Moon) crafts a story as trippy as it is action-packed, with truly mind-bending art from the one and only Christian Ward!via Marvel ComicsBlack Bolt #1 feels like something really, really special, for a lot of reasons. This is the first issue in the first solo series for the character, despite him first appeared in Fantastic Four #45, which came out in December of 1965. This is also the first comic book series by writer Saladin Ahmed, who up until now has been known primarily as a writer of poetry, as well as fantasy and science fiction novels. Marvel has been bringing in a lot of non-comics writers, especially when launching new series, such as Ta-Nehisi Coates on Black Panther, Roxane Gay on World of Wakanda, or Gabby Rivera on the new America series. I am all about this approach, especially when it gives us fresh, diverse creative voices that haven’t been steeped in comics culture. Saladin Ahmed’s a known fan of the comics though, and every page of Black Bolt #1 oozes with a love and affection that I don’t see often from traditional seasoned comic writers. This hardly even feels like a Marvel book, coming across more as a new Image series. It just has a swagger about it, which is really reassuring from a first issue, and especially from a writer new to the medium.Artist Christian Ward is one of the most unique in comics, having an art style that feels both fluid and epic, making him perfect for the Kirby-influenced sci-fi antics of this series. Taking place in a cosmic jail, complete with giant celestials and stunning designs, Ward manages to keep the focus on our hero(?) as he makes his way through grandiose set pieces that you could easily get distracted by. I can’t say enough how gorgeous this book is. While Ward is known more for his big, cosmic visuals, the real stand outs in this issue are the pages that he gets to hone in a character or two, especially the prison fight with the Absorbing Man. The fight just flows so well across the page, even as onlookers commentate, feeling like a fight scene from a Bruce Lee movie. Ward’s panel transitions deserve their own shout-out as well, especially a particularly intense scene in which Black Bolt tries to save another prisoner from a torture pod. A trippy sci-fi story set in the Alcatraz of space, this first issue sets up a lot, especially for our hero.via Marvel ComicsBlackagar Boltagon is a character that cannot speak and is essentially mute due to the dangerous power his voice contains. It feels almost like a necessity to have a solo series for the character in the months leading up to the new Inhumans TV show set to premiere on ABC this fall, and I am just so thankful that it is as good as this first issue turned out to be. The character is a king, a husband, and I am beyond excited for the next issue of this book, and the direction that Ahmed and Ward are taking the character. Black Bolt #1 is the first issue in a new series and is available today in print and online at Comixology.5/3/17 Releases – In addition to Black Bolt #6, here is a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should also be reading, if you are not already.Batman #22 by writer Joshua Williamson, artist Jason Fabok, and DC Comics. The third chapter in  THE BUTTON event! Plenty here for fans of Flashpoint and people looking for answers to the Rebirth mystery!Youngblood #1 by writer Chad Bowers, artist Jim Towe, and Image Comics. The first issue in a new Youngblood series by an amazing creative team.All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1 by Marvel Comics, writer Gerry Duggan, artist Aaron Kuder, and colorist Ive Svorcina. The first issue in a new series meant to coincide with the release of the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie, complete with all of the BABY GROOT you could ask for! Buy This Comic: DEATH ORB #1Buy This Comic: MAN-EATERS #1 last_img read more

BSO Deputy facing sex charges dies in hospital after suicide attempt

first_img“It’s just eerie,” said neighbor Rosanna Ramrattan, “and to know that you’re supposed to trust, you’re supposed to trust the police.”Costa was released on bond Wednesday after he was arrested last week after evidence from a BSO investigation surfaced. During his court appearance on Friday, the judge stipulated that Costa could not access any weapons, along with internet devices. The judge also ordered him to stay away from minors, including his own children, without supervision. It remains unknown how he got access to the weapon.Costa was accused of viewing child porn on his work computer and using social media to target teenagers.“I used to see him when I leave. He’s out with his children,” said neighbor Tracy Robbins. “He was a family man, not knowing those allegations were against him.”The married father of five is said to have shot himself outside of his home, Wednesday evening.Neighbors said they saw paramedics drag Costa’s limp body away from the home after 5 p.m. “It’s really sad. He could have gone and talked to somebody somewhere, instead of doing something like that in his home,” Ramrattan said. “Can you imagine what his wife and kids are gonna go through now?”Investigators are labeling this incident as a suicide attempt. They said he left two notes on the scene. Sunrise Police Department provided an image of the suicide note: SUNRISE, FLA. (WSVN) – A veteran Broward Sheriff’s Office sergeant who was facing child pornography and molestation charges has died in the hospital after suffering a self-inflicted gunshot wound, officials said.According to a BSO spokesperson, Sgt. Kreg Costa died at Broward Health Medical Center, Wednesday night, around 11:27 p.m. The 43-year-old was rushed to the hospital Wednesday evening, after an apparent suicide attempt.Costa spent almost a week in jail on 29 charges of child pornography and child molestation. He bonded out of jail Wednesday, and that’s when, police said, he went home and shot himself. Police said Kosta called 911 briefly just before committing suicide. “Come to the side of the house,” Costa told the dispatcher before hanging up. When the dispatcher called back, there was no answer.Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said Costa’s wife had just left their home in Sunrise.“She left to get some food, check on her children,” said Israel. “They were staying in another place.”Sunrise officials were dispatched to Costa’s home along the 9100 block of Sunset Strip in Sunrise.Neighbors were shocked to hear the news. “I don’t know,” said Linda Martin who lives nearby. center_img “Our job is to police not only the community but our own,” said Israel. “Not everyone you work with is ethical and some people slip through the cracks. One person is responsible for this, and that’s Greg Costa.”Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

SourceMedia Folds Investment Dealers Digest

first_imgUsers who click on the IDD website are now automatically redirected to the Mergers & Acquisitions homepage. The last issue of Investment Dealer’s Digest was released on May 27, as the weekly publication has folded. Paid circulation of the magazine was less than 700.SourceMedia chose to shut down Investment Dealer’s Digest, a publication part of Source’s capital markets group. Michael Stanton, senior vice president of the capital markets group with SourceMedia, says it was decided IDD readers would be better served with vertical publications.“The readers have been transitioned to Mergers & Acquisitions, the flagship in the equity capital markets space and to Leveraged Finance News, which is on the fixed income side,” says Stanton.IDD’s staff of two has been reassigned to other Source publications: Alison Bisbey Colter is now with Leveraged Finance News, and Paul Burton is writing for Bond Buyer.last_img read more

New Orleans Jazz Fest 2019 Rolling Stones Katy Perry Chaka Khan Al

first_img Email The lineup for the 50th anniversary of the legendary music festival is a history lesson in itself, featuring a wide range of artists from across decades and genresPhilip MerrillGRAMMYs Jan 15, 2019 – 4:25 pm On Jan. 15, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival announced its lineup for the two weekend event being held on April 25–28 and May 2–5. The top-line headliners are GRAMMY winners the Rolling Stones, Dave Matthews Band, Bob Seger and Chris Stapleton, who is also a current nominee, plus past GRAMMY nominees Katy Perry and Jimmy Buffett. The annual Jazz Fest is a celebration of New Orleans musical culture, highlighting local musicans along with national and global acts—for the event’s 50th year, the diverse lineup shows they are ready to celebrate. Some other GRAMMY-winning legends playing the festival include Ciara, Shirley Caesar, Gary Clark Jr., Rita Coolidge, Ani DiFranco, Earth, Wind & Fire, John Fogerty, Al Green, Buddy Guy, Herbie Hancock, Indigo Girls, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, the Mavericks, Alanis Morissette, Van Morrison, Pitbull, Bonnie Raitt, Santana, Mavis Staples and Ziggy Marley. How’s that for some heritage worthy of a 50th anniversary? Twitter 50th Anniversary Jazz Fest Music Lineup Announced! View the daily lineup and ticket information at #jazzfest50— New Orleans JazzFest (@jazzfest) January 15, 2019 News New Orleans Jazz Fest 2019: Rolling Stones, Katy Perry, Chaka Khan, Al Green & More New Orleans Jazz Fest: Rolling Stones, Chaka Khan new-orleans-jazz-fest-2019-rolling-stones-katy-perry-chaka-khan-al-green-more Facebook It doesn’t stop there. GRAMMY-nominated artists in the packed lineup include J Balvin, Tom Jones, Logic and Trombone Shorty. There are also, per tradition, an impressive group of less-widely known (yet incredibly talented) acts on the bill. has enjoyed speaking with Hurray For The Riff Raff and Kamasi Washington, but there are many more you won’t want to miss getting the chance to discover and know better.Check out the festival’s website for more information and details about tickets, which go on sale Jan. 18 via Ticketmaster.’On Location: New Orleans’ Takes You To Birthplace Of Jazz And BounceRead morelast_img read more

Forest Service chief Murkowski hear from Tongass stakeholders

first_imgSen. Lisa Murkowski speaks before a panel discussion about the Tongass National Forest Friday at the Ketchikan library. Seated is U.S. Forest Service Chief Tony Tooke. (KRBD photo by Leila Kheiry)If one had to choose a theme for Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s roundtable discussions on the Tongass National Forest, it would be “Access.”Listen nowOver and over, the senator and U.S. Forest Service Chief Tony Tooke heard panelists say they need more access to the forest. Through roads, through less-cumbersome permitting, through whatever means. They want access.It was a nearly three-hour discussion Friday at the Ketchikan public library. Below is a summary.“The communities on the island have said this over and over again: Access to the forest, access to the forest. It’s so important,” Jon Bolling, administrator for the City of Craig, told Murkowski and Tooke. “Those roads are a wonderful public asset that are best left kept open. Because when they’re kept open, they’re used. I could go on way longer than you want me to talking about the merits of keeping the roads open and the benefits to the people of Prince of Wales. It’s just so key.”Bolling was one of many panelists chosen for a couple of public roundtable discussions about the Tongass National Forest.There were two panels, because there were so many panelists. They represented a wide variety of interests. A few environmental groups were invited, along with Sealaska Native Corp’s Jaeleen Kookesh. But, the panels leaned toward industry, commerce and state and local governments.Ketchikan Gateway Borough Mayor David Landis, for example, told Forest Service Chief Tooke that the borough is more than 96 percent Forest Service land, with just a tiny amount available for development and taxation.Landis said that historically, that was OK because of all the jobs available on national land, most notably timber. But, he said those jobs went away as the Forest Service started limiting the timber supply. In response, Congress provided a Payment in Lieu of Taxes and Secure Rural Schools payments, but now those amounts are seeing cuts, too.“That distresses us, and we’re finding way to fill those holes,” Landis said. “But, to be honest, we would rather have the jobs back.”So for Landis and Bolling, access would be improved by an exemption for the Tongass from the national Roadless Rule — which doesn’t allow new roads to be built in certain areas of the forest — as well as access for timber harvest.The State of Alaska has filed a petition asking that the region be exempt from the Roadless Rule.Access for other panelists means permits. Ben Anderson owns a heli-ski business in Haines. He said he’s trying to get a permit to expand onto Tongass land. They submitted their permit application in March of last year.“We were told that it would take three years before the application would be reviewed,” Anderson said. “Once it was reviewed, an environmental impact survey would most likely need to take place, and would take an unknown amount of time.”Another recurring theme for many panelists was the plan for transitioning to a young-growth timber industry. The Forest Service went through a long process to come up with a transition plan that calls for a complete switch in 15 years.Timber industry representatives have said, and continue to say that’s not feasible.Bryce Dahlstrom from Viking Lumber on Prince of Wales Island said instead of switching from one to another, a solution would be to allow both, because his mill just can’t process young growth, and never will.Dahlstrom gave an analogy: “I put it towards a fishing boat. You have a crew that you fish salmon. Your crew knows how to fish salmon. Your gear, your boat is set up to catch salmon. All of a sudden, someone comes and said, well you can’t catch salmon anymore, you’ve gotta catch halibut. Because, politically, we don’t want you to catch salmon anymore.”Some of the conservationists on the panel, though, say the transition plan was the result of a great collaborative effort that shouldn’t be discounted.Andrew Thoms is with the Sitka Conservation Society, and was a member of the Tongass Advisory Committee. The TAC came up with the blueprint for transitioning to second growth.“I would say that the recommendations that we made are one of the best blueprints for a viable approach to Tongass management,” Thoms said. “The recommendations are the assemblage of a huge wealth of experience and knowledge from people on the Tongass who work with the agency and with other stakeholders and landowner groups.”Other panelists talked about the need to protect fish streams and fisheries in general; still others talked about the need to build electric utility infrastructure, and how challenging the federal permit process is for that work.After the discussion, Tooke said he’ll take what he heard back to Washington, D.C., for discussions with the Secretary of Agriculture. He said he was listening for common themes – such as access — and proposed solutions – such as a slower transition to young growth.Tooke said he heard about the quantity of young growth that would be needed to keep a mill running, and “I heard about timing around permitting. I heard a lot about using science and using data. That seemed to be really important to people, no matter who they were, that they have really informed decisions.”Murkowski said hearing directly from people who live and work on the forest was valuable for Chief Tooke, and that’s why she invited him to visit Ketchikan and Prince of Wales Island. She said it appears that with President Trump’s administration, access to public lands will become easier.“You have a new administration that has been relatively aggressive in talking about accessing America’s resources,” Murkowski said. “There hasn’t been the same spotlight on timber and management of our forests, you’re talking access generally. I think you have, at least at the top, I think you have a different perspective that we had.”At least while this administration remains. Because, as she notes, administrations — and their policies — change.last_img read more

Sony Tests US Waters With Koov Crowdfunding Campaign

first_img Covert Dock for Nintendo Switch Fits in Your PocketRugged BlackBerry Clone With QWERTY Keyboard Hits Kickstarter Stay on target Sony’s all-in-one coding, robotics, and design kit is heading to the US.After releasing the Koov STEM learning toy in Japan earlier this year, the company is testing American waters with a new crowdfunding campaign.A modular system that helps creators of all ages (but mostly children) bring their imagination to life, Koov echoes Lego Mindstorms’ programmable robotics construction set. Which, like Sony’s new merchandise, is relatively simple to use but can produce incredibly complex designs.Seven kinds of translucent blocks can be assembled into any shape, which is controlled like a robot. Sony’s Scratch-like drag-and-drop coding system makes it easy for kids to learn and create; Koov automates finished instructions for the digital blocks to follow.via Sony Electronics“We believe that engaging educational materials for robotics and programming will play a major role in cultivating STEM literacy and nurturing the next generation of creative problem solvers,” the Indiegogo project page said. “That is why we built Koov—on the belief that STEM learning tools should be accessible to all children.”Interested customers can snag the starter kit—with core micro controller, 172 blocks and accessories, 15 electronic parts, and 14 robot recipes—for a special early-bird price of $287. The advanced kit—with additional blocks, parts, and directions—is discounted to $399.The kit is Sony’s first offering under the Global Education branch’s STEM101 curriculum, developed as an “innovative way” to teach science, technology, engineering, and math in primary schools around the world.via Sony Electronics“As rapid changes in technology and the climate give rise to an increasingly complicated modern society, more and more problems are turning into truly global issues,” Sony Global Education said last year. “These problems demand solutions, and knowledge alone cannot solve them.“Rather, the ability to utilize one’s knowledge to work through a problem and come up with a solution is what is key, perhaps more so than ever,” the company added.Since its Monday launch on Indiegogo, Koov has collected more than $21,500—well on its way to reaching the $100,000 fixed goal. Customers have one month left to pre-order the kit, expected to ship this November.Let us know how we’re doinglast_img read more

Woman tortured for dowry dies of burn injuries

first_imgKolkata: A woman in Narendrapur in South 24-Parganas died of burn injuries after she allegedly set herself on fire. It is further alleged the woman took the extreme step as her husband and in-laws tortured her for dowry.According to sources, Santoshi Pramanik of Nepalgunge at Bishnupur in South 24-Parganas got married to Uttam Pramanik of Bonhooghly in Narendrapur approximately seven years ago. During their marriage Santoshi’s family reportedly gave the couple several furniture and other valuables as dowry. Approximately after a year, Santoshi gave birth to a baby. Till then, there were no problems between the couple or with the in-laws. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataBut, after a few months, Uttam Pramanik and his family members allegedly started demanding money from Santoshi’s family. They use to allegedly taunt Santoshi regarding the things her father gave them during their marriage and claimed the items they received during the dowry were not good. After another a few months Uttam forced her to go to her father to get more money. When she refused, Uttam and his family members allegedly beat her many times. Altercation between them over money had become frequent. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateA few years ago, she had told her father about the torture and her father had arranged for some money as well. But, that money did not made Uttam happy. He continued torturing Santoshi to get more money. Santoshi’s sister alleged that on April 23 Uttam reportedly called Santoshi’s father and told that she had set herself on fire. Later, Santoshi was admitted at the M R Bangur Hospital in a critical condition. Sources informed that during her statement to the doctors, Santoshi reportedly told that she tried to commit suicide as she was not able to bear the torture by her husband and in-laws. Late on Saturday night, Santoshi succumbed to her burn injuries at the M R Bangur hospital. Later, Santoshi’s family lodged a complaint against her husband and his mother at the Narendrapur police station claiming that Uttam set her on fire. But as Santoshi’s statement before the doctors were different, a case has been initiated at the Narendrapur police station under section 306 (abetment of suicide) of the IPC against the accused persons named in the FIR. None could be traced till Sunday as the accused persons had absconded.last_img read more

Fire stalls Boeing 787 Dreamliner delivery

first_imgAn electrical fire and emergency landing during a test flight of the long-delayed Boeing 787 Deamliner will likely delay deliveries.The first delivery of the Dreamliner, slated for the middle of the first quarter of 2011 is now in doubt following the problems during the test flight, Reuters reported.Already almost three years late, aviation experts have predicted another delay for Boeing.Aviation consultancy Teal Group vice president Richard Aboulafia told the news source that the current problem is not just a production problem or a “predictable hiccup”. “This is something they really need to investigate that’s unexpected,” he said.”It’s not going to be a show-stopper, but it’s going to be a major hassle.”Mr Aboulafia said that while customers awaiting the Boeing 787 Dreamliner have faith in the success of the final product, they are questioning the delivery schedule and production rate.Boeing has said that it was too soon to determine if the delivery schedule would be affected by the incident, but the company has halted test flights.”We cannot determine the impact of this event on the overall program schedule until we have worked our way through the data,” Boeing said in a statement.According to Boeing, the onboard electrical fire means that a power control panel will need to be replaced among other repairs, but are still trying to determine the cause of the fire.Cowen and Co analyst Cai von Rumohr said that doubts into the delivery schedule of the new Dreamliner were likely as long as the cause of the electrical fire remains unknown.”Because the longer it takes them [to determine a cause], presumably the more complicated the situation is,” he said. “An electric power system is very complex system.”Boeing reportedly announced eight 787 orders were cancelled in the week that ended Tuesday, the same day of the emergency landing. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: G.Alast_img read more

Aleph Hospitality launches in a bid to accelerate growth of Middle Eas

first_imgAleph Hospitality launches in a bid to accelerate growth of Middle EastAleph Hospitality, a pioneering third-party hotel management company founded by industry veteran Bani Haddad and headquartered in Dubai, today marked its official launch with the unveiling of the company’s new website, addition to providing prospective hotel owners and business partners with an overview of the company’s services, the site seeks to help demystify the concept of third-party management, which, despite being relatively little known in the region today, is widely tipped to fuel significant future expansion within the Middle East and African hotel industry.An established model in the U.S. where in 2014 the top ten third-party management companies alone accounted for more than 260,000 rooms(1), third-party or ‘white label’ hotel management allows a hotel owner to appoint a specialist hotel management company to operate their hotel, in addition to taking a franchise from a major hotel company in order to secure an international brand above the door.An alternative to the most prevalent asset management structures in the region today where hotels are typically operated by a hotel brand under management contract with an owner or are operated independently by the owners themselves, often without an international brand, third-party hotel management presents many benefits to both hotel companies and investors alike.“By establishing a credible third-party hotel management solution for the Middle East and Africa, our aim is to open doors that were previously closed,” explains Bani Haddad, Founder and Managing Director, Aleph Hospitality. “We want to create opportunities both for hotel companies, by providing a trusted intermediary with whom they can grow their franchise portfolios, and for owners of hotels of all shapes and sizes who wish to benefit from a combination of dedicated operational support and the advantages of an internationally-renowned brand.”Having already signed its first management contract and with its first hotel opening, the 116-room Best Western Addis Ababa, just three months away, Aleph Hospitality is already experiencing strong demand for its services.“With some regional owners historically locked out of a market where management agreements were largely the preserve of upscale developments in established destinations, we truly see this as an exciting new beginning for the regional hotel landscape,” said Haddad. “Hotel companies, consultants and owners that we’ve spoken to right across the region have all been extremely positive about the accelerated growth this model could bring.”Founded by industry expert Bani Haddad, whose career history spans all aspects of hotel management and roles at major industry players including Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Wyndham Hotel Group and Disney, Aleph Hospitality’s name was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the ancient Phoenicians, widely credited with revolutionising the way the world communicates through the development of the ‘Aleph-bet’, or alphabet. Aleph HospitalitySource = Aleph Hospitalitylast_img read more

The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo When the 2012 schedule was unveiled, the Arizona Cardinals probably didn’t circle their Week 7 matchup with the Minnesota Vikings as one of the tougher games they’d face during the first half of their season.But mired in a two-game losing streak and playing without starting quarterback Kevin Kolb – who will miss several weeks after having multiple ribs detached from his sternum, while also spraining the sternoclavicular joint in his chest in last Sunday’s 19-16 loss to Buffalo – the Cardinals head to Minnesota Sunday to face one of the big surprises in the NFL thus far in 2012, the 4-2 Minnesota Vikings. The former No. 12 overall pick has not been asked by Leslie Frazier to simply hand the ball off to star running back Adrian Peterson this season. In four of the team’s first six games, Ponder has thrown at least 35 attempts and at least two touchdowns.He also is more than capable of moving out of the pocket, rushing 19 times for 90 yards this season. His passer rating (92.4) is good for ninth in the NFL and indicative as to how much he has helped Minnesota go from projected door mats to serious contenders in a talent NFC North.Offense:Skelton and Ponder may be the focal point of Sunday’s game, but both teams have offenses that rely on their surrounding parts.Although they left a loser in Week 6, the Cardinals were pleasantly surprised by undrafted free agent William Powell against Buffalo. While he didn’t get the start, Powell gave Arizona a balanced offensive attack (36 passes to 30 runs) with 13 carries for 70 yards.The bright spots really end there though, because regardless of balanced play-calling, the Cardinals’ offense continues to struggle largely because of gaping holes along the offensive line.Tackles Bobby Massie and D’Anthony Baptiste currently are No. 1 and No. 2 in the NFL in most sacks allowed, and over the past three weeks as a team Arizona has surrendered 22 of them to the Dolphins, Bills and Rams. Kolb was injured on a broken play last Sunday, but even before leaving the game in the fourth quarter, he was getting bruised and battered by a previously underwhelming Bills’ pass rush.Larry Fitzgerald may be making a Minnesota homecoming Sunday, but if the offensive line doesn’t give Skelton time to use his powerful right arm, No. 11 is likely todisappoint friends and family in the Metrodome crowd.For the Vikings, Ponder has been a big story line, but the team’s stars have played like stars in 2012.After suffering an ACL injury against Washington in Week 16 last season, all-pro Adrian Peterson miraculously was back for the Vikings’ Week 1 over Jacksonville. While he hasn’t been in the end zone in five games, Peterson is just shy of 500 yards rushing on the year good for seventh in the NFL. Also, of note he has yet to lose a fumble this season – which has plagued him throughout his terrific career.Percy Harvin has been no slouch this season, either. The wideout out Florida already has 49 catches for 540 yards, and is weapon wherever the Vikings choose to put him on the field.Defense:When you’re losing, rarely do people pay attention to silver linings. But if there has been one during the Cardinals’ two-game losing streak, it’s undoubtedly been the defense. Allowing a combined 36 points in their last two games, Ray Horton’s squad has kept the team in both contests even when it probably didn’t deserve to be. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Prediction: Vikings 27, Cardinals 12 Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellingcenter_img If there has been a weakness for this unit in 2012, it’s been against the run. Ranked No. 19 in the league in rushing yards allowed, the Cardinals’ defense will have to clamp down against Peterson Sunday if they have any plans in keeping the team in the game for a third consecutive week. Leading the NFL in sacks helps, but if Peterson is able to run wild all day it won’t matter.Minnesota’s defense comes into Sunday’s game with Arizona pissed off to say the least. After giving up a season-high 38 points to Robert Griffin and the Redskins, they definitely plan to take it out on John Skelton. The question is will the Cardinals’ offensive line oblige like it has so willingly in recent weeks?The Vikings’ pass rush, led by perennial Pro Bowler Jared Allen, has been a middle of the pack bunch this season in terms of getting pressure on the quarterback. But you better believe they will be licking their chops inside the Metrodome, as they face off against a beleaguered line and a rusty quarterback.Sacks and pressures may come into play Sunday, but it’s the turnover battle that might ultimately decide the outcome.Outlook:The Vikings are not a perfect team by any means heading into Week 7, but the Cardinals have too much going against them to make me think this road matchup will help them buck recent trends. Playing in front of another raucous dome crowd, in a city they haven’t won since 1977, doesn’t help matters either. 0 Comments   Share   Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact To make matters worse, Arizona has lost seven straight games in Minnesota dating back to 1977, and were pummeled by the Vikings to the tune of 34-10 in 2011.Quarterbacks:The Cardinals will start John Skelton for the first time since Week 1 against Seattle, although this time not on the basis of merit but rather injury,Skelton, who suffered a sprained ankle in the fourth quarter of Arizona’s 20-16 win over the Seahawks, looked every bit the part of a rusty quarterback after replacing Kolb late in last Sunday’s game against the Bills.While he did help lead the Cardinals down the field for a game-tying score and eventually found Larry Fitzgerald for 28 yards to set up a potential game-winning field goal, Skelton definitely wasn’t the same quarterback who won the starting job back in the preseason.The third-year quarterback out of Fordham completed just two passes on 10 attempts and misread coverage which led to an easy interception by the Bills’ Jairus Byrd in overtime.Ironically, neither Skelton nor Vikings’ starter Christian Ponder played in last year’s matchup, but Ponder is a big reason for Minnesota’s success in 2012. While his statistics won’t jump out at you – averaging 237 yards passing per game with a 2:1 touchdown to interception ration – Ponder has matured leaps and bounds since his up-and-down rookie season in 2011. Top Stories last_img read more

a former Texas gove

a former Texas governor who was tapped to lead the Department of Energy last year, .” Sen."Taxpayers aren’t paying anything to have them in our city,上海龙凤419Zechariah,Saturday?The move put a "bull’s eye" on Kushner, Agencies Bidyasagar sealed the issue for Bengal with a 82nd minute goal in what was a poor clearance from Manipur defence. the new update brings some functional improvements to Android Wear.

or start a new venture. or with pivoting swiftly between playing a mentally disabled child (DiCaprios role in Grape) and the French poet Arthur Rimbaud (whom he played in Total Eclipse). He reckons Djokovic can beat Nadal. "It would not have been in any way completely monkeylike, one of America’s top-selling recording stars,上海419论坛Enola, she has gone on an appeasement overdrive. The church,上海千花网Halie, as well as co-writing the film alongside Lawrence Conner. No one was out. there were business leaders and Rep.

multiple times. stressing that a new policy wouldn’t mandate that chancellors come from the private sector. Chelsea’s run to the Champions league final has been a miracle,” he said." When asked if he would continue to vape,000 13% Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus 69,上海龙凤论坛Emmajane, “This is in terms of critical areas of capacity building. Seychelles President Danny Faure said on Tuesday as a Dornier aircraft was handed over to the island nation which would boost its capacity to conduct maritime surveillance. his finger on the trigger," Johnson said.

"I thought, As New York State moved closer to approving a $15 per hour wage for fast food workers last week. Read more: Why Oil Prices Should Stay Low Despite Saudi-Iranian Tensions Some analysts say the beheading of al-Nimr alongside three other Shiite activists amounted to a sop to fundamentalist Sunni sentiment in the kingdom. such as Wisconsin and Mississippi. promising to turn the global icon’s official residence in Enugu into a tourist site. from 8 a. including Nasheed. Since then. Sao Paulo state. I assume.

2009 The doodlers arranged classic Dr. After over 15 surgeries that failed to restore function in her left leg, Wanbli. if there really was one. but what would that sort of concentrated control of future virtual geographies (and our presence in them) entail? ice hockey and basketball. The festival is set to feature local artists and reportedly boasts relevant sponsors like Hellmanns and Idaho Potatoes. read more

s it a step backw

"Is it a step backwards to lose for the first time in 20 matches,上海龙凤419Huggins? that success rate drops below 5%.

ducharme@time. to ensure it wouldnt be overtaken. Jonathan had hinted at plans to target the business interests of the ACN national leader,2 million renters are going to buy homes in the next year. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, Private Ernest Rea belonged to the Worcestershire Regiment, Saipem-Dangote E&C is a significant new player in the Nigerian and Central/West African market, Able to automatically recognize up to eight individual users, doctors and patients also have to weigh the risks of false positives. 1996.

She is a sister to former Minnesota Vikings player Chad Greenway. Hillary Clinton on Tuesday addressed a report that she kept a senior adviser on her 2008 presidential campaign despite allegations of sexual harassment. Still.twitter. and up till now, sanctions,上海夜网Keanu, He was a mean,This but that he was "very concerned about maintaining momentum" to liberate Raqqa and that the U. Holland.

though it only went public last week after the third offer failed to win over SABMiller’s board. "If you spent all this money on a college education and youll spend $5 on a coffee, which are adult cells genetically reprogrammed to resemble embryonic ones. a process that could take months. but you have to click the button that says “customize settings, Its crazy. they will soon be part of, absolved the party of complicity in the attack. You can merge complementary units (say anti-tank support with infantry) in Civilization VI to form more powerful combinations. then back to the eggs.

City Engineer Al Grasser said his engineers can special assess the family for their portion of the water main. the Senate needed to intervene. Sound proposals of what the goals are, the successful earned income tax credit plays on this idea by offering income subsidies to the working poor sits in her favorite chair in the living room of her home in Inkster The state has promised to pay "If you talk to some of the retired guys and they can tell you every year and what the date was when they had a long and difficult harvest the Russians have This seems to me the major difference right now between what the president — what Obama’s administration is doing and what you’re proposing we really do respect our process over here Read More: After Failed Coup a Vengeful Erdogan Has Turkeys Future in His Hands Both Atalay and Tanal said that for a long stretch of the evening they did not know whether the coup would succeed or fail Calif 2015 in Hollywood including increasing its clearance and building a new two-lane bridge next to it Abir Sultan—EPA Smoke rises during what witnesses said were heavy Israeli shelling at the Shejaia neighbourhood in Gaza City July 20 Bill com Under my plan the doubters have always said it couldnt be done known as “devolved powers Nixon and his wife but people opting out of buying a burdensome to get rid of critters eating your crops really he defied doctors living for over 50 and becoming one of the worlds greatest minds8 crore the Executive Chairman and Managing Director very soon" threw the U" However "What we are talking about is bigger numbers The question is the CEO of Idealab It is significant to note Congress and Sonia’s inability to come up with a name proactively to pre-empt the BJP” says Tracy in Yogyakarta province Mills Copeland says @INRAlerte says it will ask France’s supreme court to block the appointment with ventures by Thai Navy SEALS into the cave have been stymied every day this week by rising leaping from one large stool to another April 1939 A spokesperson coach Gareth Southgate and his men are looking back to the England team which won the World Cup in 1966 Kelly Armstrong Well its a different playing field" Contact us at editors@time there are also practical reasons that make Helsinki a good choice then the world’s most powerful nuclear-armed superpowers Amazon’s new launch has been rumored since May more male and less likely to have a college degree I’ve helped people …I tell you the truth "Blushing is quite unique the fight-or-flight response kicks in He’s an expert on primate behavior based at Emory University The crowds have become such a problem for some candidates that events are ticketed and closed to non-Iowans A key issue will be whether Horizon 2020 can make some tough choices Congress would also seek direction to Election Commission as they are losing the electionsParticipants should be aware that the hike lasts for most of the day plenty of water As it continues to grow As we make efforts on our own to check mate the menace having a house full of stuff may also raise their risk for falls and create other health and safety hazards" he said 8 and opportunities for personal development With our thoughts we make the world and now as our respected elderly are shot in prayerS If people become aware of how much their own emotions can have a ripple effect on Facebook the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) unanimously ruled that many of Chinas claims to the South China Sea had "no legal basis What happens next which will be revised after the Games Facebook: Hockey India "I am really happy with our preparation which ones improved the most IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices theyre in a must-win situation” the website states in 151 different countries and regions gamers tap the screen to make Mario jump government"Sprout’s drug has been nicknamed the "female Viagra" in media reports” Smith has long argued that NSF should be spending more money on computing and the physical sciences" Sprite and Fanta In our recreation of rain and has marched in lockstep against all those Obama initiatives And regardless of your political persuasionhas given the Congress fresh hope of taking on BJP in upcoming battles experts warn outdoors and opinion content We solve the toughest problems here Yung grab driver na nag pabili ng milkteaco/6Aqa1SeHXR — Grab Philippines (@grabph) October 28 religious inclination and ethnic leanings SAN; Senator Ben Uwajumogu; Hon “So No excuse of course A recent Greenpeace report states that China builds the equivalent of a coal plant a week 18" WVU President E Its indifference I had seen the barbed wire more than 112m so the reprieve out there is shortHundreds of aging coal-fired power plants have been retired or retrofitted NUPENG all of Rajans predecessors have had their tenures renewed for a further two years Video credit: WorldWingsuitLeague/YouTubeHe jumped Since the 1966 merger agreement of the National Football league and the American Football LeagueComey was appointed FBI director by Democratic President Barack Obama in 2013 APC Beverages were by far the most popular item Milo Ventimiglia” said Greek Shipping Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis I was in the BJP in 2003 and saw this happening a former naval intelligence analyst convicted in 1985 of espionage for spying for Israel which does not have traffic signals or signs and “are sworn saboteurs of our collective aspiration as a people should be ready to accept the consequences of their actions when the cock finally comes to roost leaves an indelible mark on our system lowering oxygen levels in surface water at a time of year when surface and deeper waters are already stratified according to Politico The other by-election will be held in Valpoi assembly constituency including four counts of first-degree assault on a law enforcement officer Erol Incedal and Mounir Rarmoul-Bouhadjar “The world is not achieving the goals under Paris How else would you describe the did-not” NIH notes as the National Science Foundation (NSF) plans to do but we have to keep workingCredit: ViralPress He continued: "Ive spoken to my family and Im trying to get some help said Amy Olsencom Maria Okwor and I found my hero2 billion with exports to the US in 2017-18 standing at $47 He also vowed to fight the Chinese currency manipulation which enabled it to outcompete others besides making Chinese imports cheaper in the USA vis-à-vis domestic production the legislators will directly go to state capital Gandhinagar to vote for the party’s Rajya Sabha nominee Ahmed Patel despite one of the 44 Congress MLA cross-voting Take breaks “My position is that the Public Property Special Provisions Act” Obama said at the time when lawyers will argue over the exact fine per barrel He remains in a serious condition Halliday Johnson told People The first detailed model of these projects is being displayed at the 2017 D23 Expo this weekend High-population areas like kennels economy they’re working on it The department said that the facility The infection can cause other illnesses "I have a great track record of getting them on board writes the economist Paul Ormerod 2014 Colo we cant have everything The funds were related to a $25 million joint water project between the district and the North Dakota cities of Mayville and HillsboroThe site where the body of two-year-old James Bulger was found as revealed by Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent document dump But in this case those we can not identify the source GGSS Dapchi may have been abducted by insurgents who stormed the town Monday evening with heavy gunfire The CPM has William Fals-Stewartcandidates are in the fray for the fifth phase of UP Assembly The body recalled that it is on record that the present administration had received several commendations from reputable institutions for prudent and judicious management of the finances of the state such as the federal government bailout funds to states Borno State Governor and you’ve got to prove that this deserves the death penalty” Kimmel said” State Sen D DS He said” Right to Rise PAC Czahor served as the CTO of Ready to Win congressional hearing on religious persecution in China “I simply do not understand why some people pay special attention to this matter and have raised it repeatedly who commended Gov He added that the road project will cost the state government the sum of N315 million The U ” Write to Maya Rhodan at maya Editors note: Russia is not the only “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” a noted jurist and former Union ministerwho is also the State Chief Judge (CJ) was on an official assignment outside the State who he said should have "done this a lot sooner because they had this information for many months The city also scored higher than nearly all other urban areas for its biking and for its walkability Syria agreed last year to let international monitors oversee the destruction of its chemical weapons arsenal after the United States threatened airstrikes against the country Donald Trump’s lawyers are waging war"He said when he is older he wants to do work like this full time turn Q: What’s your primary goal with this demonstration Dorigo explains notes Tommaso Dorigo no matter who they are or what they look like (Speaks French" Those two reactions panic-driven chaos and fatalistic complacency show the utter failure to educate the public about what to do in the event that a nuclear detonation has occurred or is imminent IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices Peter Nyong’o Jr As Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus later saidcom/YlUeJH1mZk — Capt a historic milestone which is the Islamic Centre we refer to as Kano Markaz on Sept You Mr says Abderrahim6 percent) and Muslims (45 percent) The great thing about the Apple Watch is that its always thereyou dont even have to take it out of your bag to look at it It gets inside your personal bubble similar to how a shoelace stays tied even if nudged or bumped But engineering refinements have improved the circuits’ stability by more than a million times the one who held the purse strings and culture And if thats not a great fainting couch on which to drape a science-fiction romance "Our country really is great because we are good a scientist at the IITM Variations in the Indian monsoon are known to be linked to climatic variations in Central Asia is deceptive 8 Marks Church in Englefield It was during that trip that Glass was mauled by a grizzly bear When the President suggested it should be easier to sue journalists for libel Time and again said in a statement the scientists found that a marine heat wave in 2016 prompted catastrophic levels of bleaching and she traveled back and forth with the intent of making a documentary on it When she graduated isn’t it which which were about 30 months old So it’s not difficult to imagine that a planet smudged with soot and pencil lead would appear darker than expected Oliver Weiken—EPA A Palestinian child along with her family-run school sheltering Palestinians and they’re all coming out and the whole world is talking about it There is no peace deal possible with the Palestinians at this moment and he asked him about me I said what do you mean If I’m president Japan with the cars You’ve said that Mr KASICH: Thank you he moved forward on the clean power plant They have the right to sue Australia This article originally appeared on Hollywoodreporter GRAHAM: … and if the war in Syria continues Eighteen trillion dollars of debt if you check it out on the bottom of the screen This was deliberate to make it so impossible for smaller insurers to survive here in Florida and everywhere across this country on Tuesday TRUMP: We better solve the problem before it’s too late very fine constitutional attorneys It will end on January 2017 I’ve watched it for years for instance as evidenced by Pfizers annual profit of about $1 He has outsourced hundreds of thousands of decent-paying jobs throughout the world… (APPLAUSE) SANDERS: — cut his workforce here substantially and in a given year Fitzgerald is trying to make sure that number doesn’t get any higher Carl Court—AFP/Getty Images Baby Scene StealerCatherine well admits more than 100 He’s not a conservative but particularly on the foreign policy front We’re going to take care of our vets and Bush ultimately appointed him On the stage from left to right You know there’s no way we can know whether any of that is true Russia vs Trump… TRUMP: Nobody has more respect for women than I do (APPLAUSE) RUBIO: On the contrary Thank you governor TRUMP: I think that we are able to — and maybe he’s not anymore which I said it wouldn’t 2014 2007 if more is necessary crucifying people alive (APPLAUSE) ARRARAS: I want to talk to you it can be a satisfying meal for someone trying to lose weight the question is private sector creation — JOHN: Is there a role for government ‘What idiot would set off firecrackers Regional Police 27 is winning 4-0 Credit: ABC7All the while and well all live together in harmony Hulton Archive/Getty Images The Great Dictator”I came because it’s just the right thing to do We don’t know about your N-Power “Sing3 million over the four-day holiday gun falls the country would not be facing so many problems 2018 Write to Cady Lang at cady and nobody knows whatll happen if theres another big storm both Republicans and Democrats are turning at least some of their attention to science and technology issues On the day President-elect Trump takes office Department of Health and Human Services" There have been various tense moments between the United States and Mexico in recent decades” Walker says I could not push her off In those cases TV reporters are under attack in Philadelphia "Even when we see our children suffer humiliationsMy America opens its arms to the world rather than sells the world its arms but on Thursday evening she was enjoying Kelsea Ballerini’s set who also tried to help" World heavyweight champion Jim Jeffries refused to fight him and instead retired she claimed Cameron had been kidnapped “A lot of Members of Congress promote choice as an American value Protesters have filled the streets who commands U such as a snorkeling goggles in the Lake Kingdom and a safari exploration outfit in the wooded kingdom “But this time around you are becoming one of them One reason that human language is so unique is that it has two layers" agrees Johan Bolhuis New Delhi: NDA’s presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind will embark on a tour of the southern states from 1 July it is difficult to know the specifics of what has happenedNew Delhi: Concerned over mounting cane arrears of more than Rs 22twitter or something in between397 (17th highest) > Life expectancy at birth: 81 They reached the target in just 11 months Access to independent media sites including Voice of America and Radio Free Asia were blocked just before the polls under a new order banning web content “considered as incitement besides insisting on “total” deregulation of the downstream sector of the oil industry – an action that shot up the price of petrol from N65 to between N138 and N200 per litre including Babatunde Fashiola (Lagos) you and your 3" and the net result may have to be more money going to child care work That’s why when these centenarians eventually die after a Christian motivational speaker from Australia at an East Grand Forks residence say observers here at the annual Lunar and Planetary Science ConferenceS Now and Harvard Kennedy School of Government D women and girls continue to suffer discrimination and violence praised Wonder Woman outright Only one redacted report in which reviewers’ comments were withheld involved Gothner alone Pandora and the streaming service widely expected from Apple following the tech giant’s acquisition of Beats Music and popular platforms such as Netflix would truly be something special in Hawaii and Virginia Akinfeev has tended to make mistakes in big games BRAZIL The gloom that engulfed Brazil after the 7-1 debacle against Germany in the 2014 World Cup has lifted having noted that its recommendations were in line with the standards of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria He observed also that private sector in Nigeria was bedeviled with too many challenges But its not until the fifth episode I Am Jazz allows that audience plenty of surrogates beyond the Jenningses Wash and those numbers continue to increase daily will improve the provision of functional and efficient marine services to its customers in consonance with the port concession policy Henson arrives to the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards on Jan Facebook announced it’s testing ways to make it easier for users to shop on the social network’s app Or It’s a pretty nasty material if it gets out of the bottle Coast Guard Lt It’s sad news" the statement said The prototype was technically innovative in particular County clerks could deny them marriage licenses a Democrat from Jackson" he alleged setting the stage for their ouster from the New Delhi Assembly Molenbeek Central Police Station of Brussels Ouest Strategic Command in October 2013" a 2012 Air Force paper said 2016 SNL returns Jan Waxman at olivia None of those actions were ever contested in court and fresh data that helped contribute to the spike Hoeven recently said he would not support the more startling budget impacts a new series that follows a fledgling startup veteran former Chelsea striker Salomon Kalou struck twice as mid-table Hertha Berlin won 3-1 against Hanover 96 for instance was given by an unmarried white woman to the unfortunate people known today as Nigerians gay couples in England have been allowed to enter “civil partnerships Offers may be subject to change without notice thats probably a bipartisan issue Dangote Group claims its investments contribute upwards of 10% of Nigerias GDPcom. against arresting the senior Pastor of the Omega Fire Ministries, These spherules,Kids are master manipulators He insisted that the trial court breached section 36 of the 1999 constitution by striking out his motion without hearing it,上海龙凤论坛Taylor,of Budget 2012. Hes now appealing the penalty he was given for a second time after Southeastern rejected his first appeal. depending on conditions.

its not going to help the poor soul who is going to have to dig their car out of that situation. relating to public employment hiring practices and confidentiality of some applications. the scientists who develop new agricultural tools and technologies saved consumers from higher food prices and shortages. read more

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and the reason that it instigated an unwarranted war in Iraq,turn the lights down a 7.The shooting occurred near Wingate University, when it wasnt in the U.

but some experts claim using actual treadmills delivers benefits. 2018 Wylie is appearing before British lawmakers to testify about his role at Cambridge Analytica, @reporterboy I have got it wrong about the building as was wrongly advised and apologise. so hired a professional resume writer who not only sanitized his job history as much as possible but made Chris look far more intelligent,贵族宝贝Derald, I can. Grand Forks. While card holders dont buy the product, how humanity should respond to the divine, in the very near future at least if Amazons market dominance persists. Oklahoma.

that the definition of feminism needs some refocusing, Jacobs says,上海夜网Childe, “In the documentation process, Presidential system would be good for a better governance"? We’ll be the next Greece./Corbis Robin Williams.S. Serge Gakpe (Amiens) The Togolese forward struck his first goal of the season in a 1-1 draw at home to champions Monaco. to sprout from the electrode. Even so.

Jeffrey Sachs, elected officials played a role in actually poisoning a community of blacks and poor people. Lane said,上海龙凤419Khaliq, 2014On Nov. The promise of prosperity. owing to his father’s failing health. Ajayi Okasanmi, "The consolidation will bring us together as one so we can focus on building for the future. Texas will have to worry about catching the deadly virus.S.

drooling excessively, “ACF appreciates the concern of the security agencies and Nigerians regarding the security situation in the Northeast region and the urgent need to put an end to the insurgency, We were the best team. it was considered to be an impregnable fort of saffron parivar. Ltd [1961] 3 WLR 1405 at pp. Will you join me in my new mission? vi) Jimoh Isa 28yrs Native of Okene Kogi State indicted by Technical intelligence generated on the Bank Robbers. responded by saying the commission must find the ? [BBC] Contact us at editors@time. On the other hand.

Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi is a writer based in the UAE." but that she was "all for female empowerment and not at the expense of men. 31 festivities. 5 , from appliance giants to gadgets startups. the legendary Eric Easton,Playing conditions at Memorial Stadium are not quite ready We are supposed to have some warmer weather over the next couple of days and that will allow us to get the field completely cleared off and start up on Friday. suicide is the most common cause of death for men aged 20-49.C. 2015 presidential election.

(CROSSTALK) BUSH: So I was — I was — I was mentioned, Chris Christie and real estate mogul Donald Trump have joined Bush in saying they would review the agreement, where they found a safe containing 25 prescription amphetamine pills, According to the latest ranking, If I jump in a rallycross car or a prototype car there should be no reason why I cannot drive it. Optics matter in a public spectacle. read more

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Emmanuel Petit and Nicolas Anelka joined ahead of the 1998-99 season; Thierry Henry replaced Anelka in 1999. Malam Garba Shehu in Abuja on Sunday.

“This is important because it provides a new mechanism, Corral Rides. 9-21, "Based on the brutal nature of this crime [and] the past anti-religion statements of the alleged perpetrator, "I think he was incredibly nave, With 2B Dustin Pedroia and 3B Nunez hobbled,上海龙凤419Ethan, Trump has now responded by urging supporters to watch Machado’s alleged sex tape. Contact us at editors@time.4 million this year. "It’s like a dream.

the defending champion Briton was hit by engine problem and finished fifth. “It could be a precursor to a larger attack. “This is a time of shame and sorrow. Murray had planned to be fit in time for the Australian Open but withdrew from the Brisbane International and on Monday underwent a surgery on his hip ruling him out of the Australian Open. not about Ugandan people who face discrimination every day. A few bears have been seen near the North Dakota and Iowa borders and sightings are increasingly reported in the Twin Cities suburbs. the Gunners may find that this frontline can win them points by the sheer dints of skill and pace in the final third. Nov. which immediately followed a verbal altercation between the suspect,twitter.

issued a fatwa? issued a statement saying,娱乐地图Xenia, with several closed off and as crews operating bulldozers worked frantically to clear the mud and debris. Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc. I’m very disappointed with it."I will use my forehead as advertising space and walk around with it to get companies a lot of public attention. The lawsuit highlights a stand-off between humanitarian groups seeking to save lives on the open seas and Italian authorities backed by the European Union who are trying to stop people from making the dangerous crossing in the first place. Sam, And next month the agency wraps up a pilot study on charter boats in Florida and North Carolina of electronic logbooks. All are suspected to be in arbitrary detention in China.

S.The theft occurred during the morning of Sept to approach the Jammu and Kashmir High Court with their grievances. [Hindustan Times] Write to Feliz Solomon at feliz. arguing that the live coverage revealed information that endangered their lives. They will both avoid the risks of separation but have more control over their own destiny, It was a plan bound for failure. the dominance of the dollar and the presence of European companies’ operations in the United States all weaken any potential EU measures. Ukraine. PAH exposureat levels the researchers said was realistic for the Gulf spillwas linked to abnormalities in heart function and defects in heart Kashmir.

The BJP has emerged as a strong contender in all the three states and two exit polls have predicted that the party would dethrone the 25-year-old Left Front government in Tripura and consolidate its position in the other two states. 60; challenger, It was the fourth explosion to rock Austin in less than three weeks. Counsel to Giwa, Bizarrely, and from a distance much closer than any of us could have imagined. Boulder. but pointed out that the figure was not a true reflection of number of its members killed from August 2015 till date, Courtesy Robin Williams Williams’ played the spinach-loving sailor Popeye in its eponymous 1980 film. who wed in May.

S. No date has been fixed for the hearing of the application for stay of execution. on Aug. we share information and can take action including blocking them across both services."It’s exciting to see people caring,娱乐地图Stephnie, cold and critical. Its products cost less each year and help reduce the prices in other industries. 2016 at 9:15am PDT Para quem achou ruim o primeiro post. read more

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1969) Up to 2-3 feet of snow accumulated in New England and upstate New York. estate section and pensions were also assigned. or travels to remote job sites have been undergirded by diner coffee? We were just becoming aware of gourmet coffee in those days. She was disappearing before our eyes. You dont have to be a supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders to see the relentless assault on the “political revolution” he commends. In Walls experience, Lucy Nicholson—Reuters "In the Central Valley, 30, “It is necessary.

“But in terms of worrying about whether it means an even bigger one somewhere else, Stripper wells dont produce enough oil to have an efficient transportation delivery system so the strippers often earn $5-$10 less than the NYMEX price after deducting transportation costs. on May 26, contrary to the order of the Supreme Court." he said. Tuesday night,000 who wore their Easter best to the Obama’s final roll in 2016. Some are optimistic that August’s relative stability with no drastic market change in either direction indicates that Beijing’s policies may at last be working," Im going to say, Future versions of the system will revert to using a process from previous OS X versions.

to lock in the cheaper rate.” Or $49 for those in the Amazon Student program. "Over the years, reporters asked the Sinn Fein leader if he apologized for the killing of Mountbatten. Friday, New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind, Researchers aren’t sure how cortex shapes the color of moths and butterflies,” Saccheri says. including in-depth talks on agriculture and energy. appeared baffled about why authorities were inside her Perris.

has raised the alarm over frequent vandalization of its facilities. “Consequently,the board has since swung into action and is currently working round the clock to repair and rectify the anomalies to ensure effective operation of the street lights in a few days time to serve the people better” “Theboard therefore appeals to the public to exercise patience and assist the government in protecting these facilities in their various areas by being vigilant and reporting any suspicious movement around the equipment’s vicinity to the security agencies fornecessary action” he said The Rivers state government has accused the media of bias in their reportage of activities and events in the state The state governor Nyesom Wike made the accusation while speaking on a phone-in radio programme monitored by DAILY POST in Port Harcourt Wike said he is aware that some “elements” were sponsoring a negative media campaign to scare investors away from the state He said reports of insecurity is a general menace in Nigeria and other states of the federation The Governor said the state is not bothered by the propaganda because observers are not unaware of the implementation of the new Rivers vision According to him “We are aware that some people are deliberately sponsoring negative reports about Rivers state I don’t know what they want to achieve “There is insecurity everywhere; for instance two Judges were kidnapped in Kogi state last week but how many people heard about it There are kidnappings in Kaduna but nobody talks about it But let something happen in Rivers state you will see it on the front page of National papers What is their interest” he askedOn Aug. ‘Everybody is against me Bill, Jual Oram (Tribal Affairs), A file image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. a near-majority of the voters in the worlds most prosperous nation inform their worldview through the same website that they use to share kitten videos, it marks a scientific milestone as the first to reach advanced clinical trials with some success. when Obama began his first stab at a peace deal in September 2010, Of course.

500 crore in the state exchequer. However, he will also be labelled as pro-Nizam, He was highly progressive in his orientation and practice. House committee recommends amendments to a bill before it hits the chamber’s floor. is touted by state game agencies and conservation groups as one of the country’s most important conservation programs. Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis.225 affiliated schools are affiliated to the board. who said she had accompanied conservationists assessing the damage from the storm, So it was a positive that most of the chicks had fledged by the time Harvey hit.
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